Jingai Musume 123

A Draconic Date — Part 1
Editors: Speedphoenix, Joker

“Yuki, I wish to invite you on a date.”
“Sure, let’s g—” I casually nodded along to Lefi’s words, as usual, only to suddenly stop as I finally processed them. “Wait. What?”
“Did you perhaps provide an answer without listening to what I said?” Lefi’s tone didn’t really change. She knew it was the usual. “I suggested that we engage in the experience known as a date.”
“Uh… Uhm… Sure…” My brain had ground to a halt. It took me a good while to squeeze out an answer. Wait. A date? Like, a date date? Wait, wait, wait. Calm down Yuki. Don’t let yourself get too excited.

I had the sneaking suspicion that the dragon girl would flash me a shit-eating grin just to piss me off the moment I let myself get carried away. Alright Yuki, you can do this. Keep calm. Take it easy. Deep breaths.

“S-So where do you wanna go?” I stuttered at first, but otherwise managed to speak in my usual tone. I had succeeded in containing most of my excitement.
“Our destination is one of the mountains beyond the one we inhabit.”
“Oh, so we’re going hiking? That sounds like it could be fun.”
“Hiking? I see no reason for such an endeavour. We shall fly.”

Oh yeah. Derp. I almost forgot I had wings. But flying, huh? I guess that means we’re going on a sky date. Yeah, that’s nice. I like the sound of that.

“Wait… destination? Are we going somewhere specific?” I asked.
“Indeed. There happens to be a colony of bees on that mountain, one that I have not visited in many a month. I believe that it has come time for me to pay it a visit.”

…Wait a second.

“Precisely. I must say that the honey they produce is quite delectable. I do enjoy the sweets that you provide, but my time away from the sweet nectar has led me to desire it. I would like to harvest it and present it to Leila such that she may use it to craft a delectable dessert.”

I had no words to say. Seeing the blissful look she had on her face as she talked about how much she liked the honey took me from flustered to calm in a matter of moments. Oh. I see how it is.

“Let us visit it together, Yuki.”
“…Don’t wanna.” I paused before refusing much in the same manner as a child throwing a tantrum. I laid down on the spot and turned to face away from Lefi. All my excitement was gone with the wind.
“What!? Why ever would you refuse!?” The dragon, who had expected everything but refusal, responded in an upset, flustered tone. She immediately moved to the side I was facing and tried to look at me, but I rolled over again in order to avoid meeting her gaze.
“I don’t care about honey.”
“I-I assure you that it is the most delicious honey that this world has to offer. I have no doubts that you will enjoy it.” Lefi mounted my thighs in order to stop me from turning and peeked at my face, but I craned my neck and continued to avoid looking at her.
“Don’t care. I don’t like sweets that much anyway,” I pouted.
“Rghhh…” Lefi groaned as she tried to come up with another excuse to drag me along. “Y-your beloved other half is thirsting for honey. Is it not your duty as my partner to grant my wishes?”

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be the judge of whether someone else thinks of you as beloved, Lefi. And whaddya mean partner? Are we supposed to be some sort of stand up comedy duo that does sketches for laughs and cash or something?

“Even if I am your partner or whatever, I don’t see how going benefits me in any which way.”
“E-Even if I was to offer to permit you to sleep by my side in exchange?” said Lefi with a blush.
“Was that supposed to sweeten the deal or something? ‘Cause it doesn’t.”

The unexpected reply caused the supreme dragon to make a strange sound to express her shock. She looked down at me and stared. It took a while, but she eventually caught on to the fact that I had no intention of moving whatsoever, a conclusion that led to her groan.

“All I wished for was for us to spend time with only each other at our sides…” she muttered under her breath.

She said it extremely quietly. I could tell that it wasn’t something she had intended for me to hear. But being a demon lord, my senses were extremely sharp. I was capable of hearing the heartbeats of anyone nearby, so the words she had whispered were as clear as day. Wait…Was that why she’d asked me out to begin with? Probably, actually. Man, this would’ve been much easier if she said it straight from the start. Oh wait. Right. She’s awkward and not really used to this kinda stuff yet. Riiiiiiiiight.

After heaving a small sigh, I sat up. Since she was sitting on my thighs, my face had ended up basically right in front of hers.

“Ngh!?” She made another weird sound to illustrate her surprise as we exchanged a glance from almost point blank.
“Fiiiiine, I’ll come,” I said in an exaggerated demonstration of unwillingness. “But you’re going to have to keep that promise of yours and be a damn good body pillow.”
“B-body pillow!?” She squeaked in surprise but immediately faked a cough and then kept talking as if it had never happened. “V-Very well. I suppose that, as one that comprehends the spirit of magnanimity, I shall permit you to see your request granted.”

She was trying her best to fake composure, but the way her tail was twitching made it as obvious as could be that she was feeling rather flustered. Smiling, I took her by the hand and got up off the ground.

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48 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 123

  1. Lucky lefi did not turn out to be a tsundere in this situation. Great work guys, i hope you do not die from overworking.


    1. “In her place stood a girl that looked to be about thirteen or fourteen years old. She was a good bit shorter than me. If I had a little sister, I would imagine her to be the same height as the dragon’s current form. Her hair was platinum, her face was charming, and her body so beautifully crafted that I’d almost thought it a piece of art. I simply couldn’t believe it to be natural.”

      Based on her description I’d have to say that he is not a pedo but potentially a lolicon but either way “legal loli get” I believe is the appropriate term

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  2. I was about to go to sleep but when i finished reading this chapter, i can’t stop squealing within.

    Thanks for the chapter ST and the editor team XD


  3. aye yuki is pouting stop that it’s gross haha anywaythis is an unexpected sweet chapter too much the sweet which lefi eats the entire time is not much compared to this

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  4. #NirvashHeadPats

    hmm so she finnaly atacks … good luck lefi steal ur man back… eh i mean u have to make sure that the source of ur delicoues snacks is always close at hand dont u …

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  5. “All I wished for was for us to spend time with only each other at our sides…”
    “Wait…Was that why she’d asked me out to begin with? Probably, actually. Man, this would’ve been much easier if she said it straight from the start.”

    Seriously, mate? The VERY FIRST THING she said to you was that she wants you to go on a date with you. What the hell do you think a date is? Spin it how you wish but you can’t blame it on her awkwardness that you failed to realize that what she wanted might be a date.

    I mean, sure, raiding a beehive is an eccentric date activity (unless you treat it as a dragon equivalent of eating out in some pastry shop/cafe) and it wouldn’t be completely out of character for her to just want sweets, but you just don’t get to complain about her not being forward with her intentions from the very start when that’s precisely what she did, declaring the outing to be a date in the very first sentence.


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