Jingai Musume 28

Conclusion – Part 2
Editors: Sebas Tian, Joker, Speedphoenix

“I cannot apologize enough for everything that’s happened.” The governor spoke as he showed us to his reception room and sat down across from us.

The sofas we were situated on, like the rest of the governor’s mansion, appeared to be more modest than gaudy. Of course, that wasn’t to say that the governor was a poor interior decorator. In fact, I very much preferred his manor to the overly flashy, poorly decorated base that I had just finished raiding. It just feels more refined this way.

“I’m sure that the trouble we’ve caused you has frustrated you to no end. And for that, I must apologize. Please, find it in your hearts to forgive us,” he continued. His voice was laced with exhaustion.

His subordinates had kept popping up and pointing their weapons at us throughout our trip to his manor. The old man had no choice but to spend a few moments ordering them to stand down each and every single time. The sheer number of repetitions had been so great that I had begun to empathize with him. Like, god damn. Sure sucks to be him right now. And the worst part is that I can’t say I don’t know how it feels. Eugh…

“Human, Raylow, I take it you are aware of my identity?” Lefi took the initiative in replying to the man as she cast her gaze upon him. The lazy tone of voice she normally spoke with was nowhere to be seen. Her words were so cold that they almost seemed to be coated with a layer of ice.
“O-Of course,” stuttered the governor. He tried his best to cover up his nervousness, but he was unable. It leaked through nonetheless. “I am fully aware of your identity and the majesty it entails.”
“Then I suppose you know of the pact I share with your ancestors? I see not why knowledge of it would be kept from one who governs over others.”
“A pact? What?” I raised an eyebrow as Lefi mentioned a term I hadn’t expected to hear.
“Only now have I recalled that I’ve yet to inform you of it,” said Lefi. “There was once an age filled with strife, an entire era in which every last fool sought strength and glory. I was challenged by many a warrior. Their vain attempts were but obnoxious; I appreciated them not. Annoyed as I was, I sought to eliminate the problem at its source. I began to attack the human nations from which they stemmed. My efforts were met with panic. The human kings of the past appealed against their destruction and offered a pact of non-interference. That is the pact of which I speak.”

I… see… So you basically put so much pressure on them that they had no choice but to get things done through diplomacies that worked to your benefit? Yeah, makes sense to me.

“The young maiden this incident revolves around is one I see as my kin. I was informed that your kind would meddle in my affairs no longer. And yet, you kidnapped one of my brood. The pact that you desired was broken by one of your own. I trust that you understand that your sins require compensation.”
“I-I’m terribly sorry, but there was no way we could have possibly known, let alone prevented it! The individuals responsible were outlaws!”
“I care not for your circumstances. The fact remains that our agreement has been violated.”
“I suppose so…” The individual before the governor looked like a mere girl in her early teens. And yet, he was pale with terror. His expression had frozen up and he was literally sweating buckets. Man, watching this shit go down is almost making me feel bad for him.
“And though I have voiced a need for compensation, I must admit that there is little that I desire. However, the same cannot be said for my companion. I trust that you will answer his demands to the best of your ability.” Lefi flashed me a sidelong glance as she spoke.

Wait. Was that whole threat just a facade? ‘Cause it looks to me like she was just doing it to make my life a helluva lot easier.

“You sure seem a lot more competent than usual today,” I said. “You doing okay?”
“Much to my displeasure, you have continued to label me as one who is useless and lazy despite my majesty. I am merely demonstrating to you that I am deserving of my title,” she said. “And Yuki, I suggest that you forget not the situation given that you have yet to complete your final goal.”
“Oh yeah… Right…”

The Supreme Dragon turned back towards the governor, who was completely and utterly dumbfounded by our silly exchange, and coughed to clear her throat before continuing. “It is he that shall inform you of his demands.”
“Uhhh… yeah, sure.” Lefi had totally put me on the spot, so I took a moment to adjust and took a deep breath before speaking to the governor.

“First thing’s first, stay out of our business if you don’t want to die.” I said threateningly. “You can think of me the same way you do Lefi. Don’t mess with me. I don’t care what excuses you have. If anything like this ever happens again, I’ll tear your fucking throat out.”
“I-I understand,” said the governor. “I will do my best to ensure that we never trespass on the Wicked Forest again.”

