JM 367 Released

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Misadventures Inc. (LitRPG) also has a release here. It’s now just a tiny bit shy of the 20k word mark, which is anywhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of a light novel in terms of length.

These will now be synced for consistency’s sake, save for during nanowrimo. This site will finally have a real schedule for the first time in what is probably forever.

I just bought One Step from Eden and Curse of the Dead Gods due to the steam sale as well. Hopefully at least one of them is actually good.

6 thoughts on “JM 367 Released

      1. And is constantly shit on by Tectone and hated by most of the other Genshin content creators who dislike leakers


  1. One step from Eden is Megaman Battle network on steroids, you need some practice to be decent at the game.

    Curse of dead gods is like a stale/dull Hades, not too much fun and the controls feel wonky.

    Both decent to pass the time tho.


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