JM 274 Released

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I really want to eat a panda. Like, really want to eat a panda.

I’m just so curious how they taste…

JM 273 Released

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You know what makes me kind of sad? Neither Death Match nor CTF are really competitive formats anymore. They’re both too shallow, and the only vector by which players can become more skilled is improving their execution. I miss arena shooters, but esports games have basically killed the genre because it’s possible to feel like you’re getting better at those games by bettering your knowledge as well. The two being naturally at odds is just… disappointing.

JM 270 Released

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I have a love/hate relationship with Disgaea. The grind is fun. But the grind is terrible. But it’s fun. But it’s also 500 hours long. But it’s fun…


Oh well, still a better use of my time than League. I have no idea why I started playing LoL again. The only thing I do know is that I already regret it. I hate this game. It’s not even good…

JM 269 Released

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I hate baseball.

I mean, I hate most sports, since they bore the hell out of me when I’m not the one playing, but this is especially true of baseball. Most of the game is sitting around watching one guy chuck things at a plate, and the guy at the plate fucking up. Every half hour or so, you might get one interesting play. Otherwise, you’re just watching a man handle his balls.

That said, it’s not like video games are any better. Watching professional LoL is like watching a bunch of snails race across your driveway. Literally the least entertaining thing ever due to the length of the laning phase and the sheer amount of time that passes between notable events. I’m not sure if I’d rather watch League or Baseball, to be honest. Neither provides me even the slightest bit of entertainment.

Well, on the bright side, RDO patch launch went pretty well. People simping for Harriet kind of surprises me though. And no, the reason this took so long to come out wasn’t because I was working on that. It was just because baseball. Baseball + me = demotivated and even more cynical than usual.

JM 268 Released

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I can’t decide what to make for dinner tonight. I just got some potato starch in the mail, so I’ve finally got everything I need to make karaage again, but I’ve also defrosted the pork because the starch wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow.

Decisions, decisions…

Goddammit, I’ve been so bored lately that I’ve been wasting >2h on cooking everyday. I don’t even live with anyone. Cooking fancy meals for yourself is kind of a waste of time if anything…

Well, not like I’ve really got anything else to do, since most video games suck.

JM 266 Released

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Recipe from yesterday for those who asked.

  1. Make dashi, cool it until it’s room temperature
  2. Submerge dried shiitake mushrooms in water until thoroughly remoisturized, then remove the stem and chop into thin slices
  3. Soak Japanese rice in water for about an hour, then drain any excess water with a sieve or something
  4. Chop carrots, chicken, and pastrami into thin slices
  5. Mince bamboo shoots
  6. Add dashi to rice, have water levels reach just under the amount you would normally use to cook the same amount of rice
  7. Add soy sauce and mirin to taste (normally about 1 tablespoon per cup of rice)
  8. Place chicken on top of rice and other ingredients on top of chicken.
  9. Hit mixed rice on the rice cooker. If you don’t have this option, cook it as usual and then let it sit for a few extra minutes.
  10. Once rice is done, mix well.
  11. Dice up some green onions and sprinkle them on top.

Note that you should not under any conditions mix the rice and the ingredients before the rice is fully cooked, and that it’s normal for there to be a tiny bit of burnt rice along the bottom when you cook this way.

Hopefully that was detailed enough.