The Wicked Forest? I’mma go ahead and guess that’s what they call the forest we live in. Never knew it had such a sinister sounding name.

“The second thing I want to say has to do with slavery. I saw a bunch of girls in the mansion I attacked. Hand them over. And send all the rest of this city’s slaves over while you’re at it.” I glanced at Lefi as I spoke. It was a signal. I was telling her to get the dragons up above to act if the governor wasn’t keen on the idea. This whole scenario is making me feel like a sly old fox. I’m basically just mooching off Lefi’s influence and stringing the poor governor along. Maybe I should start adding fox puns to everything I say.
“Is that all you desire?” asked the governor.

Wait. What? The fuck? Why’s he so cooperative? Isn’t this supposed to be where he starts getting all pissy and reluctant?

“You realize that I’m demanding every last individual within this city’s bounds, right?”
“I am aware. I will have them arranged for you as soon as possible,” replied the governor. “Will you require transportation? I can prepare several carriages for you should you need them.”
“Uhh….” I turned towards the dragon in the room. “Hey Lefi, you think the dragons could carry them?”
“It will be a simple task so long as the number of individuals in question does not surpass three hundred.”
“We’re good on the carriages,” I said, turning back towards the governor. I highly doubt there’ll be over three hundred. At least, I hope not. That’d be a whole shitload of trouble.
“I understand. I will have them brought to you immediately. I would appreciate it if you would wait here while I get everything in order.” The governor left the room immediately after hearing my request and began shouting for one of his subordinates. “Alto!”

And thus ended my assault on the city. It was my first time raiding a town in another world, but the note it had ended on had turned out to be fairly anticlimactic.


“And there they go…” I, Raylow Lurubia, sank into my chair and heaved a sigh of relief as I watched the draconic brood fly off into the distance. If I ever had to sum up the night’s experience in just a single word, I would label it terrifying.

I had suspected that the Supreme Dragon may be involved the moment I heard that we were dealing with not one, but a whole group of dragons. Lo and behold, my hypothesis had hit the mark. The legendary dragon’s appearance had thrown me off. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever suspected that she would bear the form of a beautiful maiden. But I knew that she was genuine. Her power was far too immense to belong to any other.

In the past, I had been a mere wanderer. I would never have become a governor had it not been for the many times I distinguished myself in battle. Alfyro was far from the capital. It was even fair to say that it was a part of the borderlands. But even so, I never would have risen to power had my accomplishments not been exceptional. My prowess in battle had always been predicated on my capacity to discern the power level of any I was pitted against. It was an ability I had naturally picked up while wandering the land.

I could tell at a glance that I was no match for the Supreme Dragon. She was so much more powerful than me that I was unable to discern anything beyond her identity. The fear that her gaze had left in me was greater than any I had ever experienced on the battlefield. I likely would have passed out had I lost focus, even for a moment.

And yet, terrifying as she was, she hadn’t come alone. He had joined her.

His jet black hair was so ominous that it almost appeared to embody darkness itself. One of his eyes shared the same terrifying colour, while the other looked to be dyed in blood. Of all his features, his eyes had been the most memorable. They contained a sharp glint, one that had vividly burned itself into my memories. And although he was not as fearsome as the Supreme Dragon herself, he too had struck fear in my heart.

“He seemed to be a demon lord… He and his dungeon were likely recently born in the Wicked Forest.”

Recalling the man caused me to shiver in my boots. A part of it stemmed from the attitude with which he treated the Supreme Dragon. That alone was a cause for terror, but there was far more to it than just that. The wolf he had in his service was a Fenrir, another creature of which legends were sung. He would have been able to raze the city, even without the Supreme Dragon’s help. There was no doubt that he would have obliterated my men and I had he attacked us. But fortunately, both he and the dragon were reasonable. It was possible for me to fight them not with blades, but with words. I was glad that it had come down to a negotiation.

“Accursed pig…” I swore as I recalled the face of the man that had caused this incident to occur. “You’ve caused me a great deal of trouble.”

