Jingai Musume 334

A Father’s Tale
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

The kids were sound asleep. Spending the day outdoors and enjoying the cherry blossom party to the fullest had drained their batteries dry. Likewise, Nell and the maids had also gone to bed, no doubt in part courtesy of the alcohol that had been pumped through their veins. Lefi and I were the only two still up.

“That was a pretty good move…” I groaned as I watched Lefi move the one and only piece I hadn’t wanted her to touch. Well… there goes my plan.
“Indeed it was. I know that well, for I too have continued to improve.”

We were doing the usual, board games. The particular game we were engaged in today was shogi, Japanese chess. As mentioned by the dragon herself, Lefi had gotten quite good at it, and at board games in general. It was no longer rare for her to have me on my back foot. Though I guess that’s only to be expected. It’d be kinda weird if she didn’t ever git gud, seeing as how we’ve been playing almost everyday for over a year.

“I admit, you’ve certainly gotten better. But you’re still not nearly as good as I!”

I pushed forward a specific piece, likely the one and only piece that she hadn’t wanted me to touch. Oh, how the tables have turned!

“I-It is not over yet…” she frowned as she desperately moved one of her pawns to defend against my assault.
“Heh. Wrong again.” But it was to no avail. “Checkmate!”
“Urghhh… very well, I admit my loss,” she groaned, “I had thought that I was on the path to success.”
“You have been winning more and more lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to roll over and hand you an easy win,” I said with a shit-eating grin.

It was a bluff. She nearly had me cornered. I’m probably going to have to play Leila some and get her to give me some tips so I can stay ahead of Lefi… I’m sure the maid’ll know exactly what I need to do to git gudder.

“Let us wrap up for the day. To stay awake any longer is to put ourselves at risk of being struck by bombs the size of children.”
“Good point.”

We shared a laugh as we tidied up the board and accompanying game pieces.

The particular phenomenon she was referring to was one that Leila mandated. Every time we overslept, the maid would instruct the children to dive at us, thereby dramatically forcing us awake with an overdose of raw, unbridled energy.

“Hey, Lefi?” Once I placed it on the shelf with all the other toys and games, I turned to face her.
“Let’s have kids.”

Her face flushed immediately.

“If that is your desire, then I shall fulfill it.” She looked up at me with upturned eyes as she spoke with a mix of embarrassment and resolve. “I will bear for you as many of your children as you wish.”

Her words made my heart dance. Raw affection overflowed from within as I gently pulled her into an embrace.

She returned the gesture of love with one of her own. She pressed her head into my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist.

I felt myself relax. I’d long been conditioned into feeling at ease every time I felt the soft warmth of her flesh and basked in her sugary sweet scent.

“There is one question I wish to ask,” she mumbled.
“T-this is the first time you have demonstrated any interest in that manner of intimacy. What was it that led to this change of heart?”
“The reason I didn’t bring it up before was honestly just that I thought I was kinda hopeless.”

She remained silent. She didn’t rush me or begin making conjectures out loud even as I paused for an unnaturally long time to collect my thoughts.

“I’m… I’m egotistical. I basically ignore everything but the few things I’m super interested in. Of all the adults here, I’m probably the least mature, and the most irresponsible. That’s why I didn’t really think I was the type of guy that should be raising kids.”
“…I think you are doing a fine job as the man of the house.”

She intertwined her fingers with mine as if to express concern for my mental health, so I made sure to lead my next statement with a laugh to show her that nothing was wrong.

