17 thoughts on “JM 358 Released

  1. I think it’s a regular case of doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t. I appreciate getting good quality translations at all; there’s way too many professionally-copied-into-DeepL translations out there.

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  2. No no, here is what you do in response to them… nothing they arnt worth the time.
    Your upload speed is plenty, and besides you are providing a gift for free, so even if it was slow they have no place to complain, ignore the ingrates, or better tet block them.


  3. Lol.. Well if people complain too much, just use a script to release one sentence every hour. This way you will be more regular than a glutton on laxatives.


  4. Considering the average word count in these, you are more then fast enough, even on the faster side to b honest.but some whining sheep like to have their illusions


  5. Suuuuuure, it definitely wasn’t that you spent the last 72 hours playing with your serenitea pot without a break


      1. I’ve already spent hours decorating my home. It looks nice. You can spend as much time as you want in there, you get a lot of options


  6. Is there a day when someone doing translation with great quality does not get a buch of not realy finished dude complaining because he is too slow?

    It’s crazy, i never see anyone complain when a translator cut the chapter in part and release one part each month and always think of asking for money because they cant use google trad without a lot of money…

    Anyway, i started reading your translation with swordshisho and it’s always was a pleasure to read it.


  7. No one should be complaining about release schedule, you don’t even have a patreon/paypal/whatever connected to this site or translation in general. I’m just happy to get chapters, even if there’s several months in between them, you owe us nothing because we have given you nothing for this translation, which by the way is far better than a lot of the “professional” translations that i’ve ever read, I do hope you never drop this series because every time you post a chapter I read it pretty much immediately.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for translating, and please ignore people who want to complain about a release schedule even though you have never (as far as I know) committed to a specific schedule or accepted money for advance chapters.
    I will probably not be commenting again as I value my privacy and don’t want to give wordpress my email and am pretty much always just a lurker.


  8. I’m just happy I get to read this novel with a good translation, release it as you see fit.

    Thank you always for the chapter update



  9. If people complain, look them in the eye, T-pose naked, and tell them to f*** off to assert dominance. You still got the high ground even if you actually did all that (please don’t) just from the fact you doing this for free.


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