Jingai Musume 237

The Church’s Intentions
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

The Evil Eye’s video feed showed the stalker entering a chamber that contained a self-important looking man dressed in an extravagant but priestly robe. He clearly looked like someone high up the organization’s chain of command.

“Well? Let’s hear it.” After setting down the documents he’d been glancing at, he raised his eyes towards his subordinate and urged him to report his findings.
“Right away sir,” said the observer. “It was immediately made clear to me that the two are fond of one another. They are clearly in a relationship.”
“Tell me about the man, the Masked Meister, as the soldiers call him. I know that he assisted the king in keeping his crown during the prince’s rebellion, but I’ve heard little else of him. Who exactly is he?”
“I haven’t uncovered anything new just yet, sir, but we’ve records of several key pieces of information. We examined him with a Crystal of Appraisal once before, when he visited our underground facility. I believe that we’re the only ones privy to the information the crystal divulged.”
“Oh? That’s wonderful news,” the priest, or whatever he was, smiled. It was a sickening expression, like one of a snake ready to ensnare its next meal. “I suppose that adds to the list of tools we have at our disposal. So? What exactly did the crystal tell us?”
“His name is Wye, sir. He is human and of the Thief class.” The spy responded immediately. The information came not from a prior report, but memory. “These three key facts are all we have, but that isn’t a problem, sir. They’re all we need to trace him—if that is your desire.”
“How strange… Wye isn’t a name I recognize. I would have expected him to be someone more famous given the extent of his prowess.” The priestly man frowned. “In that case, have his origins investigated, but keep it as a lower priority task.” He paused for a moment to raise a hand to his chin. “Do you think that it might be possible to convince him to side with us?”
“It would be incredibly difficult, sir. The report Carlotta, who briefly worked with him, submitted about his person stated that he lived far away from the reaches of society, and thus, is unlikely to express interest in money or authority. We are fairly certain that he only worked with us during the crisis because he wished to stand by the hero’s side. It is safe to assume that he is willing to act against us should we displease him.”
“That is… unfortunate,” said the priest with a click of the tongue. “It looks like we will have to put our plan into action after all. Fortunately, the conditions are perfect given that the hero’s strength has been called into question by a great many people.”
“If I may, sir, I am under the impression that the accusations of her weakness are unjustified,” said the observer. “She has more than enough power to be worthy of her position.”
“She does,” admitted the clergyman, “but she remains in her predecessor’s shadow. He was so powerful that he brought new meaning to the term ‘hero.’ He equated it with promised victory for all forty of the years he served. Even in his old age, he continued to do away with the concept of defeat. The standard he set is one that she cannot reach.”
“I was under the impression that Sir Remiero had indeed failed, and on several occasions, in fact.”
“He did, but none of his failures were ever brought to public attention. By contrast, the incompetencies of the court have clued the public into not one, but two of hers. That is the difference between them,” said the priest. “Are you asking as many questions as you are because you’re hesitant about proceeding with the plan?”

The intelligence agent was given a harsh glare. Still, he expressed his opinion, albeit nervously.

“N-not exactly, sir. It’s just that… with all due respect, Nell is someone that we, the paladins, regardless of order, find dear to our hearts. We watched her grow into the person she is now, sir. We watched over her as she continued to push forward and allot effort far beyond our expectations, despite the harshness of her training. She is like a sister to us, one that we raised ourselves in the lack of a parent’s presence. I am not alone in thinking that I would, if possible, like you to allow her to be happy. We would prefer she wed the man she chose over coercing her into an undesired relationship with His Excellency for the sake of political gain.”
“Don’t be so naive.” The priest shot down the heartfelt profession without hesitation. “This political marriage is far more important than you may think. Marrying her to His Excellency is for both the church’s sake and this country’s. I am sure she would be glad to offer herself up for such a wonderful, patriotic cause.”

As he knew his place, the agent, the holy knight, opted to remain silent. An unconvinced frown was the only thing he offered to express his opinion.

“Hmph…” The clergyman snorted. “It does not matter what you think of my decision. Do your duty, paladin. Continue observing them and report to me immediately if you find anything worthy of note.”


“Master. Calm down.”

Enne’s reminder came just a little too late. I’d already accidentally squeezed the brick fence I’d been leaning against hard enough to make it crumble.

“My bad…” I said, after a few deep breaths. “Sorry you had to see that. I’m okay now.”

The information that I was given both angered me and informed me that the person the pair referred to as “His Excellency” was likely the mastermind I was after. The clergyman’s decision was one that made plenty of sense. Playing a key role in the king’s liberation and therefore the country’s salvation had rendered the church a key figure in the Allysian world of politics. Seizing control of government affairs only benefited them, which naturally led to their higher-ups to seek methods to strengthen their position in the court. Forcing Nell into a political marriage was a natural vector to explore given its ease of execution.

