Jingai Musume 209

A Long Overdue List of Characters And Their Traits
Editor(s): Joker, Speedphoenix

The Dungeon’s Residents

Race: Demon Lord
Class: Dragon/Demon Lord of Judgement

Level: 141
HP: 20014/20014
MP: 27028/27028
Strength: 2902
Vitality: 3791
Agility: 3004
Magic: 4403
Dexterity: 5129
Luck: 89
Skill Points: 12

Unique Skills
Magic Eye
Sovereign Pressure

Item Box
Analyze X
Martial Arts Mastery VI
Primordial Magic VII
Stealth VI
Enemy Detection VI
Sword Mastery V
Weapon Transmutation VI
Enchant X
Trap Mastery IV
Greatsword Mastery VII
Disguise IV
Crisis Detection VI

Demon Lord from Another World
Supreme Dragon’s Owner
One Who Judges
One Hostile To Humanity
Survivor of Death’s Embrace
Demon Lord; King of the Dragons
Supreme Dragon’s Spouse

DP: 100391

A demon lord and therefore a dungeon master. He has also become the King of the Dragons after slaying their previous monarch. The action has left the dragon’s village in a state of chaos, but Yuki neither knows nor cares. His stats are ridiculous, but as he had never been exposed to any sort of formal instruction, he lacks skill in the art of combat and often relies on brute force. He tends to have an easier time against enemies who share in his approach.

Yuki is married to the Supreme Dragon and has also engaged both his maid and a hero in a relationship that can be described as one of a romantic nature. He plans to marry the maid in a year. His intentions with regards to the hero (redacted).

He is a great help around the house. He can cook and clean as well as both look after and entertain children without any grievances or difficulty. He’s as handy as handymen get and enjoys DIY projects that inspire awe and passion in others. While the demon lord may appear to be the type to retort to the statements of others, he is in fact more often than not on the other end. That is, he leads others to make retorts, and is the reason that many of the retorts in question need to be made in the first place. He tends to enjoy himself most in the presence of others. When left to his own devices, he often runs out of ideas and gets bored.

While first impressions may make Yuki seem like an organized, logical thinker, he is in fact a shameless scatterbrain. The combination of his bold nature and his haphazard mind often lead to him getting carried away as a result of one of his own mental tangents. He is therefore best kept under supervision.

Race: Ancient Dragon
Class: Supreme Dragon

Level: 987
HP: ???3?1??/???3?1??
MP: ?9???????/?9???????
Strength: ????8?
Vitality: ?7????
Agility: ???1??
Magic: ??4????
Dexterity: ????0
Luck: ???

Supreme Dragon
Demon Lord’s Spouse

Leficios, the Supreme Dragon, often goes by the nickname Lefi. At a fundamental level, she is both vain and conceited. However, her recent experiences have shuffled her priorities and led to a gradual shift in her nature. She is married to the Demon Lord named Yuki. Her knowledge of his ditzy side and the surprisingly fragile nature of his psyche has led her to swear a silent oath declaring that she would forever remain by his side in order to offer emotional comfort and support whenever it is necessary.

She gets along well with the dungeon’s other residents, and has even made a secret pact with Nell and Lyuu. The three have, without Yuki’s knowledge, sworn to aid each other in matters that concerned him.

The immense power that accompanies her status as the Supreme Dragon makes it difficult for her to perform tasks that require little to no force. This led her to often fail at housework. Her failures frustrated her and led her to hate any sort of chore, but she has lately endeavoured to overcome this weakness nonetheless.

Race: Vampire

A young, blonde haired, blue eyed, beautiful vampire. She is home to the dungeon’s most innocent and contagious smile. Despite her young age, Illuna is incredibly intelligent and able to make sound decisions on the fly. She met the Lord of Spirits during the earlier years of her childhood, who both blessed her and taught her to manipulate his kin. He did not, however, reveal his identity, as such, she is not aware of it.

Illuna’s best friend is Shii, the slime. The two often put their heads together and work out coordinated actions that they can perform together. With Enne thrown into the mix, their options have grown. They now find themselves looking to perform interesting acts of coordination that require three or more individuals.

One of the vampire’s favorite foods is Yuki’s blood, which she enjoys roughly once a week. The act of drinking blood brings out the seductress in her despite her tender age. She has lately begun working on bolstering her femininity in secret, as is normal for a girl her age.

