JM 177 Released

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Monday isn’t over just yet.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, etc, etc. My parents have some time off, so they’re basically camping out in my apartment for the duration of the holidays.

I don’t really mind, but it’s kind of suffocating. How am I supposed to fap if my computer is in the room they sleep in?

I wish I didn’t set it up in the living room, but it’s the only way I could have possibly had enough space for VR…


JM 173 Released

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I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses lately. Rerolling character stats is a pain. Stupid RNG level ups. Just give me an EV system or something. Reeeeee.

Also never play any fire emblem game in English. I think that’s all anyone really needs to say about the localization.

JM 170 Released

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Greetings from Massachusetts or however you spell it. Idk, I’m not from ‘murica.

Tomorrow, I start working at a AAA game studio. Hopefully, I won’t end up being a corporate slave. Hopefully. I saw people doing overtime almost all weekend while I was driving there and back just to get used to the route. So uh… hopefully.

Anyway, chapters will no longer be randomly posted. I’ll start trying to follow a schedule that’ll be something along the lines of 1 chapter a week on a prespecified day. I’m not exactly sure which day it’ll be yet. That’s something I’m planning to figure out after seeing how my week goes. That said, it’ll probably end up happening on weekends.

I don’t plan on dropping JM just yet. Not until it inevitably gets picked up by Yen Press. (Or I gain the ability to work in the states outside my field and join up w/ some TL company, which isn’t happening because I’m not American. Yay immigration pains!)

JM 168 Released

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You know what eats up a lot of time irl? Moving.

I had to fly back to Texas to finish moving out of my apartment and then fly back to Canada and get ready to drive the rest of the way to my new location. The flight itself doesn’t take that long, but getting to the airport and moving through the crowds did… Thursday’s going to be at least another 9 hours on the road. Yay…