JM 374 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI Chapter <-

I dropped Neo TWEWY during the second scramble slam. “Hey go do 20 10-chain battles in a row” is just obnoxious. Yeah, no.

On the bright side, Back 4 Blood is great. Beat the game on vet with a few friends yesterday, need to do it on nightmare now. Last time we tried, we had a rando that instantly opened an alarm door and died on the first stage. Very interdasting.

2 thoughts on “JM 374 Released

  1. It is possible to kind of cheese the 10 reduction part by abusing the jellyfishes.
    I think the design team wanted to make a level that could be enjoyed by player who just want to blaze through the story and those who are more of a collector type. If so, then it is a guge failure.
    I sincerely hope that this abomination is the worse part of the game.


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