Jingai Musume 254

Side Story: The Wives’ Conference
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

The conference took place in the Japanese-styled inn situated in the castle’s shadow. There were three participants, all of which were wed—or to be wed—to the master of the house.

“Now that we have all arrived, let the Fifth Wives’ Conference begin,” said the conference’s host, a young-looking girl with a head of silver, as the final attendant took a seat.

Both the other participants responded to her announcement with a few light claps of the hand. Neither was aware as to exactly why they were applauding. In fact, they saw no reason to applaud at all. It was an action that they’d intuitively done out of habit. All it truly served to do was prove that Yuki’s influence ran deep; he often put his hands together in situations much like the one that the ladies currently faced.

“Lyuu, I believe I have yet to explain to you the purpose of today’s conference. So let us begin with that.” The acting chairman turned to face her bushy-tailed associate. “The intention is to allow Nell to elaborate on the deeds that the fool we call our husband has accomplished during his stay amongst the humans.”
“Great! I’ve been wantin’ to hear ‘bout all master’s exploits.”

Under normal circumstances, Lefi, Lyuu, and Nell would not have been the conference’s only participants. It was, despite its name, open to everyone other than Yuki himself and even those not a part of the board were encouraged to give their opinions. As such, Enne, Illuna, and Shii almost always participated. The guest was the only reason today was any different—and not because she was to be excluded. The presence of a new friend, or several, in Iryll’s case, had led the girls to burn all their energy playing the day away. All four were now happily tucked away in dreamland.

Leila was also a face that was sometimes seen amongst those at the table, but only if asked to function as a consultant. She would never go out of her way to participate. At first, Lefi had found this strange. The dragon knew that it was not as if Leila was not fond of Yuki, but she almost immediately came to realize that it was because the demon was far too caught up in the pursuit of knowledge to involve herself in romance.

“Let us begin by addressing the child. Why is it that she is so attached to him?”
“Did Yuki ever tell you two about the incident he resolved the last time he visited the capital?”

Nell had no idea where to begin. There was no telling exactly how much the other two girls knew. While the demon lord did often enjoy bringing up his own title, he only did so as to excuse his own ridiculous antics. He wasn’t actually one to boast aloud, so his achievements remained largely unknown to those that lived with him.

“I was made aware that he foiled a plot involving a prince under the influence of a demon,” said Lefi. “And that the very same prince was made, through necromancy, into a puppet under the demon’s control.”
“He told me the same thing,” said Lyuu. “I felt real bad for the poor prince when Master first brought ‘im up. It didn’t even sound like it was really his fault.”
“Then I guess I can keep it short,” said Nell. “Both the king and the princess were captured and thrown into the castle’s dungeon. Yuki was the one who rescued them.”
“So she is like you?” Lefi asked. “You too found yourself smitten when he showed up as would a knight in shining armour, did you not?”
“M-mhm, b-basically.” She momentarily turned her eyes downwards as she stuttered out a reply. “Iryll was really happy to see him when he visited the castle. She quickly became friends with Enne, and we’re pretty close too, having her come over to play seemed like the natural flow of things. That said, I think Yuki was the one to suggest it.”

“But ain’t she a princess? You sure her dad’s okay with her bein’ here? Mine woulda tried real hard to keep me home.”

Lyuu heaved a fed up sigh as she thought back on her own family situation.

“His Maj—er, the king knows that, as the Wicked Forest’s demon lord, Yuki is very strong,” said Nell. “Because of that, and his understanding of Yuki’s personality, he seems to think that having Iryll around him is even safer than having her around the castle. He also told me that he would rather have her make friends her age than keep her locked up at home”
“A bold man, this king of yours is.” Lefi chuckled. “I take it he is on good terms with our husband? Yuki is often quick to trust those who are able to make decisive judgements.”
“Mhm. Yuki really seems to like him. He even gave him some elixirs and warp crystals.”
“So he has finally made a male friend? That is quite the pleasant surprise.”

Lefi smiled. Normally, her grins were arrogant and fearless, but this one was far softer. It was gentle, kind, and almost motherly.

“I was thinking the same thing!” said Nell. “The only other guy friend Yuki has is Rir, and Rir’s not even a member of the races.”
“I dunno about countin’ Rir,” said Lyuu. “Sure, he’s a guy, but Master seems to think of him as a pet, so treatin’ him as one of the few friends Master has almost makes him seem kinda pathetic.”
“That’s… a good point.”

The two took a moment to exchange a pair of bitter smiles.

