Jingai Musume 271

The Dungeon Expedition — Part 1
Editor(s): Speedphoenix

“You seem happy, Nell,” said Carlotta, as the two walked side by side down one of the church’s corridors. “Did something happen?”
“Mhm.” The hero nodded with a cheerful, ear to ear smile. “Something really nice happened last night.”
“Did you have a run in with your fiance?”
“H-how did you know!?”
“…I didn’t. I said it as a joke.” The knight smiled, awkwardly, before clearing her throat. “I understand that you’re happy, but the meeting we’re about to participate in is of utmost importance. Make sure you conduct yourself appropriately.”
“O-of course.” Nell closed her eyes, took a deep breath. Once she reopened them, her smile was gone, replaced by a neutral, serious look.

Seeing that her friend and subordinate was now ready, the more experienced paladin nodded in satisfaction.

“Good. Then let’s head to the conference room immediately. All the others are already present and waiting.”


Upon entering the conference room, Nell found herself greeted by the usual sight. Ten-odd paladins were present in the hall, each wearing a piece of armour with an identical insignia, one that marked its members as of the Order of the Faldien Holy Knights.

“I’ve gathered all here today in order to brief you on our next mission.” Carlotta, the commander, addressed her unit in a loud but clear voice. “The brass has placed us in charge of destroying a dungeon near the coast. In other words, we’ve been ordered to put down a demon lord.”

For a moment, the hero felt her heart lurch in her chest, but placed a hand on her chest and heaved a relieved sigh once she gave her captain’s words another thought. The Wicked Forest was nowhere near any coast.

“That mean we’ll be heading off to the Lohn Region?” asked a knight.
“It does,” said Carlotta. “Our objective is approximately four hours away from Poezhar Port.”
“Only four hours!?” The paladin’s eyes almost seemed to bulge out of their sockets. “Why’s it that this is only getting addressed now!? That damn thing’s way too close to town!”
“The guild has had its adventurers investigating it for quite some time. They’ve been making steady progress through the dungeon,” answered Carlotta.
“Why’re we getting called to action if they’re making steady progress?” asked another paladin. “Conquering dungeons ain’t part of what we normally do, is it?”

Paladins rarely ever took the initiative in engaging monsters in combat. Their duties typically consisted of maintaining public order, aiding the armed forces in making arrests, and guarding VIPs. They would occasionally seek out dungeons that popped up near the regions they policed, but it was unheard of for them to be sent to conquer a dungeon based in another region. The paladin who had posed the question reasoned that the scenario at hand was likely linked to some sort of extenuating circumstance.

“It isn’t,” agreed Carlotta. “The adventurers sent to subjugate the demon lord made it through its dungeon and confronted it, but were forced to escape because it was too much for them to handle. As you all know, a more skilled group of adventurers would normally be sent in to eliminate the demon lord as soon as possible, but none happen to be available right now. The army’s a bit too busy to deal with it, so the task fell to the church. Our order was selected because we happened to be one of the most skilled.”

Carlotta paused for a moment to frown in disinterest.

“Or at least that’s what they’re putting on paper. The real reason is politics. Arresting the two senile old bastards we called cardinals and rooting corruption out from our ranks was good for us, as an organisation, but it caused too big of a change. The public noticed immediately, and is starting to lose faith in us, so the higher ups want us to put on a bit of a show so they can prove to the people that we’re still standing strong.” She snorted in annoyance. “Normally, I would’ve told them to screw off with their ridiculous demands, but the political situation they’re in is a direct result of our actions. Someone’s got to fix it, and I trust none of you are senile enough to need someone else to wipe your asses just yet.”

Her sarcasm-laced words caused a series of laughs to echo through the conference hall.

“Unfortunately, we can’t all go.” She spoke after allowing her troops a few moments to relax. The well-trained brigade quieted right back down the instant they heard her voice. Every last man managed to regain control of himself and redirect his attention to the commander. “The higher ups will soon be hosting a ritual in order to select a new pair of cardinals to replace the buffoons we arrested. Over half of you are going to have to remain in Alshir in order to guard anyone the brass marks as a VIP. The rest of you are coming with me. But, as I’m sure you understand, we can’t just march on a dungeon that a group of adventurers failed to conquer with only half our numbers. We’ll be looking for a little bit of outside help to ensure our success.” Carlotta’s gaze slowly panned across the room before finally stopping as she locked eyes with a certain specific individual. “Nell.”
“H-huh? U-uhm… I mean, Yes, captain?”

The hero hadn’t thought that the ball would suddenly be passed into her court, so she reacted with a bit of a start before correcting herself.

“You’ll be playing a pivotal role in securing us the help we need. You see, the person the brass has in mind happens to be…”


“And we’re not even doing it for free! We’re going to make mad bank!”
“Madd banck!”

Shii jumped for joy and cheered right after I did; the slime had parrotted both my words and my actions. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t actually know what I’m talking about, seeing as how she’s kinda struggling with some of the words, but whatever. It’s cute.

Copying everyone else was something that the aqua-coloured monster did relatively often, and I was pretty much convinced that she only sometimes fully understood the things that came out of her own mouth.

“Were you not fiddling with an enchanted orb just a moment prior? Why have you suddenly broken into cheer?” asked Lefi, with a raised brow.
“Nell just invited me to help her conquer a dungeon,” I said. “I’m super hyped.”
“You are conquering a dungeon? Does that not entail… defeating a demon lord?” she asked, hesitantly. “Would you not feel remorse for having to slaughter one of your brethren?”
“Brethren?” I chuckled. “Lefi, please, what are you saying? I’m a demon lord. We don’t give two shits about each other. For us, the only distinction that matters is friend or foe.”

The only friends, per se, that I had were the dungeon’s residents, Nell, and a few others here and there. And for the most part, basically everyone else, demon lord or not, was a foe.