Lyuuin Gyroll
Race: Warwolf


Lyuuin Gyroll, commonly referred to as Lyuu, is a beastkin with shaggy brown hair and dog-like features in the form of ears and a tail. Though brought into the dungeon’s fold as a maid, she was completely useless at first. Nowadays, she’s become somewhat capable of doing her job; she still tends to fail if she allows her mind to wander.

She’s the daughter of her people’s chief. Her father ended up in a dispute with Yuki after finding that she’d become his maid. As a result of the two men settling their differences, she became the demon lord’s fiancee. The two are set to wed in a year. Her affection for him is real, and she is more than willing to become his wife. However, she has been holding back on expressing her feelings because she doesn’t want to hurt Lefi’s. Her relationship with Yuki’s other lover, Nell, was rocky at first. Lyuu feared the other girl given her status as a hero. Now, however, the girls get along as well as two peas in a pod.

Race: Sheep-horned Demon

Leila has white hair, fair skin, and a pair of ram-like horns. As a maid, she is outstanding and capable of easily handling more than her fair share of work.

She is kind, easy-going, and dependable. The combination of these traits have led her to effectively serve as the dungeon’s resident big sister. However, that is only one side to her. Leila houses a burning thirst for knowledge and streak for curiosity. Her interest in both dungeon and dungeon master ecology has led her to observe Yuki without his knowledge. She has filled three notebooks with data and reports, and is currently working on a fourth. Paper is considered an expensive luxury, and she is extremely grateful that living in the dungeon has provided her with liberal access to it.

She thinks of Yuki in a much more favorable light than she does any ordinary man, but (redacted).

Race: Magic Weapon

Zaien, or Enne, as she is colloquially known, is Yuki’s signature weapon. She bears the form of a crimson katana and specifically falls within the odachi subcategory given the disproportionate size of her blade. She is extremely heavy and near impossible to wield lest one happens to possess strength on par with a demon lord. Her stats are on par with some legendary weapons. One can only imagine her final form, as she still has much room for growth.

Enne is capable of producing a human-like avatar. In this form, she wears a set of clothes very much akin to a kimono. Even when personified, Enne is taciturn and only rarely openly expresses her emotions.

The sword is willing to do just about anything for her master and sulks when he uses any other weapon.

Race: Human
Class: Hero

Nell is a hero affiliated with the Kingdom of Allysia. Her appearance often makes others mistake her for a tomboy when she is in fact much more of a girly girl at heart. Nell is good at housework, and has been tasked with helping Leila with meals.

She fell in love with Yuki after he rescued her from the brink of death, and has now entered into a romantic relationship with him.

Moving into the dungeon had been a drastic change for Nell. Her life there was so different from what it had been before that it had caused her to lose her bearings at first. She managed to adjust over time, and has come to enjoy the novelty that comes with the experience.

Spending time with the dungeon and its overly laid-back residents has poisoned Nell’s mind; she is slowly growing more and more careless with each passing day.

Dungeon-Affiliated Monsters

Race: Heal Slime

Yuki’s first monster. Shii has learned to warp her body and take on a human form. Though slimes are technically genderless, Shii is treated as a female, and everyone in the dungeon loves and dotes on her. As per her race, she is capable of healing magic. Her spells can only heal physical wounds, but the dungeon’s residents have come to the agreement that her mere presence is able to heal mental ones.

Her best friend is Illuna, but she gets along with Lefi just as well given the dragon’s propensity to feed her mana.

Shii is in the process of learning speechcraft. She still appears to have a bit of a lisp, but can be easily understood regardless. Speaking everyday has led to an evident improvement in her skill level over time, and she is sure to continue to grow and mature.

Race: Fenrir.

Fluffrir, or Rir as he is often referred to, is a monster in Yuki’s servitude. He belongs to a race of legendary creatures and is, at least by some standards, a literal god. The fluffiness of his fur evidences that he is likely deserving of this title.

Rir is a commander. He is obeyed by both the other monsters Yuki has summoned and many of the Wicked Forest’s natives, who have sworn themselves to his servitude. Sadly, his position has done nothing to help his pessimistic nature. The many subordinates he has awaiting his orders has made every day a struggle, and his master’s unreasonable demands have not helped in the least. Still, Rir appreciates and even likes his master. The wolf has already grown accustomed to the demon lord’s propensity to become an undue cause of stress. His only notable grievance is that his master keeps calling him just to play with him and his fur.

