Jingai Musume 119

Changes in Zaien
Editors: Sebas Tian, Speedphoenix, Joker

“Ughh… what a pain.” I groaned as I watched the furfag’s corpse turn into DP.

Painful was the only possible way I could describe the experience that Rir and I had just shared. Dealing with people and creatures that enjoyed battle just wasn’t up my alley. Ughhhhhhh. I’m so tired.

“Seriously man… I mean like, if you wanna fight that badly, can’t you just pick a fight with someone else that likes fighting? What the hell, right Rir?”

The wolf responded with a silent, reproachful stare.

“Oh come on… Don’t look at me like that. I do not like fighting. I’m a hardcore pacifist and you know it.”

The wolf responded with yet another silent, reproachful stare. The reason behind it was obvious. He was mad because I had made everything harder by pissing off our dear friend the sociopathic manticore.

“Okay, okay, fine. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let the blood get to my head,” I said. “Come here. I’ll make it up to you by fixing your fur, alright?”

I changed the topic in order to distract him from his dissatisfaction, then grabbed a potion and sprinkled it all over his fur. The parts of his coat that had been frizzled and burnt by the explosion soon returned to normal and regained their sheen.

Of course, aesthetics and the like weren’t our priority. We had obviously already healed all our deeper wounds ahead of time. Recalling the act of healing made me grimace. I hadn’t had much of a good time. Removing the stone spears wedged in me was already bad enough. But it wasn’t even anywhere close to being as painful as getting the shrapnel out. I had to use a knife to literally gouge each and every last piece out of my flesh. The process had hurt so much that it had caused me to scream profanities and curse the stupid manticore to no end. Fuck manticores. I swear, the moment I get strong enough to beat them with ease, I’m going to go back and commit a god damn genocide. Fuck the wildlife conservation act. Laws don’t apply to demon lords. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going to hunt those fuckers to extinction.

One thing I learned from today’s experience was that potent and powerful as they were, potions didn’t do all that much in the way of restoring lost blood. Rir hadn’t been all that injured, so he was fine in that regard. I, on the other hand, had lost so much vital fluid that I had dyed Rir’s back in crimson. Oh man. I’m feeling kinda lightheaded. I should probably make sure I eat something that’ll help boost my energy levels when I get back. Like meat. Or meat. Or more meat. Yay meat. But in the meantime, I guess I’ll probably use Rir as a pillow or something now that his fur is back to its usual nice and fluffy state.

With that in mind, I approached my pet and gave it an order.

“Let’s go home.”


After returning home, I found that Lefi was the only person in the true throne room, which meant that Illuna and Shii were most likely playing out in the grasslands while the maids were probably attending to some sort of housework.

“I’m back.” I greeted the dragon girl as I moved over to one of the drawers in the room’s corner.
“I am pleased to see that you have returned. Welcome home, Yuki,” said Lefi. “Your clothes appear rather torn, and your scent carries with it a hint of ash.”
“Yeah, a lot happened. I even got stalked by a manticore,” I replied to her as I grabbed a change of clothes from the drawer. I kicked off everything I was currently wearing and chucked it in the trash. The inferno that accompanied the explosion had happened to render them a bit too worn. I approached the throne after changing, sat on top of it, crossed my legs, leaned back, and took a deep breath. “Ughhhhh… I’m so friggen’ tired…”

For some odd reason, sitting on the throne filled me with a sense of comfort. It was almost as if the seat was somehow warming me up from the inside out. Apparently, I was the only one that felt that way. I was the only one of the dungeon’s residents that its soothing effect extended to. Must be because I’m a demon lord or something.

“I must admit I find manticores rather obnoxious. I dislike both their obstinance and their propensity to play with their prey,” said Lefi with a frown. “And though I have encountered many, I’ve not ever heard of one that could make use of fire.”
“Oh, yeah, the one I fought couldn’t use fire or anything like that either. The reason I got all burned and stuff is ‘cause I killed it with one of the dungeon’s traps. It was the kind that makes explosions and stuff, and I kinda got caught up in the blast. Wasn’t just me either. Rir did too. It made his fur all frizzly and stuff. You remember the spaghetti Lyuu burnt that one time? How it was all curly and singed and stuff?”
“I do. It was quite the incident,” chuckled Lefi.
“Yeah, that was basically how Rir’s fur looked.”
“How unfortunate.” Again, the dragon laughed.

Likewise, I also snickered a bit while pulling Zaien out of my inventory.

My most recent encounter had led the blade to suffer a good bit of abuse, so I made sure to carefully inspect it for damage. I figured I was probably going to have to take it to a human blacksmith if it got bent or chipped since I wasn’t sure how else I was supposed to have it repaired.

“Huh…” Carefully looking over the blade caused me to tilt my head in confusion. “Something about you seems a bit different.”

The red that decorated its still unblemished blade had gotten darker. And for some odd reason, I even got the impression that it was the opposite of damaged. Zaien seemed even sharper than usual. Maybe I’ll go cut a bunch of random stuff later to try testing it out. I don’t think I’m just imagining things.

“Really?” The blade responded to my statement by channelling its will through its grip.

Wait a second.

