JM 403 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI 73 <-
MI 74 <-

Since I have nothing fun to do these days, I’ve started grinding ranked in the new league season. I managed to go from bronze to gold with a 70% win rate over 30ish games so far. Funny enough, most of the losses were at the start. Random bronze supports have absolutely no idea what Aphelios does. I wonder how it’ll take to get hardstuck plat…

Re: MI. The friend I have that works on all the art for MI finished volume 2’s cover.

2 thoughts on “JM 403 Released

    1. Yeah, that’s the hardest part of playing him in solo queue. You can shit on your lane because they won’t know what he does, but your team never plays around your ammo so you get stuck going into fights like 15s before a power spike sometimes.


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