Jingai Musume 301

A Date Atop a Floating Isle — Part 3
Editor(s): Joker, Speedphoenix

“This is quite the view.”

The pair offered their impressions as they looked down from the summit atop which they sat. It provided them with not only an angle on the entire floating island, but also a magnificent backdrop, an infinite canvas of trees and clouds. One could even see the tip of the mountain that was Lefi’s former nest off in the distance, poking up above the sea of white. It was a beautiful, grand view of nature, completely unobstructed or influenced by anything man made.

“It’s a shame I can’t put a door here…” muttered Yuki, regretfully. “I would’ve liked everyone else to be able to see this too.”
“Is it not possible?”
“Nope. The fact that this island is floating means it can’t actually be adjacent to any other territory, and that means I can’t make it into a part of the dungeon. And if it’s not a part of the dungeon, I can’t set anything up.”
“That certainly is a shame,” agreed Lefi. “I suppose it means that you and I are the only two capable of sharing it.”
“Basically, yeah.” He smiled. “I think we live… somewhere around that mountain, right? The one peeking up above the clouds.”
“You are correct. Our home lies within the mountain next to it,” said Lefi. “The one peeking above the clouds is where I once made my nest.”
“Your old nest? That really brings me back to when we checked it out together.”

After the two spent a few moments gazing at the scenery, Yuki broke the silence in a much more cheerful, less sentimental tone than he’d spoken in before.

“Alright, whaddya say we use this as a backdrop for lunch?”
“A well timed suggestion,” said Lefi. “I had just begun feeling peckish, and I believe we have finished exploring all that this island has to offer.”
“Yeah, having wings is super convenient and stuff, but honestly, I’m starting to feel like I’m kinda missing out on the whole mountain climbing experience,” said Yuki. “There isn’t much to hold your breath for if a few flaps is all it takes for you to get wherever the hell you want.”
“There is not much to be excited for to begin with,” said Lefi. “All you will see is forests beneath you and rocky peaks above.”
“I mean, yeah, but seeing stuff is still fun, right? To me, it kinda felt like we were taking in the sights while out on a walk together. It was some nice alone time, you know?”

Lefi flushed. His smile had caught her completely off guard.

“Were we not going to eat?” She huffed to cover up her embarrassment. “Do not delay our meal any longer.”
“Alright, alright. I’m hurrying. Calm down.”

He quickly laid out the picnic sheet, after which the two took off their shoes and got on top.

“It feels really nice up here.” The first thing Yuki did was lie down and start rolling from side to side as he enjoyed the cool mountain breeze. And then, he spoke. His voice was laden in emotion. In reflection.

I feel the gust upon my cheek,
Its touch so gentle my knees go weak,
I am one with the sky,
One with the wind,
As my body cuts through the air, I cry,
There is no turning back. No second plan,
I cannot rescind,
For I… am Windman.

“Do not ever attempt that again. My spine is shivering in disgust,” complained Lefi. “And what is a windman? I do not understand.”
“Oh come on, don’t be such a debbie downer. Let me have my fun.” He quite literally rolled up to her and spoke only when his head stopped on one of her feet.
“Do not approach me in such a disturbing manner!”

She flung her foot and sent him rolling to the edge of the picnic sheet.

“Ow! That hurt,” he complained. “Why do you have to be so violent? I was just trying to be poetic.”
“It does not feel right if you are its source. I would rather tear off my own ears than listen.”
“Well… Guess I’ll have to give up on publishing that poetry collection I had in mind.”

Yuki laughed as he stood back up and placed the basket containing their lunch atop the sheet.

“Here’s a pair of chopsticks. Er, actually, would you prefer a fork instead?”
“No, chopsticks will suffice,” she said, as she grabbed a thermos out of the basket. “I will pour us our tea.”
“Thanks. Here’s a towel to wipe off your hands.”

The two set everything up, did the Japanese equivalent of saying grace, and popped open all the lids to reveal the delicious feast that awaited them. It contained a plethora of hand-made dishes, each of which was giving off a mouth-watering scent, courtesy of the skillful maid that created them.

Neither was able to hold off for any more than a few moments before jumping right in.

“Damn, this tamagoyaki is super good. I’m literally never going to get sick of them,” said Yuki.
“As is the karaage. I can certainly see the reason for which Illuna labels this her favorite dish.”

