JM 386 Released

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I’ve been spamming Aphelios in League of Legends lately. I feel like I’m losing brain cells just by playing him, not because I don’t understand him, but just because of how poorly designed he is. I feel like the person who designed him would get along with the Genshin Impact character designers because they all clearly don’t understand class, gimmick, or even niche-based character design principles.

Then again, that’s an issue that most games suffer from, albeit not to the extent of the examples listed above. Character/class design has been a chronic weakness in the industry ever since the rise of KMMOs and the ripples resulting therefrom. Players unfortunately got into the habit of settling for stuff that’s third-rate at best.

2 thoughts on “JM 386 Released

  1. But Aphelios is supposed to be the Udyr of adcs! That qualifies as a niche right?! XD
    I think the real problem is that your a masochist who’s playing adcs with the state they’re in. Games usually don’t last long enough for their itemization to shine, and even if you get fed like mad, the enemy probably has a solo laner that’s 2 levels above you and can kill you in less than 1 second of alone time despite the fact that you would need about 4-8 seconds to whittle down their health bar.


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