9 thoughts on “JM 362 Released

  1. You’re lucky you live somewhere warm! I live in the mountains and it’s supposed to be really cold for the next week!


      1. It doesn’t lol I also prefer colder but not to cold around 15-20 °C is nice with partial clouds


    1. As someone who has lived in both hot and cold places, and lived on a mountain for the majority of my life, I can safely say that I personally prefer the cold.


  2. I’ve got one fan for my entire room, is not big but It doesn’t have a good position either(my room) so the air flow is really bad, it gets really hot this days.
    They’ve just gave a weather forecast for my country and we’re going to have some small storms which are going to be heaven sent.


  3. Why not get a pedestal fan? Even if it is an old one from a junk shop, it should work fine. And you can entertain people by speaking next to the fan~


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