10 thoughts on “JM 359 Released

  1. Guess it is the same in any job where you need to communicate with people.
    Some will only hear or read what they want.

    If you are talking about your translations I don’t understand why people would want to look at it in a way that can cause frustration.


      1. I think youre statement can be applied to both.
        Hang in there ur doing great work on this translation and iam sure ur no slooch on youre job either.


  2. The same fun with people complaining that their computer is broken since it doesn’t do X.
    So you drag yourself from your coffin, scare the bejezus out of anyone who doesn’t know there is an actual sysop onsite (instead of the phone call being routed to a helldesk) and sees the vampire walking through the building to the complainants work spot.

    Then you ask the sacrifice to reproduce the supposedly failed ritual so you can see what needs to be done to fix it. And suddenly the ritual works, the dreaded Computer Nerd Aura has struck again!
    So you shamble to the nearest coffee machine rated compatible with computer guy metabolism and before you even finish the battle with a medium strong coffee you get a phone call that the ritual again failed.

    If only people would follow all steps as they do when you are standing next to them when they try to prove it fails.


  3. Thank you very much for the chapter. I’ll gladly wait for your last ammo. No need to rush as you are bot obligated to for free readers like me.


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