Jingai Musume 188

The Gyroll Clan — Part 2

Editors: Speedphoenix

“Hold on, hold on! You’ve got it all wrong!”
“Give it up, demon lord! We know your villainy! Your lies will not work on us!” Lyuu’s father shouted angrily.

My villainy? What? I don’t remember ever doing anything bad enough to earn me that much notorietyAt least not among the warwolves. Whatever people have been feeding him, it’s gotta be pretty bad.

Actually, I did mess up that one human town pretty badly the first time I visited it, didn’t I? Riiiiight… I totally forgotAlright, yeah, I can kinda see where they might’ve got the idea.

For a moment, I regretted not having Rir accompany me, but I soon came to the conclusion that I would have preferred the status quo over any lost opportunity cost. Because to the warwolves, Fenrirs were gods.

And Rir, Fluffrir, was collared.

In my defense, giving him a collar had been my way of showing the world that I saw him as a pet, a member of my family. But a moment of thought led me to understand that the warwolves would likely have seen the notion as blasphemy. To them, the choker would have looked much more like a chain, a fetter by which the one thing they worshiped was bound. Yeaaaahhh… That could have turned out pretty damn poorly. Good job, me.

“Dude, calm down. Your daughter is fine. I was actually just about to bring you right to her.”
“Another lie! Say no more, demon lord! I won’t fall for your nonsense!”
“…Look, you’re going to get wiped out at this rate. Your only two choices are to let it happen or to gamble on me actually helping you. Just trust me man, it’s your only shot at making it outta here in one piece.”
“Trusting you would be no different from stabbing ourselves through the heart. We’ve been ready to lay down our lives since the moment we set out on this journey. But if we are to die, then we will die not as fools, but as warriors! We will make our stand, and we will take your head! Even if it costs us every last one of our lives!”

Seriously… ? Fucking hell… After heaving a weary sigh, I once again tried to pacify the beastkin. “I don’t know who told you about me or what they said, but it was probably just over-exaggerated bullshit. Now, how about we calm down, be civil, and talk this out like men? Picking a fight with me really isn’t going to do you any goo—”

My attempt at cordiality ended in total failure. Lyuu’s father dashed up to me and kicked me before I even finished speaking. I hadn’t been on guard, let alone watching him closely enough to evade the sudden strike, so his foot landed square in the middle of my chest.

“Stand! Stand and fight like a man!” shouted the warwolf.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake! Fine!”

The kick hadn’t dealt much in the way of damage. In fact, I’d barely felt it. But I was annoyed. Very, very annoyed. That was why I decided to employ the tool that any respectable gentleman in my position would: violence.

I grabbed the dull, wooden great sword I typically used for practice out of my inventory and propped myself back up as I narrowed my eyes. You know what? I don’t even care if you’re Lyuu’s dad or whatever anymore. If you’re not feeling like acting like a sensible adult, then I’m going to beat you over the head until you are. And just for the record, you did literally ask for it.


“Yuki! You’re back!” The ball of energy I called Illuna ran up to me as soon as she spotted me.
“I see that you have returned.” Likewise, Lefi also approached, but not for the same reason. “…And what, precisely, is that?”
“Don’t ask,” I grumbled.

The dragon’s gaze had been directed to the pile of bodies stacked up behind me, one that I had struggled to transport. Oh, man… rolling them into a huge ball and trying to shove all of them through the door at once was definitely not my brightest idea. I almost can’t believe I managed it, even with all my pets’ help. Note to self: Don’t follow through on violent impulses. Lugging unconscious people around is a huge pain in the ass.

“Rise and shine, bossman.” After heaving the day’s nth sigh, I gave Lyuu’s dad’s a few light taps on the cheek with the back of my hand. Surely enough, he eventually began to stir.
“W-where am I…?” he groaned as he blinked his eyes into focus.
“My place. I had you brought over while you were playing sleeping beauty.”

Hearing my voice seemed to lead him to realize that he was still in danger. His sleepy-looking eyes snapped open and he immediately began to shout.

“You bastard! How dare you kill all my men!?”
“Dude, seriously, you need to stop jumping to conclusions,” I complained in a fed-up, exasperated tone. “Your men are fine. All I did was knock them out.”

The flustered warwolf looked around in a panic. His second round of observation was far less clouded than his first. This time, he realized that I was telling the truth.

“W-what happened? They’re all… healed! Even the ones with more serious wounds!”
“Seriously? You still don’t get it?” I griped. “I healed them.”

I made sure that everyone with a major injury was given a potion before being shipped off.

