JM 391 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI 49 through MI 53 have also been released.

I’m very bored of SMT V and even more bored of Pokemon. The former starts out fun but hits its usual brick wall that is a gameplay loop of nothing but grind as you walk through a maze with an obvious exit. The grind suddenly stops being entertaining when it doesn’t change a single bit over the course of 60 levels, and the level design is about FF13 tier bad. They needed to add more to the core loop, imo, to keep the game entertaining. Feels like they were just trying to shove too many different monsters in without really considering the progression curve, as they always do in Megaten. Somehow, ever single game in the series has the same problem.

Pokemon remakes are nothing but a chain of memes. Better than our recent trilogy remasters though I guess.

One thought on “JM 391 Released

  1. I’d prefer news on Pokemon Gen 9 games and for the next Pokemon anime to be better drawn, more detailed, with better action scenes than Sun and Moon + 2019/Journeys, similar to how XY + XY&Z was drawn and animated. (Plus no gag content, I hate it when comedy content goes too overboard.) Only games worth playing might be Far Cry 6 that came out in October and the future Pokemon Legends Arceus that comes out next year in January…


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