Jingai Musume 214

Rest Stop — Part 2
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

“Thank you for taking care of all the paperwork, Governor.” Nell shuffled her feet awkwardly as she retrieved our keys from the old man’s subordinate. “P-please excuse us.”
“Err… yeah, what she said. See ya later dude. And take it easy.” Like the hero, I turned my eyes away from the man I was speaking to out of a sense of shame.
“…Rest well. We will be departing first thing in the morning.”

After saying our goodbyes, we turned in the direction of our room and headed out for the night. Or at least that was what we had intended. I made it no further than halfway down the hall before freezing in place. A strange, tingling sensation had run up my spine. Danger was coming.

“Yuki? What’s wrong?” Nell turned to face me right as the expression on my face switched from one of alertness to one of annoyance.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake… I just wanted to kick back, take it easy, and relax. I guess that’s not happening anymore.” I sighed. “Get your sword ready. You’re probably going to need it.”

Her hands shot to her blade. One held up her sheath, and the other sat on the weapon’s hilt as she began scanning her surroundings. Though she wasn’t able to detect the threat I had hinted at, there was no doubt or questioning in her response, only trust.

“Is something the matter?” The manner in which we had both suddenly shifted gears caused the old governor to take notice.
“There’s a big-ass group of monsters inbound. They’re headed straight for the city.”
“How long will it take them to reach the city?” asked Nell.
“Not long. They’ll probably reach the walls in the next 30 minutes.”

I quickly looked over my map after answering her and made note of an oddity. The monster army shared our trajectory; they approached the city from the same direction we had. Is it just me, or does this seem like a setup?

The horde’s makeup was composed of orcs, ogres, goblins, and various other human-like monsters not considered a part of the intelligent races. There were a few other beast-like monsters as well, mainly boars and wolves. These creatures served as mounts and carried members of the more humanoid species on their backs.

My proclamation was met with something along the lines of a public announcement. The clamouring of what was probably a giant metal bell began ringing throughout the city, resounding off its outer walls and spreading through each and every one of its alleys. The other guests began to stir as they realized that there was an emergency. Local authorities shouted loudly in order to calm the people down and steer them to safety. Their voices were so loud I could clearly hear them even through the inn’s thick walls.

“I almost find it difficult to believe that you were able to detect them more quickly than the watchmen even without the use of your eyes,” said the governor, “but I suppose I should have expected nothing less from a demon lord.”
“Yeah, well, where I live, you’ve gotta be at least this good at sniffing out potential threats if you don’t want to die,” I said. “Anyway, you’re supposed to be some kinda big shot politician nowadays, right? Shouldn’t you be getting the hell outta here and holing yourself up somewhere safe?”
“Of course not. As a member of the nobility, it is my duty to step forward precisely at times like these and fight for the people. Sir Gamdia!”
“At your service, my liege!”

The other person I recognized, the old commander, straightened his back, stepped forward from his position at the governor’s side, and even saluted for added effect the moment his name was called.

“Rally every last man. This is no time to rest,” said Raylow, without a moment’s hesitation. “Inform them that we will be marching to Governor Nigel’s manor immediately, and that we will be offering him our aid.”
“By your command, sir. I’ll have them ready to depart immediately.”

The knight left with all the vigour and energy typically exhibited by members of the military and began acting on his orders without a moment’s delay.

“Yuki, could you please… help me help them?” asked Nell.
“Sure. I don’t mind. Hell, you didn’t even need to say please.” I shrugged as I flashed my teeth. Evidently, the combination of the statement and my nonchalant reaction had eased Nell’s worries, as the somber expression on her face was soon replaced with a smile.
“Are the two of you planning to take action?” asked the governor as he approached.
“Well, I won’t do nothing. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep too well with bells going off and idiots pounding at the gates all night,” I grumbled. “Besides, little miss hero over here decided to ask me to help, so now I’m more or less obligated to pitch in, one way or another. I’m probably going to fly around for a bit, put a plan together, and act on it once I figure out exactly what’s going on.”
“Which direction are they coming from?” asked Nell.
“Same direction we came from, which is pretty weird because literally none of the monsters there were even the slightest bit hostile while we were passing through, but whatever.”
“Okay. If that’s the case, then I’ll head straight for the gate. Can you keep me updated if you learn anything important?”
“Sure. I’ll make sure I stop by the gate once I finish scouting things out.” I turned to face the governor. “So yeah, we’re basically gonna play it by ear.”
“If that’s the case, we’ll be operating under the assumption that you’ll be working alongside us,” he said. “Normally, this would be the type of situation in which I would have to prepare myself for death, but with the two of you here, I feel much more at ease.”
“I got this. Everything’ll be fine. Hell, you could probably just kick back and chill, right Nell?”
“Maybe. It depends on whether or not you mess up and start screaming profanities at the top of your lungs,” she said. “Because you let your guard down, trip over your own feet, and end up doing exactly that all the time.”
“Oh, shush,” I averted my gaze. “But you’re right. I’ll make sure I keep my eyes peeled.”
“I doubt I’ll have anything to worry about if the two of you are that relaxed,” laughed the governor. “But whatever the case, I wish you the best of luck.”


“Sir Nigel!”

Alfyro’s governor, Raylow Lurubia, burst into his colleague’s manor with such fervour that the other lord had almost mistaken him for an attacker.

“Sir Raylow!? Why are you here?” Sengillia’s governor turned away from the guard he was speaking to and faced the entrance to his mansion.

