JM 384 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI Chapter <-

I’ve recently discovered that the best tuna salad sandwiches are the ones with no mayo, made with tuna in oil. Add some Italian style peppers, some nice cheese, some onions, and a bit cucumber/green onion/other crunchy greens and you’re golden. I can’t go back to having mayonnaise tuna sandwiches anymore. It’s just not right.

Back 4 Blood finally came out (only if you buy the packs with DLC, but whatever) and I’ve been having a blast with that. Zombies go blarggh, gun go pew. Way more entertaining than stuff like the new Battlefield game imo. Shame it’ll only last so long.

It sucks that we have a game drought, but in a way it’s also a good thing. Next month is national novel writing month, and I’m planning to do a bit of a sprint.

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