“Could I always hear your thoughts this clearly…?” I asked. I could have sworn that the blade had never conveyed anything more to me than just vague emotions. I recalled it feeling happy, angry, or even resentful at times, but that was all. That, however, was no longer the case. Although it couldn’t speak, I felt as if I could understand it just as well as I could Rir or Shii in her slime form. It was conveying its thoughts to me in something akin to but different from words.
“I think so…” replied the blade. Uhhh… I’m pretty sure you replying like that already makes it a straight up hard no.

Thinking back, I recalled that Zaien’s stat page had said something about it being able to grow. I guess this is what that meant? Yeah uh, definitely not what I was expecting.

“Yuki…” Lefi flashed me a suspicious gaze. “I am aware that your weapon bears a consciousness. However, I must advise that you reserve speaking to it for when you remain in its presence and its presence alone. I believe that the action would be interpreted by many as but evidence of insanity.”
“Right, yeah. Good point,” I said. “I’ll save it for later.”

I opened up my item box and opted to put Zaien back inside, but the blade promptly complained.

“Let me be with you… a little longer,” it said. Its thoughts almost seemed to resemble a cry of loneliness.
“I-I’ll make sure I equip you again soon, alright?”
“Okay…” For some odd reason, hearing the weapon’s thoughts led me to envision a child that was trying their hardest to endure a crushing sense of solitude.

I almost wanted to let it have its way, but I didn’t think that having the blade sit around in the open was exactly what I would call the safest blade in the world. I hadn’t even made it a sheath.

“It’ll be alright. You’re my main weapon. I promise I’ll use you again soon, so you don’t have to be so sad, okay?” I tried to soothe the blade after coming to the conclusion that I would simply have to put it away for the time being.
“See you later…” replied Zaien.

I heaved a sigh after placing the blade in my inventory. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that the weapon I made has grown so much. But… how do I put this… Man, that was real rough. I feel so guilty right now…

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53 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 119

  1. When your sword is adorable, and you want to give it head pats, although might result in a few lost limbs.

    Thx for the binge release and my goodness slow down, we don’t want you to overwork yourself O.o

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Mind me for asking, how does Zaien looks like?? Does it look like sephiroth’s masamune or Inuyasha’s tessaiga?? During that chapter when yuki’s duking it out with battle freak dude, i kinda imagine zaien looking like a crossbreed between the two blade heheh. By the way thanks for the chapters XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If only the MC weren’t so much of an overall douchebag that the sword will likely pick up, this scene actually might’ve turned endearing.


  4. If only the MC weren’t so much of an overall douchebag…he’ll never learn his lessons because his power and the people he bribes will never cause him to grow as a person. The manticore was a good lesson in not provoking and yet he just brushed it off with a “I’ll just clean your fur” when Rir tightly tried to admonish him for it.

    For that matter, for all that he says he wants to get stronger, having Rir do the support work does not seem to imply it. Where are the more individual battles that the MC himself does without support? That was the point of getting stronger, right? Being able to face strong enemies without support?


    1. I agree, their are so many things that rub me the wrong way about the protagonist, but the story overall is good, and possesses some glorious moments of comic relief. Usually if I encounter a protagonist half as bad as this one I drop the novel within 20 chapters. Yet, he does possess some redeeming qualities which keep me here and the overall Heartwarming and Carefrre aspects of the novel are interesting. And I also appreciate that he doesn’t abuse Lefi’s power and title in order to do whatever he wants.


  5. between make the become longer option and shoot out energy blade to reach longer option that he want to choose, maybe have ability to shoot out energy blade will be more powerful and easier.

    If the blade become longer, it only deal physical attack and the weight increased the longer the blade, while by creating energy blade based on how much the mana infused, it will deal physical attack and magical damage, the sharpness of energy blade also can be increased by how much mana it poured and lastly you can added and choose elemental energy blade, like Ice that will create very cold energy blade that freezing the target to the atomic lv, fire that will become a very hot energy blade, that will melt&burn the target and so on.

    Thx for the chapter ^^


    1. -Lightning energy blade, Shock, Paralize and Scorching the target
      -Earth energy blade, Petrify the target
      -Water energy blade, Poisoned the target
      -Ultra Vibration Spinning Wind energy blade, Shredder and torn asunder the target.
      -Darkness Energy Blade, Cursed the target, weaken all the stats by 50% and the target can’t be healed and the body healing ability is sealed.
      -Light Energy Blade, the attack will through any obstacle, it will Ignore defence, magic shield, ignore Immunity and so on, the attack will target inner body 100%.

      btw, is there no chapter 120? when i read chapter 115, it said “I binge read a little bit and stopped after chapter 120. 120 is really good. Really good.”


  6. Wow, bet that the blade will end up being a loli too? Yuki’s loli curse is evident throughout this series



  7. I swear this MC is retarded.

    > Supposedly a “hardcore pacifist”
    > “Going to massacre” the manticores if he gets strong enough
    > ???
    > Retard confirmed

    Another example
    > I’m not going to rely on Lefi for protection, I’m going to protect the ones I love
    > Oh I’m a godfucking pacifist I won’t fight monsters so that I could get strong enough to actually FUCKING PROTECT PEOPLE

    How does one become this retarded?


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