Lefi moved her chopsticks back towards the karaage immediately after downing several, but Yuki blocked them with his own before she could retrieve any more.

“How rude. What is the meaning of this, Yuki?”
“Addressing a minor issue,” he said. “You’re eating way too much of the karaage.”
“If the issue is minor, then I see no reason for you to think it an issue at all. Are men not supposed to be forgiving, compassionate, and willing to overlook insignificant details?”
“Alright, fine, let me rephrase. It isn’t a minor issue. You’re eating way too much fried chicken! Most of it is already gone even though I’ve literally only had a single piece!”
“That is most certainly a misunderstanding. I believe you’ve had three.”
“That’s bullshit and you know it!”

Yuki accidentally put a bit too much pressure on his eating utensils; his chopsticks broke in the middle of him throwing a fit.

“What the fuck!? Why’d my chopsticks break!?”
“That is entirely your own fault.” Lefi sighed. “I suppose I have no other choice. Open your mouth. I will feed you.”
“Huh? Uh… oh… thank—wait a fucking second! You’re not tricking me! That’s not even a piece of karaage! It’s just a fucking french fry!”

He began shouting again the moment he started to chew, to which Lefi responded with a click of the tongue.

“Did you not previously inform me that you were partial to french fries? I see no reason for you to be dissatisfied. I am going out of my way to feed you a dish you prefer.”
“Sure, I mean, I do like fries, but that’s besides the point!”
“It is not. The point remains that there is no problem, for you will be happy because I am feeding you one of your favorite dishes, and I will be happy because I am allowed to consume the remainder of the karaage. Is this not a win-win scenario?”
“Absolutely fucking not! It’s rigged as all hell and you know it!”

Though the two were supposed to be in the middle of enjoying lunch, they somehow ended up arguing the same way they always did throughout the entire meal.


A few days had passed since the date.

“Hey Lefi, check this out!” Yuki walked over from the workbench he often used for crafting, a stone blade and a smug face in tow. “I used one of the floating rocks I picked up on the floating island to make a floating sword. Isn’t this thing totally badass? I made a whole bunch of them so I can have them floating around me while I do stuff.”
“Does the weapon’s buoyancy provide it any benefit?”
“Nope. If anything, they’re terrible weapons. The rock they’re made of is so brittle it’ll crumble the moment you try to attack anything. Honestly, you’d probably find it easier to defend yourself with a kitchen knife, but that’s besides the point.”

And so, the dragon once again thought to herself that the man she married was nothing but an idiot.

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25 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 301

    1. I’m looking forward to when he uses to flex on someone and everyone thinks he’s some sort of blade master capable of wielding swords with out even needing his hands.

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  1. No no, floating swords are epic and legendary, even better if they can move according to the user’s will (or something close to that), it’s Lefi that doesn’t get it. Also, she really likes meat, in more ways than one, lolz.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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  2. uhh, why not coat it with mithril or what not and slap a lot of automatic fire defense magics in it?
    it would be even cooler, Yuki!

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


  3. I wish women would step on my face. All that happens when I approach them in a disturbing manner is that they scream for help and it’s just generally a bummer for everyone present.


  4. While I agree that on pure damage Zhongli sucks, he makes mining and dealing with Geo Cube faster. His charged skill can one shot two of the boss’ regen pillars even if he’s underlevelled so you only have to bother with one pillar which you now have plenty of time to break with a claymore.

    Or do the totally unneccessary thing and style on the cube by dropping a meteor on the last pillar (sadly this one do get affected by his stat and the pillar might survive with a sliver of health).


    1. Razor’s held E also one shots all crystals and magical crystals. ZL does not gain any utility points here, seeing as how he loses out on the 20% sprinting stamina that comes in handy for mining.

      Razor’s held E does slightly less damage to the geo cube’s pillars, but being a claymore and main DPS character more than makes up for it, as you don’t have to bother switching.

      Though the 15% refund for crafting spears is nice, I guess…


  5. What Lefi fails to realize is yes most of the stuff he makes with his tinkering may be useless as of now but refined to a purpose and they become things of wonder and power in the future. Example, these floating stone swords use their material as the cores of actual swords of high caliber and u get the beginnings of a sword formation like the MC uses in Desolate Era novel or sword version of byakuya’s senbon Sakura in bleach.


  6. Is that an ultimate blade works reference I’m seeing?
    Also the britle swords are useful as transportation for the non flying faction in the dungeon


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