“If you have no particular concerns on the matter, then I suppose there is no longer any reason for me to worry.”

I almost couldn’t contain my excitement. Visiting another demon lord’s dungeon was something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. Nothing I’d heard about any other demon lord had been anywhere even remotely close to positive. I was told that they were full of themselves and basically out to get the races. In other words, they were basically just evil scumbags. If that was true of the demon lord whose door I was about to knock on, then I saw absolutely no issue with offing him. Not that I’m any less hostile or evil, I guess, if my titles are to be taken into consideration.

“Will you be gone for long?”
“Maybe. It should at least be a shorter trip than my last trip” I said. “Oh yeah, the dungeon’s apparently near the beach so I’ll try to bring back some seafood or something. You know, as souvenirs.”
“Seafood!” repeated Shii with a big smile.
“Yup, seafood. Seafood is super tasty, so look forward to it.”

As I continued talking to and entertaining Shii, I got everything I needed together to make sure my trip would end in success.

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37 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 271

    1. I remember reading from a previous chapter that dungeon cores serve as a demon lord’s heart, and when destroyed, would kill the dungeon master.

      So if Yuki kills the enemy demon lord, and touches their dungeon core, wouldn’t he acquire another heart? That would make Yuki much more harder to kill as he would be able to acquire more than one main body, if that makes sense.

      [The well-trained brigade quited right back down the instant they heard her voice.]
      * quited —> quieted

      * Conquest —> Conquest!


      1. Well, if it’s possible to take and assume control of the heart in that manner. But if it was possible I’d guess Demon Lords would have started wars against each other for acquisition of more life-saving items.


  1. So.

    That comment I made about a month or two ago about being glad Nell left so she wouldn’t take more time from the other characters and we could focus on anything else for a while before getting sick of her?

    I take it back.
    Because she comes right the hell back.


    1. Agreed. I like Nell, but I feel like she’s being focused on too much. I want to see more of Lefi in the main story. It feels like Nell became the main character along with Yuki instead of Lefi.

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  2. His statement “I’m a demon lord. We don’t give two shits about each other” almost seems like a flag that foreshadows a sudden appearance of another reincarnated Japanese, or of a cute loli girl demoness, or both; in other words, someone suddenly worth protecting from the whole order of knights.

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    1. Urgh i don’t want another harem member…
      The only ones i’m willing to accept are the big research maid leila and the leader of the knights carlotta. No more please…

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  3. Thank you for the chapter!
    Finally! I was waiting for this since the beginning, another dungeon and another Demon Lord. And i really think that loli Demon Lord will appear in this novel. The only question is when.

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  4. This is it, guys. It’s all been building to this. Petite demon lordette, get.
    I can already see it now. Somehow Yuki’s going to teleport home with her and tell her the monsters outside are too strong so she won’t be able to leave.
    (Kinda hoping their dungeon abilities interact weirdly.)

    If it’s literally just some gobbo souped up on some lord juice I’ll be slightly disappointed, but I guess that’ll keep me more sane in the long run going forward.


  5. Thanks for the chapter, I enjoy how everyone in the knight order seem to think they need to prepare to fight this dungeon, While Yuki just sees it as a road trip.

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  6. [brigade quited right back] -> {brigade quieted right back} ~ me thinks

    Seems a new adventure is next. Also, Shii is quite the adorable monologue sidekick.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!


  7. “Seafood is tasty, I’ll bring some back”
    Bruh. You can probably summon some takoyaki and such the way you summon chocolate for Lefi, what do you need to procure this world’s raw fish for if it’s all more or less the same once cooked?


    1. Difference in ingredient quality, difference in production quality (pretty sure the stuff he can summon can’t compete with Leila’s cooking), etc.


  8. i have bad feeling about the entire ordeal.. is there any mechanics preventing dungeon damaging each other..?

    or a dungeon battle is allowed?

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


    1. Cores can’t be moved #1 and if Yuki takes her away from her core and it is destroyed she will die. Or did you forget that explanation from the start of this story?


  9. Time for the dungeon crawl. As I am up to date on the raws, I remember this arc. Yes, it’s more of Nell before some stuff with Lefi soon so don’t get too disappointed. If I’m saying too much, just delete this post and call me an idiot.


    1. I think the main reason though that Nell is used so much for the plot is because she is the only one outside the dungeon. It’s harder to center plot points around the dragon when she’s like Perry the Platypus, she doesn’t do much but laze around the dungeon; we’ve a bit of time before wolf girl’s people return so she doesn’t offer many plot points; and the scholar is only interested in study and not much else. Nell is the only go to we have to the outside world to move things along.


    2. Yeah in fact i think the autor is councious of the way Nell’s been eating screen time. That’s why he kicked her out of the dungeon, so that at least those chapter he could use on other girls. But outside the dungeon, where the story moves? Yeah, you’re stuck with her.


  10. Thanks for the chapter ~

    Dynamic duo of the Eccentric Demon Lord and Hero begins…

    Hope we learn about what happened if a dungeon got cleared since we have yet to know.


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    I like this stories and the use of tropes don’t really make me angry or anything, but if the DL they are going to confront is frikken SENTIENT and LOGICAL I’m gonna be pissed that they have established MC as the ONLY ONE OF IT’S KIND and suddenly pop someone else as an antagonist to fulfill another trope…


  12. Uh oh so he’s been used as the church’s lapdog now, I see …..

    Yeah hea doing it for Nell or whatever I hear you cry, well you can suck the filthiest part of my scrotum sir cuz that’s a dumbass argument.

    I feel like the demon lord is gonna turn out to be some pathetic person that doesn’t know what they’re doing and mc is gonna put on a play of them dying or some useless shit like that to help them out.


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