“I just… really love messing around. And I’m aware of it. When I thought about everything that went into raising kids into functional, responsible adults, I blanked. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could be a good dad, or that I was ready to be responsible for someone else’s life. But lately, that’s changed. I’ve started to feel a lot more confident.”
“And why is that?”
“I’ve realized that all I need to do is be serious when it really counts and show them all the love and affection a father should. That’s all that’s really needed for them to catch on and respond in kind,” I said. “…That sounded a lot less embarrassing in my head.”
“I suppose it was.” She smiled at me. “But I know now what it is you meant to say.”
“Besides… me being an incorrigible degenerate isn’t the end of the world. I’m not alone. I know that I can trust you to make up for my deficiencies. Just like how you can trust me to make up for yours. And if the two of us combined aren’t good enough, then we’ll just have to ask Lyuu, Nell, and everyone else to help fill the gaps,” I said. “That’s what it means. That’s what it means to be family.”
“Indeed. It is.” She nodded. “I will forever be here for you, as you are for me.”
“Soooo yeah, after thinking about it a bunch, I realized it’d probably be okay. That’s why… that’s why I want to have kids. With you.” I gave her hands a bit of a squeeze. “I want to leave proof. I want to leave proof that we lived, that we loved. I want there to be something undeniable that shows the world the bond we share.”
“Yuki…” She looked straight into my eyes. “I love you, truly, from the depths of my heart. I would not bat an eye to wage war on this world itself or even destroy it outright if that is what is needed for us to spend our lives together.” She squeezed my hands back. “Nothing would provide greater happiness than to agree. I too wish to leave evidence of our eternal bond.”

Happy tears welled up in the corners of her eyes as she smiled at me.

I smiled back. At first, my smile matched hers, but it soon became more awkward, sheepish.

“Uhh… sorry. Have I been keeping you waiting?”
“You have,” she chuckled. “But worry not. I know your concerns well. Raising a child is no simple hurdle, but it is one that we shall deal with as we have and will any other. As a family. For I am certain that, with all of us together, we shall never fail.”
“Can’t argue with that.”

We pressed our foreheads together.

The hot sigh that escaped her lips warmed my cheeks.

The teary eyes that gazed into mine were beautiful. Gems glimmering in the candlelight.

For a moment, we remained unmoving. Time had stopped for us. The world had stopped for us.

All that was left for me was her.

And her me.

As our eyes slowly shut, and the distance between us shrank to nothing, we brought our lips together.

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61 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 334

    1. rip the one guy on mangadex who dropped the series on chapter 333 because they hadn’t fucked yet. all he had to do was wait one more chapter.

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      1. Technically speaking they are from strong, immortal species. Unlike humans, their fertility rate and drive to copulate is basically zero.

        It honestly makes sense if until now they never had the intention of creating kids.

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  1. Eventho im not really into H-LN , This ln is particularly realistic in a way that the world should move, not rushed one like another H-Ln, saved a girl, girl become part of your harem without strong foundation. Its adult should like to build a family kind of thing. Thanks for this beautiful chapter. Hope nell’s n lyuu’ part next will come.

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    1. Well, unless next chapter is for some reason NOT an overnight timeskip later, I don’t think this is gonna be an H-LN. I do agree on this being above-average in terms of realism tho, and about hoping Nell comes soon

      *notices small typo/omission*
      *lenny face*

      Uhh… I mean… I’m also hoping Nell’s turn comes soon.

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    1. I don’t think the settings rules have been stated in that regard, author can still go any direction. Both being magically born tops of their species. Could be as basic as a very strong dragonkin up to an ancient dragon that could control any dungeon it enters. Could be race based on mother, a common trope or a fruitless union too.

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  2. I was thinking this was gonna be another valentines thing, but this is actually the next chapter in the story. I’m wondering whether they’ll have gone all the way and if so how they’re gonna explain it to lyuu and nell.

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    1. Lyuu’s gonna be able to smell it a mile away, Nell’s gonna pout cutely when she finds out. Leila will ask to observe what a Demon Lord’s child is like, and the fact that it’s also the child of the Supreme Dragon will only be the icing on top of the delicious demon lord knowledge cake.