“What of Yuki? Have you discovered anything of him worth sharing?” Lefi took the brief moment of silence to move the conversation along.
“Mhm. I’ve found something I’m sure you’ll both want to know.” Nell nodded energetically. “Yuki’s really bad at dancing.”
“Dancing? How unexpected.” Lefi cocked a brow.
“Yup!” Nell giggled as she recalled the clumsy manner in which the demon lord had carried himself. “I had to help him practice because we were slated to attend a ball, and it was the cutest thing! He kept stumbling all over his own feet.”
“…That certainly is a sight I am able to picture.”
“He somehow managed to get the movements down by using his demon lord powers to get the dance skill, but he was still really awkward because he couldn’t get a grasp of the rhythm. He kept groaning and grumbling because of it. I feel bad for him for saying this, but I enjoyed every moment of it.”
“That sounds real cute,” said Lyuu. “I wish I coulda been there. Y’think Master’ll show me if I ask him to?”
“Probably not. He’s aware of how bad he is at it, and I heard him muttering under his breath about how he was never going to do it ever again.”
“That is another sight that I am able to picture, and quite easily.”

Lefi was not, by any means, the only one capable of seeing Yuki in such a situation. And as such, all three ended up exchanging a series of laughs at their husband’s expense.

The topic was followed by several other heated discussions. They excitedly talked about both his accomplishments and misadventures without even the slightest bit of restraint. But as time was limited, Nell eventually brought the casual conversation to an end with a more serious topic.

“Uhm… Yuki and I have talked, and I’m going to keep doing my job as the hero,” she said, hesitantly. “This will always be my home, and I’ll make sure to visit from time to time, but I can’t stay here forever, not while my country still needs me.”
“W-wait, you’re gonna go back to livin’ with all the other humans?” Lyuu’s ears began to droop as she spoke.
“I’m sorry, Lyuu, but my motherland is in a state of chaos right now. I can’t just leave it,” Nell gave one of her own hands a bit of a squeeze. “But I promise I’ll come back. I’ll hand my position off to someone else as soon as the dust settles and Allysia stops needing me.”
“Did you come to that decision of your own accord?” asked Lefi.
“Mhm. I did.”
“And you say that Yuki has agreed to it?”
“He did. In fact, he gave me the push I needed to make up my mind. I wouldn’t have been able to come to the conclusion I did without him.”
“Then I have only one thing to say.” The dragon looked the human in the eyes—“Never forget, Nell.”—and smiled. “Never forget that you are one of us. Never forget to do your utmost to return, and never forget that I am ready to offer you my aid should you ever desire it. Do not hesitate to ask for it. It is as Yuki always says, for we… we are family.”
“Thanks, Lefi.” Nell smiled.
“T-that’s right! You won’t hear us voicin’ any complaints ‘bout you not bein’ here! You’re the one who has it the hardest!” said Lyuu. “I know I ain’t like Lefi or Master and that my help really ain’t worth much, but just say the word ‘n I’ll do whatever I can!”
“That’s not true at all, Lyuu. You’re so full of energy that being around you is enough to fill me with it.”
“R-really?” asked a happy yet embarrassed warwolf. “Then I’ll make sure to give you all the energy I’ve got!”

The maid pointed her palms in the other girl’s direction and started to groan, as if to demonstrate that she was exerting herself.

“Thanks Lyuu.” This silly action was so silly it caused Nell to giggle. In a sense, it really had served to invigorate her. “Make sure you take care of Yuki while I’m gone, okay? I won’t be around most of the time, so it’ll be up to you two to pick him up whenever he gets down.”
“You may leave knowing that he remains in good hands,” said Lefi. “I am not so incompetent as to cause you worry whilst you are unable to remain by his side.”
“Don’t worry, Nell! Just leave it to us! We’ll make sure nothing ever happens to him!”

And so, with Nell’s future discussed and agreed upon, the three returned to gossiping about their husband and his antics.

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  1. Well, that was cute. It made me feel warm and fluffy things inside my chest when Lefi told Nell that they’re family… I do have to wonder though, has he slept with any of his wives yet? They’re all married, but they’re taking it really slow and naturally it seems…

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    1. I mean, At the very least Lefi and Yuki are effectively immortal so there isn’t really a need to procreate so they just may not really have the urge. and I don’t see Nell or Lyuu being willing to get ahead of Lefi.

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    2. I feel like he has with lefi, they definitely sleep in the same bed/futon. And have played with each others wings before going to sleep. So they have been intimately playing in the same bed, if they went farther that that is up in the air though.i dont think he has with nell or lyuu though. Its kind of hard to tell. It depends on what level of adult content the author will put in. And in that regard this novle is hard to gauge. I mean the princess almost got raped right before he saved her, so i feel like they would at least indicate a sex scene was going to happen before cutting away. But at same time it really could be off screen. I would bet that it was at least mentioned though. Hence why the wing scene stands out.

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      1. There was one night where the both of them got plastered and have no memory of what exactly happened that night.


    3. While I don’t expect anything explicit, I’m pretty sure that it will be clearly implied if and when he eventually gets around to doing it with any of his wives. There’s no way they’d be able to act natural the following morning, so I’m reasonably sure it hasn’t happened yet.

