Jingai Musume 189

The Gyroll Clan — Part 3
Editors: Speedphoenix, Joker

“Please excuse my behaviour, I’m terribly sorry for reacting the way I did.” Lyuu’s father was situated before me with his head bowed. He sat on his legs with his knees jutting forward at an outward angle and his fists placed knuckle-down on the floor in front of him. “I was not aware that you did so much for my daughter.”

It was a very warrior-like approach to apologizing. While I certainly did notice that he had gone out of his way to perform the exaggerated gesture, and I understood that it was authentic, I didn’t particularly care all that much for formalities, so I dismissed it with a shrug.

“Don’t worry about it. What’s done is done.”
“I can’t apologize enough for profiling you and assuming the worst. It shames us to know that we attacked you over nothing but a misunderstanding despite you having saved Lyuu’s life.” However, the warwolf was far more fixated on etiquette, so he continued regardless. “Our actions were unjust. By all means, you deserve to be fuming with rage. But you aren’t, and for that, I thank you. I know I’ve said it many, many times already, but I must thank you. I know now that all the fault lies with the imbecile I call my daughter.”

He followed up his final statement by drilling his fist into the back of Lyuu’s head.

“Ow!” The maid whimpered in pain as she placed both hands on the point of impact. “That hurt, dad…”
“Shut up, you idiot! Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused? Do you know how many of our men nearly died because of what you put them through? We could have been completely obliterated if we had just made one mistake!”
“I know, I know already! And I’m real sorry I made everyone come all the way out here just to see me! But this ain’t my fault! It’s yours! I never would’ve run away from home if you didn’t keep goin’ on and on about some dumb marriage!”
“Dumb? Dumb!? There is nothing dumb about it! Lynaut is a man well worth your hand!”
“First of all, I never wanted to get married! Secondly, Lynaut’s the last person I’d ever marry! Why the heck would I wanna marry a creep ten years older than me!?”
“That’s what you find wrong with him? His age!? Open your eyes, Lyuu! Do you not see how strong and dependable he is? Lynaut has a bright future ahead of him!”
“What the heck!? You can’t be serious! He’s nothing but a stuck-up snob!”

Hearing the two of them shout at each other led me to smile in a half-amused, half-exasperated manner. “Alright, you two. That’s enough. This isn’t the place for it.”

I used my chin to gesture at the warwolves situated behind the two VIPs. All the men within the group were making awkward expressions that served to indicate that they had no idea what to think, do, or say.

We were currently situated within one of the inn’s reception halls. While the room was certainly on the larger side, the warwolves had chosen not to flood it with bodies. Most of them had been assigned to stand by in another room whilst those higher up the social ladder joined Lyuu and her father. Going to sidetrack a little bit. Man, building this inn was the best choice I’ve ever made. It’s gotten mileage every single time I’ve had to entertain a guest. Worth/10. Would build again.

Unfortunately, practicing escapism failed to end the argument between the parent and child. In fact, neglecting them and allowing my mind to drift had only seemed to make things worse—the pair had somehow gotten even further away from reaching a compromise.

“Lynaut ain’t all that strong either! Master crushed all o’ you at the same time even though he was tryin’ not to hurt anyone!”

The warwolf chief grimaced as he clutched his chest in a display of agony. His daughter’s attack on his psyche had been so precise that it had apparently managed to do him physical harm.

“Hey, Lyuu? You mind doing me a favour and not dragging me into this?”
“While I must admit that Yuki is certainly a splendid warrior, your point isn’t of any relevance.” My plea fell on deaf ears. Even her father continued to include me in the conversation.
“No it’s not!”
“Yes, it is! Unlike Lynaut, Yuki is not your fiance! Nor are you romantically involved with him!”

This time, it was Lyuu who winced in the face of the other party’s argument. Come on, guys… Do I really need to be brought into this? Because it feels like I don’t.

“Whatever the case, you’re coming home. I can not let you impose on Yuki any more than you already have, and everyone that has stayed behind in the village is still worried about you.”
“No way! I don’t want to leave! I want to stay here, with all my friends!”
“Stop acting like such a spoiled brat! You can’t have everything you want!”
“I’m not acting like a brat! It’s my life dad, not yours!”

