JM 377 Released

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I fucking hate how every new multiplayer game that releases and its mother is survival crafting. I’ve never liked the genre and now I’m even more sick of it due to oversaturation. I especially hate how all the crafting systems are complete garbage and require nothing beyond gathering materials. As much as I dislike the roguelike fad, because I think most of the games that come out of it are poorly made and extremely unoriginal, I have to say the survival crafting one is far worse for the same reasons and more.

16 thoughts on “JM 377 Released

  1. Minecraft had a resurgence in popularity which led to a deluge of survival crafting games. It’s like when fortnitw got popular and everyone and their mother tried making fps battle royale games.

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  2. I used to play Minecraft all the time. The inventory and crafting system is objectively worse than most games. And yet, no other game of a similar kind has made me comfortable with its inventory/crafting system. They are either too clunky for effective use, filled with slow animations, or just dont give you a good overview of what you have and what youre doing.


    1. I’m fine ish with the inventory, but the crafting is what bothers me. I hate how most games just tell you “hey get XYZ and bring them to Y crafting bench and you’re done.” It’s way too oversimplified.


  3. Just got adom a while ago and am hooked, I’m actually enjoying it, roguelike well done is good, i died in so many creative ways.. some of them accidental suicides.

    Survival games are kinda shit mostly though I agree… Ironically i feel adom is way more of a survival game than most of them.


    1. also if you want fun crafting, try out mana khemia (or newer atelier series games, problem is the newer got shit time management mechanic)


      1. Ah, the atelier series. Gust does crafting a lot better than other places, and if I were to implement it I would definitely take a few pages out of their book.

        What I like is that there’s an actual cognitive element, but I feel like they still lack the execution element needed to top it off. This is not unexpected because their games are JRPGs, however.

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      2. The funny part there is those games STARTED with the time management crap, dropped it when Atelier Iris 1 was released (game 6), started it up again with… game 12, Atelier Rorona, then dropped it again with game 18 Atelier Sophie. Games 21-23 MIGHT have it again, but I have not played those yet.

        So yeah, If you want a game you can reasonably 100% without a walkthrough telling you EXACTLY when to talk to which characters, go to certain locations for certain ingredients and make certain items… Play 6-11, and 18-20 (possibly 23, but again can’t say for certain as I said.)
        I WILL state that 18 was a bit disappointing… Semi-Spoiler:

        It felt like you had just got done with the setup of the games setting/story when it finished.


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