“I was on my way to the capital and chose to spend the night at a local inn. I rushed over the moment I realized that the city was in danger. Please let me know if there is anything my troops and I can do to help.”
“That seems rather unfortunate on your part, but I’m grateful you’re here. Fighting alongside the man once known as the god of war is very reassuring indeed.”
“That was a long, long time ago, Sir Nigel,” laughed Raylow, dryly. “Would you happen to have any detailed information of the situation at hand. I’ve learned nothing beyond the fact that we are being attacked by a horde of monsters.”
“I see your ears are as sharp as always, Sir Raylow. Nothing truly escapes you, does it?” Nigel sighed. “It is exactly as you say. One of the men standing watch spotted a legion of monsters marching towards the town. There are hundreds of them approaching, and not nearly as many of us.”
“Hundreds? That certainly is quite the number…”
“To be exact, their ranks are made of orcs, ogres, goblins, and various riders. Many of the species spotted are of the menace class in terms of their threat level.” Sengillia’s lord pinched the bridge of his nose. “If I must be, it is effectively a stampede, and one that occurred without any warning.”

Nigel’s expression was grim. There was a chance he would soon lose everything, that his men, his people, and even his life would soon be forfeit. For a moment, Raylow shared in his gloom, but unlike the other man’s, Raylow’s frown was stained with hope.

“There is a stroke of luck in all this,” he muttered.
“What are you trying to say?”
“Or perhaps not. It depends on the viewpoint.” Raylow sighed. “It frustrates me to rely almost entirely on their efforts. Hiding behind a greater power in the face of violence is cowardly. But I can confidently say that, with the two of them present, the cleanup is sure to be a much greater worry than the invasion itself.”

Nigel wasn’t quite able to keep up with Raylow’s rant, so he ended up raising a brow as he listened to the man speak of a solution that only those already in the know would understand.

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    1. Yeah it will, also the enemies plan may be to kill the governor while she defends, making it a public failure of hers. Remember that the noble talked both about the governor and nell a d then said specifically one may disappear, not both.

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      1. Which would end up in a failure doubled because if Yuki can’t figure out a plan that simple during the leisurely stroll through a horde of weaklings then he’s lost his edge from the zombie outbreak.

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    2. Thanks a lot for the chapter. I really appreciate all the work you guys do. These chapters are the highlight of my week. I wish there was more, but I understand translating, especially when it’s high quality like this can be time-consuming and tiring. So all in all, take care 🙂


  1. A horde of low lvl monsters,that can’t be all that was sent, then again the novle said one of the nuisances would disappear, not both. So is the target nell or the governor. Not sure the noble knew the governor was here though ether, but still that he said one not both may mean he doesn’t think this is plan is enough to kill both, but maybe that is the plan. If the governor dies while the hero defends her bad reputation among the general population will become that much worse. Hell it could lead to panic and give a opening for a coup. Also if he does not think she is much stronger that a seasoned warrior maybe he thinks this is enough. Honestly the more i think about it the less i think there is more tricks to this trap.

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    1. I just realized that youre probably right about them targeting the governor, and ALSO realized that Yuki just gave him one of his super elixirs a chapter or two before this, which may have been foreshadowing. I’ll bet he’s going to be fine even if hes targeted.

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    2. There’s also the “they aggroed the monsters and drew them to town” angle. Yuki is pretty much the only one who can know for sure that definitely isn’t what happened, given the fact that the monster stampede is obviously following Nell and Raymond’s travel route.

      Still, between Yuki’s map functions and both their ludicrous OP compared to the attackers, all these plots should end up in pretty sad disarray.


  2. Thanks for the new chapter! I’m so in love with this novel. It’s got the perfect balance between sol and plot. We’re lucky to have such a good translator for this series ❤


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    Ah, the map (skill-based one), such a useful thing. This will obviously end up as a great starting point to repair Nell’s image/reputation. Now then, let us wait for some more stabby stabby and killy killy moments.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!


    1. Raw says “オークやオーガ、ゴブリンなど” (phonetic spelling of orcs, ogres, and goblins) not anything about pigs.


      1. Oh, the next line down about the mounted troops. That one also mentions “ゴブリンやオーク” as the riders, but I guess you lost the bit about the boar-like mounts.

        Saying it as “and various riders” is a little nondescript. “some riding wolves and boars” is clearer both as to the riders and mounts (I guess someone could mistakenly assume there were mounted ogres if so inclined…I like that image enough that I’m going with it despite what the raw says).


  4. I hope Nell takes a page from yuki’s book and hone her detection skills because if she’s the one who gets dead or almost dead…….!
    If that happens then I’m covering my eyes and cringe at breaking noises as yuki literally breaks the world down piece by piece to find the culprit.


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    1. Nell has a high-level barrier technique that can halt the monsters before they get to the walls, though. Also, she’d probably tell him NOT to tear down the wall as a ‘defensive action’ if he were to get such an idea in his head in the first place.


  6. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Another clichéd situation.
    Monsters would’ve come and terrorized the governor’s land, but Yuki and Nell just so happened to have arrived on the same day as the attack, so there’s nothing to worry about. And Nell gets some points in front of the church’s eyes as well.


    1. Uh, you do realize that this monster stampede was specifically created by someone to attack Nell during her travels, right? There’s nothing coincidental about it happening while Nell is in town. Is the cliché you refer to the fact people trying to cause trouble for our Hero character?


      1. I was trying to speak with a bit of sarcasm. Because Nell’s reputation has dropped, they don’t seem to think much of her anymore and resort to petty tactics to harm her.


  7. Thanks for all the translations, you’re the best, highlight of my week is reading this, I wish there was more frequent chapters but I know how hard it can be. Thanks a lot once again, your work is appreciated translator and proofreaders!


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