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  2. ahhhhh what is this warm feeling hhhhh~

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


  3. seeing how the Sheep-kin demon thirst for knowledge… make me wonder how their clan/kin still exist since it make them look like they dont even have time to build a family and procreate descendant… even caring for their childrens…


    1. I think the Author forgot that one interaction Leila have with Lefi one time.

      The Author clearly stated that Demon kinds is attracted to those who Possessed strength and narrates the “Leila a Demon Sheep is no exceptions”

      And even give a hint the Leila is both attracted to Yuki’s Peculiar Otherworlderly Ideas & knowledge also to his Strength.

      I do think Leila do have something for Yuki….. But choose not the act… For reasons unknown….. Or the author jist simply forgot her…

      I mean the Author is not really that consistent after all


      1. Leila indeed have something for Yuki. Did you not read the research paper chapter thing? It was only a while ago. The paper concluded with her implying that she was captivated, not only by the abundance of research materials, but also personally. And hence she’d very much prefer to stay with Yuki, as long as he doesn’t find her presence intolerable.


  4. I’m guessing Nell will only pop in every now and then for a few arcs, which translates to a few months lol. Imma miss her, though this does give me more time to learn the moon runes…


  5. Oh something will happen. Like lots of little Yuki’s running around, which will get Nell jealous and have her leave the Hero thing behind to get in on the action. I wonder if it is going to be a split POV thing now? Are we going to get some chapters focused on Nell doing Hero things, while Yuki does Demon lord things? Or will it be just Tuki doing things and when Nell comes back it’s going to get summarized up? I’m glad Yuki has a friend though. Sad to say he is old and about to kick the bucket.


  6. Not gonna lie…

    I’m kinda glad Nell is gonna take a backseat for a while. She’s been given a ton of focus to the point where it’s almost grating. (Key word almost)

    Thankfully it’s happening before total burnout on her hits.

    And I’ll admit this is partially because I like all of the other dungeon residents more than her. (Not saying she’s bad just I like everyone else more.)

    But having just finished a full reread I found that she’s been heavily focused on for a majority of the past *One hundred(!) chapters* starting when Yuki went to the demon realm. Only interrupted by Lyuu’s clan showing up which compared to the arcs that’s sandwiched between feels incredibly short.

    Even Enne who went with the two of them to Allysia the past arc spent most of the time either in Yuki’s item box or just off screen.

    Anyways that’s enough venting.
    Glad Nell will be taking a step back soon so we get more focus on the other girls.


    1. I for one, would like to see Yuki research magic more and blow Leila’s mind with throwaway comments and casual words that could revolutionize entire fields and industries.

      First was the three dimensional magic circle. What’s next, a method to compress information in magic circles, reducing circle size and allowing more information to be added? Or a new magic system modelled off of the old one with the formula language being Japanese with English numerals?

      …that’s unlikely to happen though, seeing as how Yuki had very little involvement in the theory, and was more involved in application in the last…200 chapters or so?


  7. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    It’s great to see that the wives have faith in him and wouldn’t actually expect him to cheat or anything. That said, they’re fully expectant that he’ll definitely end up doing something stupid.

    Even if Yuki and Leila don’t love each other. I’m kind of curious as to what kind of offspring they might produce, as well as with Lefi.


  8. Thanks for the chapter… just… by the way, (I don’t know how you do it when releasing new chapters) this chapter links to itself as the next, and links to two chapters back as the previous chapter. In other words, you copied the links from 253 directly into 254.

    Now, for all I know, you change the previous chapter’s links when uploading a new chapter, but I feel like I’ve seen it direct me to a nonexistent page as the next one, and the correct chapter as the previous one. So, heads up that there might be something to fix, might be standard, who knows but you?

    Also, let’s not forget…


  9. God, after heavily binge-reading Death Mage for a few weeks I forgot how absolute diabetes this wn was. I love this dungeon family.


  10. Did . . . did this feel like a death flag to anyone else? It’s a sweet chapter for sure, but the kinda sweetness that is balanced by bitter, black coffee.

    I really hope I’m wrong and just getting pessimistic.


  11. An interesting part that is different from most of these kind of stories.
    It was never actually openly stated whether he did the naughty with any of his wifes ir not. There is no constant statements about how MC is a virgin some stories seem to be so fond of. There is no status update from any of the ladies since their relationship started either. Even when the subject of Nell potentially being a nun came about – there was no indication wether they are doing it and intend to keep doing it, or they are yet to do it but Yuki aint stoping even if she is a nun.
    Basically, the subject of possible demon, dragon, human, wolf-girl foursomes is left up to readers consideration.
    It seems it will not be clarified either.I kind of feel that the moment we get clarification will be either a “first time” kind of situation, or a “i am pregnant” kind of situation.


  12. You know, I swear It was mentioned before that Leila clan is made entirely of females. How that’s possible remains unknown, but it might be a hindrance to Leila being with Yuki.

    Maybe they are lesbians or create their offspring with magic sorta like a low quality generation of the original demons


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