JM 392 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI has shifted to a biweekly schedule. Here’s chapter 54, and here’s chapter 54.5, which is titled “The Librarian, the Pervert, and the Grouch.” The first MI volume is almost done! Which obviously means more art is incoming.

Unrelated to novels, I finally got sick enough of SMT5 to shift to Pokemon, the only fun part of which has been the mining minigame… Feels like they could probably turn it into a mobile game with microtransactions if they wanted to. Would get hooked/10.

JM 391 Released

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MI 49 through MI 53 have also been released.

I’m very bored of SMT V and even more bored of Pokemon. The former starts out fun but hits its usual brick wall that is a gameplay loop of nothing but grind as you walk through a maze with an obvious exit. The grind suddenly stops being entertaining when it doesn’t change a single bit over the course of 60 levels, and the level design is about FF13 tier bad. They needed to add more to the core loop, imo, to keep the game entertaining. Feels like they were just trying to shove too many different monsters in without really considering the progression curve, as they always do in Megaten. Somehow, ever single game in the series has the same problem.

Pokemon remakes are nothing but a chain of memes. Better than our recent trilogy remasters though I guess.

JM 389 Released

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Heads up in advance, JM’s next chapter is 391 because 390 is a holiday special.

MI has once again released 7 chapters over the course of the week. Here’s chapter 42, which came out on Monday, and here’s chapter 48, which came out today.

I’ve been playing SMT 5 lately. I very much enjoy the fact that it’s just Pokemon for adults, but sometimes I wish Pokemon would also make Pokemon for adults. Already heard a bunch of shit about the DP remakes that I am not happy with. Really not sure why Gamefreak is the way it is. Really want another game like the first Pokemon Colosseum. That was the shit.

JM 388 Released

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MI has gotten 7 chapters this week. Here is chapter 35, which was released last Monday, and here is chapter 41, which released today. This week will feature another 7 MI releases, due to NaNoWriMo, after which the pace should slow. It’s a bit strange to think that I’m already over 100k words even though I’m only about 2/3rds of the way through the first “volume.”

I need to find a new PvP game to play, but none are interesting. For the time being, I’m basically stuck with League. Yaaaay. I guess it’s a bit better now that I’ve put in my 100 Aphelios games and moved on to 4 man, but still mind numbing. I kind of wish the game was less about laning and more about teamfighting, but the lack of satisfaction is precisely what keeps players coming back. I love/hate how true that is with regards to service model video games in general.

JM 386 Released

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I’ve been spamming Aphelios in League of Legends lately. I feel like I’m losing brain cells just by playing him, not because I don’t understand him, but just because of how poorly designed he is. I feel like the person who designed him would get along with the Genshin Impact character designers because they all clearly don’t understand class, gimmick, or even niche-based character design principles.

Then again, that’s an issue that most games suffer from, albeit not to the extent of the examples listed above. Character/class design has been a chronic weakness in the industry ever since the rise of KMMOs and the ripples resulting therefrom. Players unfortunately got into the habit of settling for stuff that’s third-rate at best.

JM 384 Released

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I’ve recently discovered that the best tuna salad sandwiches are the ones with no mayo, made with tuna in oil. Add some Italian style peppers, some nice cheese, some onions, and a bit cucumber/green onion/other crunchy greens and you’re golden. I can’t go back to having mayonnaise tuna sandwiches anymore. It’s just not right.

Back 4 Blood finally came out (only if you buy the packs with DLC, but whatever) and I’ve been having a blast with that. Zombies go blarggh, gun go pew. Way more entertaining than stuff like the new Battlefield game imo. Shame it’ll only last so long.

It sucks that we have a game drought, but in a way it’s also a good thing. Next month is national novel writing month, and I’m planning to do a bit of a sprint.

JM 381 Released

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Kokomi is trash. Genshin devs can’t do math and they’ve made the same design mistake of creating a character that doesn’t have a niche 3 times in a row now… You’d expect them to actually fix their shit after 2 rounds of backlash, but I guess not. The only last minute buff she got was to the icd of her jellyfish so it actually applied water on every hit.

I really don’t get why they struggle with the whole niche thing. It’s literally character/unit design 101…

Another mistake they keep making is putting extra forced downtime into the characters’ kits. It’s obvious that they’re doing it because they’re afraid of another Ganyu situation, where the strongest char has 100% uptime on all their stuff, but the result is that the characters don’t feel as good to use. Somehow their character design is still not as egregious as their system design though. Jfc the progression system is bad.