God fucking damn it… It didn’t seem like they were going to stop anytime soon, so I decided to step in after heaving a heavy sigh. The first person I turned towards was Lyuu’s father.

“I said that’s enough. Stop screaming already, for fuck’s sake. Did you really come all the way here just to get into some silly argument?”
“…I apologize. That was an unsightly display we should have kept behind closed doors.”

The warwolf chief finally seemed to realize how rude he was being, as he once again bowed his head in apology after correcting his posture.

“And that goes for you too, Lyuu.” After dealing with her dad, I directed my gaze at the maid. “You were going on and on about how you weren’t at fault, but you totally are. None of this would’ve happened if you told me the truth from the start.”
“Erk…. I-I’m sorry, Master.” Lyuu wasn’t able to come up with any sort of argument, so she reluctantly ended up apologizing.

I turned to face her father again after breathing the yet another sigh.

“Alright, so I’m totally sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong right now, but whatever,” I said. “I know I just said that this whole incident is Lyuu’s fault, but her opinion matters a lot more to me than yours does, so I’m going to be taking her side. By that, I mean I’m not going to let you drag her home against her will.”
“What…?” The chief’s eyes narrowed into a glare, but I ignored him and kept talking.
“She really should’ve at least popped in to say hi and show everyone that she was still alright. Hell, I was planning on making her visit whether she liked it or not. But that’s it. If she wants to stay here, then I’m going to have her do exactly that. Stay. I’m not going to force her to leave just because her old man decided to come a knocking. Not unless it’s what she wants.”
“I knew you’d understand, Master.”

Apparently, my declaration had moved Lyuu to the verge of tears. The gaze she directed at me was filled with trust.

“I mean, it just wouldn’t make any sense for me to let her go. She’s finally started figuring this whole maid thing out. If she leaves now, we’ll have nothing to show for all the time we wasted onboarding her.”

Plus, she’s only been here at Demon Lord Inc. for about a year. This is her first job, so it’d probably be best for her to stay at least three. As far as Japanese companies go, most hiring managers assume that anyone that leaves their first job before they get three years of experience is probably incompetent. Leaving now will probably hurt her future prospects.

“C-come on, Master! Why do you always gotta make fun of me!?”
“Why? Because bullying you is hilarious, of course.”
“W-what the heck!?” Her jaw dropped. See, that’s exactly what I mean.
“I was just messing with you,” I said with a shiteating grin. “Don’t worry, Lyuu, you’re just as important to me as everyone else that lives here.”

After chuckling a bit more, I turned towards her father. “Oh, and just so we’re clear, that whole me keeping her here thing wasn’t a part of the joke.”
“…Are you telling me that you won’t allow a course of action as natural as allowing a child to return to her parents’ home?”
“More or less, yeah. Because I’d definitely miss her. Hell, it’s not just me. Everyone else that lives here would miss her too,” I said. “Besides, she’s already made her intentions clear. She said that she wanted to stay, so I’m going to make it happen no matter what you say.”

The opposite was true too. I would have let Lyuu go if that was what she wanted, even if it meant that the dungeon would feel like it was missing something without her.

“Lyuu’s already old enough to make her own decisions, isn’t she? What’s wrong with letting her make her own decisions?”
“That is not the warwolf way. Our people have thrived by trusting in their parents’ decisions even well into adulthood,” he said. “Lyuu is unwed. It is only right for us to dictate her future—and choose her partner. I have no intention of letting her go simply because she is no longer a child. I will be taking her home.”

What the fuck? And here I thought I was a self-serving prick. But this guy? He takes the whole goddamn cake.

“You think I give a shit about your stupid culture?” I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “I don’t care about your, or any, tribe’s customs. Your dumb traditions can go eat shit for all I care.”

Apparently, he didn’t like how blunt I was. His face twitched in annoyance.

“I respect you Yuki. You’ve saved my daughter’s life. My people and I owe you an irreparable debt. But this is something I can and will not yield on. Please understand.”
“Debt, shebt. I never cared about that shit to begin with. You think I saved you because I wanted you to owe me? Fuck no. I only did it because you’re Lyuu’s people. I probably would’ve just sat around and watched you die if you weren’t. Because, honestly, your dumb ass deserves it,” I spat, venomously. “I don’t care what you think. I wasn’t trying to suggest anything or give you any ideas. I was just telling you how this was going to go. You’re not having her back.”

