JM 366 Released

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No good games released recently. I’m so bored I’m just playing League. God why.

I did some math with regards to Ayaka and Yoimiya, and both will be fairly decent, especially with their signature weapons. Neither will outdo the existing top two damage characters of their elements, but Yoimiya has the quality of being able to support, as well as attacking from a range. Qualitative factors might actually make her a better choice on some teams.

Ayaka is apparently faster than Mona, so might want to get her just to run around…

In other news, LitRPG 6 and 7 are also out.

I might make Sundays my schedule for JM too, just to keep things synced.

5 thoughts on “JM 366 Released

  1. How about trying Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin that comes out in July, or Monster Hunter Rise if you have a switch? Or you can wait for next year when MH Rise come out for PC.


  2. I know the feeling, I just end up re playing old games, slay the spire for the casual 20 min dip or dragon age 1 as an old pleasure


  3. A day early nice! You know during covid-19 I have watched so much anime it’s scary it over 1k hours in ~2 years! School who cares only anime and the like (including LN’s like this one)


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