8 thoughts on “JM 347 Released

  1. A pet cameleon might be funnier. Depends on what kind of animal can thrive in your home (I’m talking about temperature, humidity, altitude, and so).

    Some flies actually hibernate in homes, human homes, others lay eggs in homes, and some especially evil ones keep trying to get into houses, checking every possible way, just to piss us off.


  2. how about try to make some fly trap using water that mix with … err… sugar i think ? iirc theres a youtube video of it of how to make fly trap


    1. I have a lot of flies in my area even those horseflies that bite people, and man do those things make me hate spring and summer. I put a few venus flytraps around my house and tgey are pretty effective and low maintenance.


  3. Did you buy any fruit recently? If so, then they might be a kind of fruit fly, as I’ve had a similar experience to yours when I was living in Monterey. The fruit fly lay their eggs on fruit, and when you bring the fruit into a warm place and as you’d expect, they hatch then you have tiny flies allover the place. Try bug bombing you house, but after that leave your house for a few hours by hanging out at a bookstore or at Starbucks, then your fly problem should be no more!


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