JM 167 Released

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Normally, I drink while translating. Today, I played starcraft while translating.

Needless to say, I got fucked by tanking my own APM. Translation quality also dipped a bit. Oh well. I blame 168. 3demotivating5me.


JM 165 Released

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Greetings from Canada. I’ve made it across the border and back to my parents’ house. The first thing I did was mess with my cat, who apparently does not remember me. Good job, Breakfast. Thanks a bunch. I love you too.

Now, I only have to cross the border 3 more times in the next 3 weeks. Vunderbar.

Anyway, I actually have more to do than just shitpost this time around. Today’s release post will also function as an announcement.

Chapters are more likely than not going to be slow from here on out. I have a lot of business to attend to and my mom’s getting heart surgery next week. My job is starting as soon as she’s all healed up, which means that things are only going to get worse for you readers. Releases will remain sporadic (albeit slower) over the course of the next three weeks. Come September, I’ll probably be doing a regular once a week schedule with releases on weekends. This is in part due to my job and in part because I’m taking the opportunity to pursue another hobby.

I’ll probably manage to translate a bit more than that, but rather than dumping doubles when possible, I’ll probably be dumping it all during the holiday season instead.

Note that my comments on my schedule are not finalized by any means. I’m still playing it all by ear and working off of a fairly large number of assumptions. This is just what I assume to be the most likely scenario.

JM 156/157 Released

Chapter 156
Chapter 157

Well, brothers, I write to you today in order to mourn the loss of one of our kind, a valiant panda warrior who was forever loyal and stood by our sides in times of need. Bad days, breakups, drunken stupors, the panda was there for us through it all. But now, he has died; the fjords have been purged. Thank you brother, for providing me what I needed most since I first stepped foot on the internet. May you rest in peace.

Fuck the netherlands.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from translating. Unlike last time, it won’t be to get a batch ready.