Jingai Musume 23

Character Summary
Editor(s): Joker, Speedphoenix

Characters Affiliated With the Dungeon
Class: Demon Lord
Race: Archdemon
Notable Traits: Dungeon Master, Protagonist.
Description: Yuki was once a human, but strangely enough, he does not mind the fact that he has traded his humanity for his status as a Demon Lord. He is, for the most part, able to take care of himself. He has wings composed of magical energy, but he keeps them retracted during his everyday life because he finds that they tend to get in the way. Yuki tends to be rather shameless, but is still embarrassed by the fact that his magic eye skill had turned one of his eyes a deep crimson nonetheless.

Nickname: Lefi
Class: Supreme Dragon
Race: Ancient Dragon
Notable Traits: Platinum hair.
Description: Lefi is very knowledgeable, but it doesn’t show too often due to her childish, selfish nature. She has recently discovered that remaining in her human form is rather comfortable, and thus, she has seldom reverted to her dragon form. She loves sweets. She had once kept her preferences hidden because she felt that her tastes failed to reflect her image. However, Yuki’s discovery of it had led her to decide that there was no point in attempting to keep her love of sweets hidden. She now asks him for them every single day. The humans see her as a thing of legend.

Race: Vampire (Demon)
Notable Traits: Blonde, little Girl, innocent.
Description: Illuna, like Shii, brings solace to the dungeon’s residents. Her favourite food is Yuki’s blood. While the idea seems rather psychotic, it is in fact normal behaviour for members of her race. She is actually quite intelligent. While she was unable to beat Lefi in Othello at first, she soon became better at the game than any of the dungeon’s other residents. However, she doesn’t want anyone else to find out about her abilities, so she often loses on purpose. Yuki has noticed the signs and now spends his days living in fear that Illuna will eventually grow up into a cunning, manipulative woman. Neither Yuki nor Lefi have caught on to the fact that she has a few hidden titles and skills.

Dungeon Affiliated Monsters
Race: Slime
Notable Traits: Cute pet.
Description: Shii is the first monster that Yuki ever summoned. Yuki has yet to realize it, but the slime has actually gained quite a number of levels over time. It loves to sleep and spends much of its time napping. Its favorite spot is on top of one of the cushions. Napping aside, the slime spends its days playing with Yuki, Illuna, and even Lefi on occasion.

Nickname: Rir
Race: Fenrir
Notable Traits: Pessimistic.
Description: Fluffir is, by all means, a legendary creature that deserves to proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with Lefi. However, all the dungeon’s other residents treat him like the resident newbie. Hence, he is often stuck playing with Illuna and Shii. He finds most of his meals by hunting monsters within the dungeon’s territory.

Reyus, Lurolle, and Griffa: Adventurers based in a human city. They are the first extras to have names and exist to pave the way for many other extras to come. They might show up again, if they’re lucky.

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17 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 23

      1. Were lucky for staying with their heads but unlucky for trying kidnapping the vampire


  1. “Yuki was once a human, but strangely enough, he does not mind the fact that he has traded his humanity for his status as a Demon Lord.”

    this again, in almost all novels this same trope happens. Why the fuck would he mind dude.. from human he became a ‘demon’ that is basically a human that will likely never die and be thousand times more powerful.. why would he mind man……


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