JM 371 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI has also had chapters 17 through 20 released. 17 can be found here and 20 can be found here.

Inazuma was alright, but the resources are way too scarce. The stupid sakura blooms need to be clustered closer together if you need to hit them, like you do for the dandelions. Too few ruin sentinals spawn, and I’m annoyed that the samurai guys don’t really like to group up compared to other enemies. Though I guess it kind of makes sense since they’re human mitichurl equivilants? Whatever. Still mildly annoying.

In other news, Pokemon Unite came out and is a huge joke. Remind me, why do I follow this franchise again? Stupid nostalgia bait.

7 thoughts on “JM 371 Released

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Don’t worry about Inazuma, man. There will be more islands to come, at least 2 more because so far world exploration is at 54% even if you reach 100% exploration on all the three region.

    pulling booba sword is useless when baal is pole arm user


    1. There will be 3 more islands atleast from what I have heard…

      Baal pull arm animations were epic so personally not that disappointed


  2. I disagree quite a bit tbh. Inazuma feels a lot more dense compared to the Liyue and Mondstadt. Remember, this is only HALF of one continent while what we had before was considered 2 (arguably 2.5 with Dragonspine).

    The Sakura Blooms are all pretty much on 1 island and there’s plenty before you have to wait. It’s much less of a hassle than Dandilion farming. Same thing with Sentinels. There’s 18 that you can get daily off the top of my head. Compare that to ruin guards, hunters, and graders where we had 2 continents worth, it’s quite a lot.

    The Samurai are a bit annoying. But I’m glad not everything can just CC and win.


    1. Being on 1 island doesn’t matter. Local specialities in general are way more concentrated in mond/liyue with a few exceptions. Dandelions are less of pain because they’re typically grouped in a way that you can hit all of them at once. Having to hit each individual bloom with electro, walk 3s, and wait a few more seconds for a cd is a pain in the ass. They went out of their way to make it tedious, and this shows in more than just how spread out they are. Some of them are randomly suspended off the ground and they want you to use specific characters to get them or to spend a while fighting the controls to get the right position on a tree.

      It doesn’t really matter if we had 2 countries vs 3/5ths of a country. The fact remains that there are fewer of them for people to access immediately even though they made it so you needed the materials right off the bat. It’s a stricter time gate than before, and that’s clearly what their intention is.

      The thing about the samurai is that even the weaker ones are annoying, and for no reason. It makes sense for the fire/electric ones to be more obnoxious, but the weaker ones are as well. Their superarmour is pointless because you can still kill them in one hit with strong characters. It’s terrible enemy design and they are just trying to get you to level more of your stuff instead of running around with friendship farm parties. Also you do still just CC everything and win because you can still permafreeze them.


      1. That’s kinda bs about the Dandilions tbh. They’re still annoying af to get same as the Sakura. They’re spread out just the same (just look at outside Mondstadt where there’s 3 just a bit too far from each other). Sucrose makes dandys easier, but she’s gacha. Lisa makes sakura easier, but everyone has her.

        What time gate? Where do you need them? It’s a new area. When the game dropped all of Liyue and Mondstadt was available so ofc it was “more”. Even then, there’s stuff like Glaze Lilies Silk flowers and wolf hooks that barely spawn and also “time gate” you. Sakura are more plentiful than all three of those. We just didn’t have weeks of time to get a stash to max out a character right away. Big deal. That’s how it was when the game dropped and this is an expansion with new mats. Quests that need the material don’t use ones that you need for characters yet either.

        Isn’t that the point of the samurai? To make players actually build proper characters/comps instead of running around with random weak ones? This isn’t the start of the game anymore. You need to be a decent chunk into the game to even access it.

        Different enemy type, different strategy. I don’t see the issue here. And as you said, you can still CC them anyway. You just can’t Venti them to a nice clump.


      2. The sakura aren’t grouped up enough in general even for you to use Lisa E. The ones right outside Mondstadt, you can get with one Venti hold E, or one Kazuha hold E. I don’t care if the characters are gacha. You can pay a convenience fee and deal with it. You can’t do this for the sakura because there are only a select few spots where they are clustered, whereas the dandelions are far more clustered than not. You always see groups of them together. Sakura almost always need you to walk.

        The second paragraph was referring to the ruin sentinels. They went out of their way to make that time gate more obnoxious than it was when stuff launched. Again, it doesn’t matter if there is 3/5ths of a region vs 2 regions. Limiting the enemy-drop resources is an obnoxious way to tell people to either coop or wait, and the former has to involve some degree of planning, because people casually running through the region are likely to have killed at least a number of their sentinels.

        There is no point in the samurai. Again, you can one shot them if you run around with literally a single high level character in your team. They’re only there to make sure you do, which is just obnoxious. It doesn’t matter if you’re further into the game because of the way their progression system is setup. Ie. it’s not like a traditional games as a service model where the new area actually comes with an increase in player power and you’re actually expected to gear up. It uses a fallout-esque model instead where the whole world scales in tandem instead. You can probably quit for 3 years with a good +20 witch set and come back to find that you still one shot the newest mobs. (And as a completely separate point, this model is terrible and is the game design equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. It’s the main reason they can’t remove resin.)

        Taking away the ability to clump is literally nothing but obnoxious. It doesn’t promote any strategy when the mobs are still squishy trash mobs. The correct way to go about doing this is to make the more powerful mobs the ones with mechanics that players have to pay attention to while keeping trash mobs hassle free. Again, the lightning and fire ones are fine because you expect to pay attention to them (albeit barely and they probably need like a 200% increase in HP), but there is literally no purpose to giving super armour to things that die in 1 hit. You never even realize the interaction exists unless you’re going out of your way to equip lower level characters so you can mess around. There is literally no reason to cockblock this group of players, neither from a design nor a marketing standpoint. I agree that there is a problem with how braindead most of their mobs are, and how poor some of the mechanics like the shields are, but this is not how one should address those issues.

        Take Inazuma’s design, as a whole, and compare it to the sort of stuff that any other service model game adds, and it becomes clear that they either do not know what they’re doing or are intentionally designing the game in such a way that doesn’t respect the player’s time. If this is intentional, then it is most likely their solution to people complaining about wanting more things to do and that they’d rather annoy you than fix their progression model or address other points of QoL, such as the ICD on looting… Case in point, the non-elemental samurai mobs have hilichurl drop rates instead of mitichurl drop rates. Despite not grouping.


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