JM 381 Released

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Kokomi is trash. Genshin devs can’t do math and they’ve made the same design mistake of creating a character that doesn’t have a niche 3 times in a row now… You’d expect them to actually fix their shit after 2 rounds of backlash, but I guess not. The only last minute buff she got was to the icd of her jellyfish so it actually applied water on every hit.

I really don’t get why they struggle with the whole niche thing. It’s literally character/unit design 101…

Another mistake they keep making is putting extra forced downtime into the characters’ kits. It’s obvious that they’re doing it because they’re afraid of another Ganyu situation, where the strongest char has 100% uptime on all their stuff, but the result is that the characters don’t feel as good to use. Somehow their character design is still not as egregious as their system design though. Jfc the progression system is bad.

5 thoughts on “JM 381 Released

  1. I tried kokomi and yeah shes straight garbage. Her healing is less then barbara while being way more clunky and her damage is mediocre at best. It’s a shame shes honestly my favorite character appearance and animation wise but her gameplay is just so bad.


  2. I watch a youtube that goes by Mtashed, and he said as much about Kokomi. It seems that there are a lot of players that are getting sick of Mihoyo over the lack of information on the upcoming anniversary content, and there are several Genshin Impact content creators that have stopped playing…


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