The sole benefit that the raid had provided was ridding my city of the pig and his gang. They had been wiped out, completely and utterly eliminated. In life, the pig had been a massive, three hundred pound thorn in my side. He gathered slaves through bandit-like methodologies and sold them for prices that could only be labeled obscene. His hands were stained with all sorts of illegal activity. His organisation had practically been a criminal syndicate.

And yet, I had been unable to purge him. There was no use in exposing his crimes. He had too many deep rooted connections with the nobility. Many a dirty noble would have done everything in their power to protect him to prevent their deals with him from coming to light. I had no choice but to sit by and watch as he committed one atrocity after another.

Destruction of the pig aside, there was no harm done. I was almost tempted to dub the demon lord’s actions more beneficial than harmful. But I knew that was far from true.

The problem lay not with the past, but rather, the future.

A storm was brewing. The Supreme Dragon’s power is not nearly as feared as it once was. Greed drove many a man to believe that invading the Wicked Forest and claiming its abundant resources was wise. And there was no doubt that those who support this movement would use the incident that had just occurred as an opportunity to dispatch the nation’s forces and “seek retribution.”

And in my heart, I knew that the action was no different from leaping into one’s own grave. They were sure to act if provoked.

I had to prevent any and all invasions of their territory no matter what the cost, especially since the Supreme Dragon was no longer the only threat. A demon lord had risen.


Joker’s note: Hey, guys! Joker here. Another chapter fills the gap, and we see that Yuki and the governor managed to come to an agreement. Good on them both. I’m sure that this will lead to a very beneficial relationship in the future. Probably more so for Yuki than the governor. Poor guy is probably going to be driven into an early grave with the stress Yuki will give him. Hang in there, old chap. You can get through it. All right. Time to get to the inaugural #AskJoker answers.

rfctksSparkle asks: “why are ye a joker?”
Well, the answer is quite simple. My name comes from my Discord handle, PhantomThiefJoker. From Persona 5. Quite possibly my favorite JRPG. At least until KH3 comes out. Maybe.

Zekkendo asks: “Who’s your favorite character in the story so far? And does it change in future chapters?”
A fair question. I’d have to say as of right now, I’m quite liking Yuki. He’s got a no nonsense attitude that most other isekai protags seem to lack. I know there are some out there, Shield Hero and Arifureta off the top of my head. But it’s still refreshing to see someone willing to use their powers to get what they want, rather than think “Oh, if I show these people my awesome power, they won’t leave me alone or they’ll hate me.” Geez, get over it.

And last but not least, Anon asks: “Is your role basically proofreading what the translator provides before it is published?”
The short answer is, yes. Boss Young’un does the translations, the rewrites, and the re-rewrites before sending it to Sebas, Phoenix, and myself. We then comb over it, make corrections and suggestions, then let the boss know we’re done so that he can go through, approve or deny our suggestions, then get the chapter out to y’all hungry fans. But the long answer is, I do much more. I fetch his coffee, I keep his office clean, I go out and buy the raws, I… wait… what kind of working environment is this? HR?! We need to have a talk! *storms away*

And that’s all for now. 3 questions for the first run, not too bad. Nothing too out there or NSFW either, which is good. If you’ve got questions, leave ‘em in the comments below with the hashtag #AskJoker, and I’ll get to them when boss sends me the next chapter, which I’ll see y’all in!

Sebas Tian’s note: Glad to see more of the gap filled up as we replace Wuji’s garbage with a presentable and not butchered to hell chapter. As for Joker’s bit about HR, we don’t have one of those so his complaints will probably fall on deaf ears, but cardboard is a pretty reasonable sort so I’m sure he’ll listen if he’s not distracted by video games. Speaking of video games, much like Joker I’m also looking forward to kingdom hearts 3.

I enjoyed the governor’s thoughts at the end there, it helps add perspective to how Yuki’s actions actually affect the outside world and is fun to see the common sense reaction to him since he lacks almost all of this world’s common sense himself. Lefi was kinda adorable with how she was acting like she’s trying to show off some and make sure Yuki knows there’s more to her than he knows. What I’m probably most curious about is how many slaves there are and what Yuki actually plans to do with them all cause I can see him doing the whole, bringing those who ask back to their homes via dragon airlines and letting those who have no home to return to, stay in the dungeon.

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