JM 403 Released

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Since I have nothing fun to do these days, I’ve started grinding ranked in the new league season. I managed to go from bronze to gold with a 70% win rate over 30ish games so far. Funny enough, most of the losses were at the start. Random bronze supports have absolutely no idea what Aphelios does. I wonder how it’ll take to get hardstuck plat…

Re: MI. The friend I have that works on all the art for MI finished volume 2’s cover.

JM 402 Released

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Writing this post from a coffee shop/breakfast place. Going to have to go get groceries after, but I’m feeling way too lazy for that. Blech. MLK day means I get Monday off though, so maybe I can put it off…

The new pokemon game is coming out soon though… I can’t wait. I already know it runs at like 12 FPS but a part of me is still hoping it won’t be shit even though it clearly is.

JM 400 Released

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MI Chapter <-

Wooooo! MI volume 1 complete. Now time to go back to bed while everyone that was paying attention to the plot goes ???????.

Maybe I should buy some steam games before the winter sale is over, but I doubt I’d ever play them even if I did… Then again, Deathloop might actually be worth it at 50% off.