JM 341 Released

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Significant part of the Chinese community is mad about the state of HT. I will be very happy if they buff her. She really doesn’t need one. My math is pointing to 525% attack DPS during her E with maxed talents. And that’s obviously ignoring the massive stat boost she gets when she presses the button.

I need more games to play. Send help. 2020 and 2021 have been empty as hell in terms of interesting releases.

Outside of the MMO realm, I think the only notable thing this year is going to be Subverse… And that one is not a game to be played for gameplay.

JM 339 Released

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This chapter’s title should really be something like “The Race-Agnostic Triple Alliance,” but I can’t help myself.

As for Genshin shit. HT good, but mostly scales for whales because of how much each level in her E matters. If you’re not going to crown and 90/90 her, she’s probably not worth getting. I can’t get my max hit with her to go above 850k. I need to level my Mona + raise her Q level and actually give my sucrose pieces with EM, instead of random junk for the purposes of proccing VV…

In non-genshin news, the LitRPG I’m planning on writing is coming along pretty nicely. I have a rough plot outline, and the first chapter has its first pass done. Probably going to hold off until I have like 20 before I start posting on Royal Road though. Or somewhere else. Not sure where yet.

JM 335 Released

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Been silent for a while because I’m planning on maybe churning out a LitRPG of my own. Started as a joke, but I’m having some fun with it. It’s a good way for me to vent a lot of my creative frustrations given the inability to make my own MMO. Yet. All I need is 500m in funding, give or take 50%, and a talented team of half a thousand staff members.

Maybe it’ll happen one day…

On another note, Staff of Homa is coming out in an hour. Best in slot for both Xiao and Hu Tao. Though that may not be the case for the former specifically if you have C6.

JM 333 Released

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Today, an old lady stared at me as I hauled a piece of exercise equipment up the stairs. Idk why she was just standing there. She didn’t even use the stairs once I finished.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been walking around the apartment complex in the middle of winter in nothing but a thin bath robe.