Jingai Musume 204

An Interim Report on Demon Lord Ecology
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

This is a special chapter. For the best viewing experience, download it by clicking this link. If your browser is opening it in a new tab, you can right-click it and hit save.

I’ve also embedded it below in case you don’t want to click on links. Do note the closing remarks page. It is rather easy to miss.

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56 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 204

  1. This is probably my favorite chapter so far. I personally feel that this series would not be worth my time if not for the continuously great translation. The wording and sentence structure were immediately recognizable as Leila’s and the entire chapter with it’s special formatting really gives off a scholarly and scientific vibe. This actually might be the first time I’ve seen a fan translation, by someone who is not paid to do this, be that good. Even if this novel was to be picked up by a professional, large publisher in the west, I firmly believe that there is no way this could be translated any more perfectly, no matter how much money were to be put into it.

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    1. Honestly I think that if it was given to a company to translate it would actually turn out worse it only came out this good BECAUSE it was fan translated the result between people doing it as a job and those that actually like the story just ends up way to big.
      So thanks and hope you continue to stick with it to the end

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  2. Ok, I did not expect this, and I’m a little conflicted, mostly since it took a little more effort (yes, clicks are hard) and the font was rather small (no time to try to change that, laziness doesn’t allow me). Oh well, quite an interesting, erm, report ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for the chapter?! Awesome translation! God bless you!


  3. my dude actually made the chapter looks like a paper, whoa ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    but yea, it’s kinda hard to read on a phone, maybe add an alternative styled like the usual chapter?
    still thanks for the chapter and the effort you put in!


  4. “There is still much to learn here. I plan to remain the demon lordโ€™s housemaid so long as he continues to find my presence tolerable, for I know that I will never tire of this labyrinth or the many interesting subjects it contains. I am convinced that remaining will provide me with much greater fulfillment than abiding by my wanderlust. That is the extent to which I find myself captivated by him.”

    “Document everything as is our tradition then burn it.lest it’s taint infect us all.”

    “But Gabriel there is much to learn from here. We should not be too eager to…”

    “Learn what? Chaos does not teach. It misleads and it betrays. There is nothing to learn here save for our next course.”

    Just saying, Leila. Oh well, we knew how this was going to end ever since you asked Yuki to clarify your “nightly duties”.

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      1. To be fair, I didn’t. The evidence concerning general perceptions of the nature of demon lords did not have enough points to conclude that accepting service with one necessarily entailed such things. I was even initially confused by why Nell would assume that Illuna couldn’t be staying there for any morally licit purpose (still kinda wondering why she accepted the offer to stay the night in that case, but I guess she was feeling pretty confused herself).

        I mean, in retrospect it’s perfectly clear that Lyuu and Leila had a certain idea of what offering to live with a demon lord meant. But I didn’t really figure that out completely till the visit to the Demon Kingdom (I did have an idea of human biases against demon lords, but didn’t consider them necessarily reflective of non-human opinions).

        P.S. Spoiler Alert, but of other demon lords encountered later, only one seems at all likely to be “typical” in this regard, though the sample is biased due to half of them being undead and (an overlapping) half not being actual demon lords.


  5. The wing fanatic, the furry, the blood licker, the smell fetishist and the pedophile are now joined by a voyeur, I see. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that there is at least some truth to that theory of depravity.

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    1. Well, we’ve known that the dungeon itself was a moral degenerate ever since Yuki found the maid outfits in the DP catalog (course, they seem to be in the Yuki-specific portion of the catalog rather than in the common demon lord resources).


  6. This look cool. Is the raw have the same format for Leila report, or did you translate it into this format.

    Also, this look like a short report that meant to show to other as introduction to the research. I wonder if her research paper also follow the format of modern science project.


  7. Is it me or the paper does not mention the young vampire (I have a blank and can’t remember her name) I skimmed through the paper where they mention the races of the “citizens” of the labyrinth and I did not see her mentioned, I find it odd she went and said there was a bunch of people there two times and no vampires mentioned. I just did a Ctrl F vampire and yeah 0 result


  8. Well I wished I had leila to write all my high school essays.
    And at the end there I sense some affectionate, skewing slightly to romantic feelings for Yuki.


  9. Thanks for the chapter, it is a neat format, but I got to say, personally it just reminds me of times I had to write up a report and kept over complicating it, also that i’m not making as much use of my degree that I can. But it is still cool to see.


  10. Just finished up my philosophy paper and found myself reading another journal..

    Oh wait.. It’s a novel. ๐Ÿ˜
    Thanks 4 mid night treat..


  11. I didn’t know that isekai worlds would use LaTeX to make their reports.

    Joking aside, it’s a high quality effort that you’ve put in here, I appreciate it.


    1. Definitely. I’ve been pleasantly suprised to see a TeX document.

      Though, as a self-proclaimed typographist and from my experience, for readability sake I’d rather use 12 point font with 25 mm margins or an A5 with 10 mm margins. It’s up to you, really. The big margins do more harm this time


  12. well…. i wonder what will Leia think if Yuki are telling him that Iruna is the one that lucky enough to GACHA Fluffrir and he got no luck on gacha, what will Leia think about the gacha system if he tell her about it


  13. This, was really really really cool and well written. Not that the other 203 chapters weren’t, but this was just different and really well done. I really appreciate your hard work, and thanks in advance if there’s another chapter like this in the future lol


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