Tension filled the air as we stared each other down in silence. It was a contest, a demonstration of our will.

And he was the first to break.

“…I see.” The chief of the warwolves closed his eyes and slowly breathed in and out before reopening them. “If neither of us is willing to compromise, then we have no choice but to butt heads.”

Again, he paused and took a breath. One that dripped with resolve.

“We shall settle this matter through single combat!”

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40 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 189

    1. It is more likely that the father cannot back down due to tradition.
      Furthermore there probably is also a tradition for there to be a duel in case people have opposing opinions.
      – The father mentioned that the parents usually make decisions for their children. But what if father and mother have different intentions?

      – Or what if the parents have already died. There are 2 uncles that could become the new guardian for the child. Both of them want / do not want to become the new guardian and now it must be decided who becomes the new guardian.

      Such matters are probably dealt with by having duels and the winner gets to decide.

      So Lyuu’s father as the chief who wants and must uphold the traditions must duel the MC now.
      Afterwards the loser will have to follow the decision of the winner as it is warwolf tradition, too.

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      1. It’s possibly something like, “if you want to have my daughter, you must defeat me!” or something. Yuki might end up engaged to Lyuu when he beats him. That would probably just be left alone like with Illuna.

        Liked by 4 people

    1. That’s probably exactly what he means. It’s going to be a whole “twist” where beating up the fiancé means you’re now the new fiancé so the translator can have his weird dumb girl fetish fulfilled.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The best resolution is for the ‘fiance’ to just concede without a fight. That actually makes things a lot simpler in the long run. I don’t really know the circumstances of why the match was offensive enough to make Lyuu run away, but given her character it seems at least plausible that there’s nothing really so much wrong with him as with her.


  1. To think the beastman chief has chicken-size brain….
    its clearly as fuck he just get owned and still ask to one on one battle?
    Even Rir who technically still a child has more adult mind than his devoted believers…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. When looking at past events in the real world its not that unusual or unbelievable. To some their traditions/beliefs/ideology take precedence over what they think individually, or even what is logical. Case and point the SJW pandemic occurring in the west.

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    2. To be fair Rir is the best character in the story, even if the pup doesn’t get much screen time(or should it be text space? Story paragraphs? Events? Something like that). First of all, he’s the summon of Illuna, the girl with the best luck in the story, so of course he’s the best.

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  2. “look man, I already beat you when you had backup, it’s established that you would lose to me if we fought 1 on 1. Why don’t I have you fight my wife instead. You’ve never lost to her yet, at least”
    “Very well, but don’t say it doesn’t count when she loses”
    “Right back at you. OH, LEFI MY DEAR?! CAN YOU FLY ON OVER HERE? Someone has issued a formal challenge to our clan!”

    Lefi flies down

    “A little girl? You really are a pervert”
    “Leficious… Will you accept his challenge?”
    “Where have I heard that name before…”

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  3. I’m about 99% certain that this farce of a battle is specifically to let his daughter have her way while still attempting to respect the traditions. It’s too cliche not to be after he’s proven that he is incredibly outmatched.

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  4. “. . . your point isn’t of any relevance.”

    . . .

    “No it’s not!”

    “Yes, it is! Unlike Lynaut, Yuki is not your fiance! Nor are you romantically involved with him!”

    I think the “No it’s not!” and “Yes, it is!” should be swapped.


  5. Thabks for the chapter
    Perfect ending?
    Yuki has Rir fight the Fiance/Chief. Rir wins and Lyuu is now engaged to Fluffrir. Yuki doesn’t have inner conflict about more cheating and Lyuu is engaged to someone she respects. Maybe she even gets over her hero worship of Rir.
    Only wrench is that either Rir has to learn to take a human/anthro form or Lyuu learns how to do wolf form.


  6. I kinda want someone else to beat that old man, not just Yuki. Some stubborn people are magnets for beatings, but it’s unfair and boring for just one to get the chance to deliver the violent measures. Maybe ask the hero? Lefi is just too much of an overkill, and they don’t have enough glue to stick him back in one piece.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!


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