JM 396 & 397 Released

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Well boys, it’s that time of year again. Santa is going around screaming about hoes and emptying his sack for children again, and he continues to evade the FBI’s capture by operating in international territory. Sounds like a job for Chris Hansen or something, at this point.

I’m probably going to pick up Maneater since it’s on sale again. I know the game bad, but something about flopping around as a shark and murdering anything that moves remains kind of fun even when it’s totally crap. I want more PvP games to play, but no decent ones exist.

In MI news, the first volume is finally almost over. The wordcount for V1 sits at something along the lines of 180k, which means it’s roughly the same length as a LotR book. Not the intention, but oh well.

Here’s how Claire looks, as of the end of Chapter 62.

JM 394 Released

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Dear vaccine booster shot. Please stop giving me a headache. I just want to think.

In other news, I’m glad to see Halo Infinite’s grappling hook being so popular because it basically validates a few of the game design theories I’ve been cooking up. Woohoo. Honestly, I think more systematic mobility is better than less, despite what some of the competitive games these days often suggest. So long as it isn’t paired alongside systematic disability, it puts more agency into the hands of the player. I still think it’s unhealthy with burst damage, but that’s more a case of burst damage being unhealthy.