JM 361 Released

Chapter <-

Crunched Eula numbers. Not great, way less than Hu Tao’s output. But I’m rolling anyway. For uhm. Reasons.

JM 360 Released

Chapter <-

I almost can’t believe I did 360 of these.

In other news, I hate company-wide anti-harassment training. All it makes me want to do is harass the person giving me the training. And the people who decided to give people the training. And people in general. Getting preached to sucks, especially when you haven’t even actually harassed anyone yet. I mean, I’d get giving the training to people who are assholes even in public, but… ugh.

What doesn’t suck is that my LitRPG is now drafted up to chapter 15. I’m probably going to post it after 5 more, but I’m really tempted to wait for the person I asked to do some art stuff to finish first because I question my ability to pick hair and scale colours that work well together…tl;dr soon

Oh and in Genshin news, I did some math, and I think a C1 Eula with max ult will have her ult crit for about 200k with 200% crit damage and no superconduct. A C6 one is likely able to do double that. Not great, all things considered, but not bad either, assuming her ult’s second cast doesn’t snapshot until the 7s delay has passed. I still wish they never changed her A4 from beta, but I guess it’s better for people who don’t get C2 this way.