JM 363 Released

Chapter <-

Someone requested slower releases in discord and I obliged.

My LitRPG is on its like like 19th chapter draft now. 2 more and I post, I guess.

In other news, Eula is unsurprisingly, total crap. The 5m crits literally mean nothing because of how long it takes them to come out. All the good damage characters can completely evaporate all existing mobs before the ult is even charged enough to one shot things…

Not being able to hold it or switch out while it’s up is also total crap, and I cannot for the life of me get her autos to do more than 50k even though the 12-3 mobs are weak to physical damage. Like a third of Hu Tao’s real world damage output, and like a quarter of Ganyu’s at best… Would not recommend unless you want to C6 her. And there are much better characters to C6.

18 thoughts on “JM 363 Released

  1. I was going to roll eula but after trying her decided not to. Her kit honestly just feels boring just smack things and use her skill every few seconds then use burst and lock yourself out of the other 75% of your team till its over.


  2. What kinda idiot asks for slower releases…

    Thanks for being awesome as usual! Praise be to his noodly appendage


    1. …so not on discord, but i kind of did in the comment section here, though it was more about ignore the ungrateful lot demanding faster releases. I would rather slower release over none, and tentacle someone rather sick of dealling with the ungrateful crowd, even mentioning hopping the novel would get licensed so he could move on, so yeah if slower gets more translated overall i would rather that.


  3. I rolled on her banner and got Diluc instead, my main team is pretty damn solid. That and Homa banner give me WGS. Think the game telling me something?


    1. As explained above in more detail, tentacle is tired of hearing all the whining about more releases. The more people ask, theless he wants to translate. Hence the comment.


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