Rei, Rui, and Lowe
Race: Wraith

A trio of sisters under Yuki’s command, listed from oldest to youngest. All three are tomboyish in nature and enjoy playing pranks on others. This trait is especially evident in Lowe, who always takes things much further than the other two.

As incorporeal beings, the wraiths are not able to touch or be touched by anything without possessing the dolls allotted to them by their master.

Race: Giant Blood Serpent

A massive, serpentine monster under Yuki’s command with scales as red as blood. His hulking frame makes him the dungeon’s largest individual.

Orochi specializes in physical attacks backed by pure, destructive force. When working with the other three in his cohort, he serves as the primary source of damage as well as the front line. He is responsible for most of the team’s finishing blows.

Race: Dark Crow

A massive crow-like monster under Yuki’s command with obsidian feathers as dark and beautiful as the night.

Yata specializes in making use of his viewpoint to seek out suitable foes and potential dangers. When working with the other three in his cohort, he serves as a scout, a lure, and a source of long-ranged damage.

Race: Demonic Cat

A two-tailed feline monster under Yuki’s command with sleek white fur.

Byakku specializes in illusion magic. When working with the other three in her cohort, she serves as a source of crowd control. She uses her magic in order to deceive her enemies and provide her allies with an edge.

Race: Water Spirit

A translucent blue monster under Yuki’s command that looks very much like a bubbly lump of water. It has a somewhat similar appearance to Shii’s original form, but has much finer control over the manner in which it presents itself. It is even capable of splitting its body up into several pieces without incurring any damage. While a spirit in name, Wsprit is distinct from the spirits that Illuna is capable of calling.

Wsprit specializes in support magic. When working with the other three in her cohort, she serves as a backline mage.

Kingdom’s Citizens

Reiyd Glorio Allysia
Race: Human

Reyid is Allysia’s reigning monarch. Though mediocre and generally unaccomplished, Reiyd is thought of amicably by most of his people.

He is busy putting out any remaining flames ignited by the conflict caused by his son’s brainwashing and uprising. Much to his chagrin, he is so busy that he even continues to work in his dreams. Adjectives that accurately describe him in his current state include: overworked, anxious, and stressed.

His daughter has recently grown to the point where she has started discussing her taste in men with him. These conversations have left him feeling more conflicted than anything else.

Iryll Glorio Allysia
Race: Human

The king’s only daughter. Iryll was saved by Yuki whilst in the middle of being abused by the sexual deviant responsible for keeping watch over her and her father. She has thought of him as her hero and longed for him ever since.

Raylow Lurubia
Race: Human

Raylow is Alfyro’s governor. He has come to be one of the king’s most trusted following his many accomplishments following the prince’s attempted uprising. He has recently been put in charge of managing the territories owned by many a treasonous, recently-executed governor. The rate at which his hairline has been receding has been increasing proportionally to the weight of his responsibilities. He is an unfortunate soul, but there is little that can be done for him. One can only pray that his circumstances may one day change for the better.

Gamdia Roston
Race: Human

Gamdia is the commander of the order of knights in charge of maintaining Alfyro’s security. He was once a part of the team set on invading the Wicked Forest, but fled following the warning he received from Yuki. The incident hurt his reputation and left him without a job, but he wasn’t left in dire straights for long. He soon caught the attention of Raylow, who offered him his current position.

Alfyro’s proximity to the Wicked Forest and distance from the capital in general has led it to be filled with ruffians. And yet, Gamdia is shown respect nonetheless; he is extremely powerful for a human being. This, combined with his reliable nature, has made him Raylow’s right-hand man.

Gamdia’s life has been filled with many ups and downs, but he’s satisfied with where it’s led him.

Carlotta De Maya
Race: Human

Carlotta is Nell’s boss and the commander of the Order of the Faldien Holy Knights, whose operations are based in Allysia’s capital, Alshir. As a commander, she is an exception amongst exceptions. She is strong-willed, beautiful, and contrary to what one would normally expect of an individual in her position, not very risk averse; her decisions and actions are bold, daring, and unconservative.

Opting to take the king’s side during the conflict has left the church, and Carlotta in particular, with a distressing amount of work. But rather than wiping the smile off the holy knight’s face, the workload has only served to broaden it. As a workaholic, Carlotta is happily chewing her way through everything sent her way.

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