Convincing “His Excellency” was undoubtedly a simple feat to accomplish, given that strengthening ties between the two parties was mutually beneficial. The church’s accomplice would likewise be furthering his own influence, especially in the areas in which the religious organization held major influence. Given Nell’s current position, it was certainly possible for things to go as per the priest’s plan.

I didn’t know exactly how far the poisonous influence he was afflicted with had spread, but there was a possibility that the entire sect was now effectively hostile. I was filled with such rage that I wanted to throw reason out the window and blow the entire thing up without any further warning. But I knew better than to let myself see nothing but red.

As evidenced by our stalker, not every church-affiliated person was a bad egg. Some thought well of Nell and had her best interests at heart; they had personal connections with her, connections that I was sure she valued. I couldn’t just crush them underfoot without careful consideration. I needed to separate the guilty from the innocent as opposed to indiscriminately slaughtering every single one of the priest’s associates.

“Mark my words, asshole. I’m going to fucking destroy you.” I knew that the man responsible for my seething anger wouldn’t hear me. But I spoke the curse nonetheless. Because it was an oath.

I knew what he looked like. And I knew where I could find him.

There was no escape. Everyone that thought of Nell as a tool to further their own interests was going to suffer. Paladin guy gets a pass though, even if shit does go down. I wasn’t really much of a fan of all the stalking, but the guy tried his best for her. It’s not his fault his boss is a dick.

“What’s a political marriage?” asked Enne, who had joined me in observing paladin bro.
“Hmmm…” I took a moment to come up with an explanation that would make sense given the limited scope of her knowledge. “You know how I chose to get married to Lefi, Nell, and Lyuu because I love them, right?”
“That’s how normal marriages are supposed to happen. But political marriages aren’t like that. They’re about forcing people into loveless relationships for the sake of accruing authority.”
“That’s what he’s trying to make Nell do?”
“Pretty much, yeah.”
“Then he’s one of the bad guys.”
“Yeah,” I nodded. “But I’m not going to let him have his way.” Anger slowly began seeping into my voice as I spoke. “Anyone that tries to use Nell like that is going to feel my wrath.”
“Mine too. I’ll cut down anyone that tries to do bad things to Nell.”
“Thanks, Enne. I’ll be counting on you when the time comes.”
“I want to marry you too, Master. Can I, once we solve all this?”

The proposal came from so far out of left field that I did a spit take.

“H-how about we hold off on that until you grow up?” I said, defaulting to my usual response. “You, Illuna, and all the others are still too young for that.”

As she was technically an inanimate object, I wasn’t actually sure whether Enne was going to grow up the same way the other girls were. And I’m not going to think about it either. That’s a mystery for another time.

“…Mmk.” After a moment’s delay, she nodded her head in agreement.

Thank the heavens. I breathed a sigh of relief. I wonder how much longer this dumb excuse is going to hold up? And is it just me, or are they already starting to back me into a corner…?

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48 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 237

    1. yes, that butler guy, he’s is awesome guy, in fact he want to teach Yuki swordmanship as token of gratitude of saving Nell, even though he knew that Yuki is a Demon ~

      it just the higher up that retard beyond hope…

      Liked by 12 people

    2. Awesome doesn’t simply cut it. The guy managed to make peak Yuki at the moment of his introduction, goes all out. The only reason Yuki managed to beat him was due to the fact that he’s past his prime and Yuki having far higher stats. If they fought with equal stats, he’d be wiping the floor with Yuki. It’s also why Yuki is quite eager to learn swordsmanship from him.

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      1. He’s probably the highest existence that humans can reach: A human that can fight on par against a demon lord, albeit a young one at that.

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      2. And Yuki wasn’t trying to kill him during that fight. In a fight of martial arts, Yuki would lose for sure but in terms of raw firepower he wins. So technically he didn’t go all out otherwise he would have destroyed a lot more than just his opponent.

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      3. If yuki was able to use his full power as a dungeon master, aka traps and weapons, then i dont see anyone being able to beat him aside from lefi levels of monstrous. But as dexterity goes, the bulter is considered the strongest human.

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    3. In term of swordman ship he is unbeatable
      The reason Yuki barely win because of the big difference of stat since Yuki is lacking any skill like that


  1. I mean I would count Lyu’s marriage to Yuki close enough to political, considering how her father foised it onto him, but in the end it’s mutual so I guess? I was a bit confused about their relation, but that might just be that Lyu has had much less time in the spot light, (lefi just has the most/ is Wife 1), Nell is wife 2, (technically Lyu married? him before her, but her marriage was proposed first and lyu’s father foiseting her onto him lead him to say eff it I’ll accept polygamy), both have had more then 1 arc with yuki compared to Lyu which had 1 arc, which focused more on her family then herself, and had little of her prespective.