“It’s true, boss.” A man that had been missing an arm spoke up. Unlike many of his buddies, he had been too injured to fight, so he had escaped the wrath of my wooden blade. “The demon lord healed every last one of us, but only after he ruthlessly knocked out everyone that tried to challenge him.”
“I don’t understand… Why would you…” The chief of the warwolves remained in a state of confusion. It was a state he likely would have retained for much longer had his daughter not entered the scene at that exact moment.
“Here you are, Lefi! I got the snacks you were askin’ f—what the heck!?”

For better or for worse, Lyuu waltzed right out of the door connected to the throne room, tray in hand.

“Lyuu!? Is that really you!?”
“D-Dad!? Ughhhhhhhh… Why are you here…?”

The maid was so shocked that she dropped the tray she had brought with her. Fortunately, Lefi saved it before it fell to the floor. Lyuu, please… Isn’t he supposed to be your dad? You groaning like that is almost making me feel bad for him. I mean, just look at how worried he is.

“I can’t believe it! You’re okay!” The warwolf chief was so overcome with emotion that he ended up running up to the maid and catching her in a hug.
“K-knock it off already, dad! You’re embarassin’ me! Everyone’s watchin’!”
“I thought… I thought you were dead.”
“That’s horrible! Why’d you ever think something like that!? Wait! What the heck!? What’s everyone else doin’ here!? And why’re they knocked out!?”
“Yeah uhhh… My bad. That’s my fault.”
“Oh… Yeah, I can kinda see that happenin’. You’re real strong, Master.” Lyuu paused for a moment to think. “But that still doesn’t really answer my question. Why’s everyone here anyway?”

Lyuu, p l s.

“I… am sorry,” said Lyuu’s father, who had finally regained his cool. “It appears that I’ve had a great misunderstanding.”
“Yeah, dude. You did. You really did,” I said with a shrug. Looks like he’s finally willing to talk. God fucking damn it, that was such a pain in the ass. And it took forever. I almost want to hold a grudge, but I won’t. I’ve already beat the shit out of him—and everyone else—so I might as well forgive him. He is a part of Lyuu’s family, after all.

Really makes me think thoughThis world doesn’t really seem to take all that kindly to demon lords, and I’m willing to bet it’s because of their behaviour. Really does beg the question of what the local demon lords have been up to. I mean, it’s obviously something. That much is evident. But what…?

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23 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 188

  1. So when’s Yuki going to start his dojo sign-breaking campai– I mean, is Yuki ever going to make contact with other demon lords? I could picture an arc where he might-makes-rights a bunch of separate dungeons into submission thinking it could somehow help his public image if they behaved better. But if this story ever moved in that direction you could bet your ass there’d be a loli demon lord somewhere out there waiting to be charmed.

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    1. And obviously there will be people overreacting and saying that once he’s done capturing other dungeons he’s going after the other races next, drama ensues and wacky hijinks occurs which makes him the head of all races effectively making the whole world his

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Eventually.

      If her family has anything to say about it, she may jump a few spots on the current queue. Since “kept in a Demon Lord’s dungeon for several months” pretty much forecloses most other marital options in this setting. I’m rather curious how Yuki has failed to notice that.

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  2. So he whipped them with a wooden greatsword when he’s more of a mage. That would be embarrassing for a warrior tribe.

    Also, countdown to them all wanting to stay because he has the mighty fenrir as his pet.

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    1. I’m sure some of them will be interested in staying. But they are basically most of the fighting power of their village. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring their wives and children along. This expedition reeks of “pointless heroics”. Also, they were planning to raid a Demon Lord’s dungeon. Given prevailing opinions of what Demon Lords do with any females they have in their power (which seem to have informed the planning of this raid), I’m guessing that a good fraction of the capable warriors of the tribe were left defending the base.

      So most those who actually want to stay will probably be older warriors who have outlived their wives, or at least don’t have any young children. Maybe a couple of youths who have a thing for Lyuu will try to stick around, but she’s not about to tolerate that. After all, if there are any, they’re part of why she ran away in the first place.

      P.S. Why did I even bother with “if”? Of course there have to be, Lyuu needs to show off a bit here. It’s just too sad if nobody was seeing her that way.


  3. Oh man, I kinda want him to like gather all of those dungeon masters and lead them under his banners so that they can thrive or something. The image needs to change man. But that seems like a major pain in the ass so he won’t do it.



    1. No. If he meets any other Demon Lords, he’s going to realize why they have a bad reputation, most specifically the part about how everyone assumes he spends all his free time raping all the girls living with him.

      I don’t put odds on any more typical Demon Lords surviving an encounter with Yuki.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter, Well looks like Yuki is going to have to go around and bring the other dungeons under his brand, even if he has to take them over.


  5. why does the “next chapter button” open the next chapter in a new tab? it only happens in this one chapter


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