JM 373 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI Chapter <-

I’ve been playing the TWEWY sequel lately. It’s nice, but makes me miss the original. The old version was much more fun to play and was really the first and game to make impeccable use of the 2 screens on the DS imo. Second one feels a lot less skill intensive and I never feel like I’m managing two chars at once. It’s more like I’m juggling CDs in a standard real time RPG.

JM 371 Released

JM Chapter <-

MI has also had chapters 17 through 20 released. 17 can be found here and 20 can be found here.

Inazuma was alright, but the resources are way too scarce. The stupid sakura blooms need to be clustered closer together if you need to hit them, like you do for the dandelions. Too few ruin sentinals spawn, and I’m annoyed that the samurai guys don’t really like to group up compared to other enemies. Though I guess it kind of makes sense since they’re human mitichurl equivilants? Whatever. Still mildly annoying.

In other news, Pokemon Unite came out and is a huge joke. Remind me, why do I follow this franchise again? Stupid nostalgia bait.

JM 367 Released

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Misadventures Inc. (LitRPG) also has a release here. It’s now just a tiny bit shy of the 20k word mark, which is anywhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of a light novel in terms of length.

These will now be synced for consistency’s sake, save for during nanowrimo. This site will finally have a real schedule for the first time in what is probably forever.

I just bought One Step from Eden and Curse of the Dead Gods due to the steam sale as well. Hopefully at least one of them is actually good.

JM 366 Released

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No good games released recently. I’m so bored I’m just playing League. God why.

I did some math with regards to Ayaka and Yoimiya, and both will be fairly decent, especially with their signature weapons. Neither will outdo the existing top two damage characters of their elements, but Yoimiya has the quality of being able to support, as well as attacking from a range. Qualitative factors might actually make her a better choice on some teams.

Ayaka is apparently faster than Mona, so might want to get her just to run around…

In other news, LitRPG 6 and 7 are also out.

I might make Sundays my schedule for JM too, just to keep things synced.

JM 365 Released

Chapter <-

New Genshin patch seemed disappointing at first, but pretty decent after the water level dropped. Leaks are exciting. Did some per combo damage computations and Yoimiya is looking pretty damn strong. Probably skipping Kazuha in that case.

I’ve also started to post my LitRPG. It’ll be getting weekly updates on Sundays for the next few months at the very least. (I have like 20 chapters backlogged). It can be found here.