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    1. Well, to me it feels like Lyuu is in love with her life in the dungeon rather than with the MC. He himself likes to have her around but it doesn’t feel like he sees her as a love interest. So the whole thing seems forced (not only because her father forced it on them). It was a bit forced for Nell too (Yuki was) but that’s partly why the author is doing that arc it seems.

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    2. Everyone forgets about Yuki first marriage the one to illuna, at least by vampire standards they married. Also the dungeon considers them married as it called her his wife

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    3. It was pretty much political. Neither had any real feelings of love towards the other and even if she had them he didn’t have any for her beyond the family type love. If her clan event didn’t happened and force her and Yuki together she’d still be a family maid.


  2. Demon lord of judgement needs to remind the sinners why he has his title.
    You know with his alignment and how much good he’s been doing, I wonder how long it’ll be until someone misunderstands and starts thinking he’s “god’s emissary” or something, especially since he’s close with the hero.

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  3. Hmm i was waiting for the (metaphorical) bloodbath when Yuki gets back to the dungeon, but now I’m geared up for the (literal) bloodbath that’s gonna rain down on the shit for brains clergy and nobility that have the balls and frankly lack of self-preservation instincts to target the ladies around Yuki.

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  4. I mean, if you count her past life, I bet Enne is probably old enough to marry, by human standards. Also, do sword-girls even grow up? Or is she gonna be a loli forever?

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    1. Enne’s age is hard to calculate, but surely she’s old enough to marry, at least according to that fantasy world. Now, about growing up, for sword-girls (aka personified sentient swords with female characteristics), well, it’s more of a level-up or evolve thingy, maybe absorbing mana/magic from defeated monsters, or gaining levels, maybe even obtaining new materials (with Yuki’s skill, I think it was synergy, or something like that).

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      1. Could also be that since she can determine what her Personification looks like she can just age up her personification after building her mana up enough. So that instead of popping out as a little girl she can pop out as this voluptuous woman in a kimono. Then Yuki would have no excuse since she did technically grow up.

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    2. No. Shes basically got the mental age of a child.

      Enne has not existed for anything other than murder, death and servitude. She is not an adult, enne only knows life as a tool. 90 years old or 90000 years old enne is a child.

      Lefi is an adult who has not known romantic love, child LIKE, but not at all a child – simply lacking in 1 aspect of life. For the thousands of years shes lived – she lived them for herself doing as she wished for all of it, any lacking she has is of her own will and not a lacking of time or maturity.

      Knowing love, does not make a person an adult.

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    1. Even if it’s hard and you have to push yourself to stay at home with nothing else to do but read web and light novel manga and watch anime……… where was I going with this….. right it’s for your own good and best interest in order to keep safe

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  5. Many thanks for your hard work! As far as Enne goes the “soul” is older yes but has been reborn. The other questions are still … questions yet to be answered. My belief is that the related girls will grow along with Illuna, and that is likely to take some time. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!

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  6. Woah, that’s a typical crappy baddie, one which got a taste of undeserved power(after the failed coup d’etat), so now he thinks he can order actual heroes (not just as a title, Nell and Yuki/Wye did save the kingdom) around, just to further strengthen his own position, the kind of boss you should dispose of. Oh well, this will end up terrible for those idiots.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. It’s a bit disappointing that the author keeps pushing more and more women onto him. Was turning the strongest being in existence into a maiden in love not enough, why are you adding so many underage/childlike girls into his harem now? This would have been a lot better if it had just been a monogamy instead of this BS relationship which just turns women into dolls to be collected. People like Nell and Lyu don’t add anything other than more problems for the MC to solve, they’re mostly just unnecessary existence that should have disappeared after an arc or two.


  8. Nahhh its fine. The “maybe when your older” excuse will buy you at least 8 years for most of them and 20 years for enne.

    Thats plenty of time to make them think your gross or mean or something. Start making promises, breaking them and then ignore them. in less than 2 years the lolis will treat you like the uncle you are and not some dream boat daddy.

    then you can give proper attention to the much superior adult women.

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  9. You already made your underlings doubtful about your choices and pissed the demon lord off, you are in for a world of pain, and if by some miracle you manage to fend him off and make him go home alone and highly dissatisfied with the outcome – now the real problems start, cause even if he makes peace with this, which is highly unlikely, the same day he reports this experience at home the capital gets incinerated by his very angry first wife. The guy himself would get a beating too.
    But no worries – that is not happening.
    After all even if they manage to marry Nell off somehow, the only thing that differentiates a wife from a widow is one well placed fireball.


  10. People making comments about Enne being a loli and if physical/mental age matter or whatever, and here I am irked that he just told his literal daughter, him and Lefis, that he’s going to marry her…


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