      I’d say there’s like a 20% chance she’d ask to be able to document the process of creating said child too, and if she does, 100% chance she’d be rejected, 95% by at least 2 people, and 60% odds of her request being denied by at least 3 people. 5% chance of someone saying “Maybe you could document the process of a demon lord’s procreation if you married him” which I’d say would have about a 50% chance of her asking on the spot if she could marry him, which, based on last chapter, would have about a 10% chance of him saying yes on his own, 70% chance his wives would pressure him into accepting her, 15% they’d try and he’d still say no (or at least something to the effect of “not right now”) and 5% chance he’d say no and it’d be left at that.

      So, to recap, 20% chance she’d ask, 5% of that 20% (aka 1% of the time) she’d be told there’d only be a chance if she married him, 50% of that 1% (0.5%) she’d ask to marry him, 80% of that 0.5% (0.4%) chance he’d end up saying yes (with or without pressure).

      Based on my analysis, there’s about a 0.4% chance he’d get wife number 4 in the next few chapters. 1/250, not the best odds, but not impossible. (Wait, wouldn’t it be wife number 5 or 6 given his promises to Illuna and the human princess?)

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      1. Well, technically Illuna is the first wife since she performed blood sucking on him, and he wasn’t married to lefi at the time. though I believe that got shelved for discussion for later (although we all know it will happen). The loli princess will likely happen as well, but since she has even less presence there than nell, she won’t get a vote. so I’d still say #4, unless nells mage friend comes from no where.


      1. That’s a realistic way of seeing things, “gaping asshole = the shitstorm is coming”. Btw. thanks to you I imagined Yuki pregnant. Give me my sanity back…

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    In all seriousness though, what a wholesome chapter. Really hits home when you’re single as can be but oh well.


  4. w-well that escalated quickly..
    never thought the novel will go this way given how novels usually goes.

    thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


    1. Quickly… Looking at the number of chapters. But props for actually going with real relationship (well kinda, 2-3 years of celibate is not real)


  5. Thx for the chapter~

    How I’m glad they go for the next step. Waiting for the other girls to have their turn and, Leila, ya better hurry up or you’ll miss the train to nocturnal.


  6. “git gudder” -> new expression, and maybe new meme

    After the two older valentine day chapters today, finally something more, mature. It only took 333 chapters for Yuki to go for it. Then again, maybe they already did the night deed before, but now they took on another objective. I’m having a hard time trying to write this idea without sounding overly romantic or cringy…
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!


  7. Jesus Christ this Japanese moral standards will never make sense to me… sex shouldn’t be shameful or only for procreating, it can also be fun and a good way to connect on a more intimate level and foster a more intricate relationship… I kind of didn’t like this chapter only because it’s completely unrealistic and the implied meaning behind the “T-this is the first time you have demonstrated any interest in that manner of intimacy. What was it that led to this change of heart?” and then he goes full on “kids!”

    what does kids got to do with sex???


    1. I do believe you are overreact a bit. You are free to have your opinion on sexual relations but how people view these kind of relationship isn’t just limited to Japan and depends on the couple if they want to do it casually for fun or making kids and before or after marriage. Yuki and Lefi’s take on this is actually quite mature, in my opinion, they took their time getting to this point and spend time with each other building a foundation for a strong and healthy relationship which is especially crucial since the both of they are most like going to be living for tens thousands of years.

      Sorry if I’m coming in too strong.


      1. It’s S.E.X

        I know it’s not limited to Japan, it’s limited to “CONSERVATIVE” countries that see “Sex” as an aberration.

        It’s ingrained in the mentality of either “dogmatic” people or “conservative” people that “sex” shouldn’t be for anything other than kids.

        I mention Japan specifically because their culture is bogged down by this moral standards that hold a double meaning (and this is a JAPANESE story).

        It’s not healthy to think that a natural occurrence (getting aroused) only happens to “filthy” people, he implies it right there when he says he’s “hopeless” (and it’s a common trope of Japanese works)

        Abstaining from sex because of ideological matters isn’t “mature” it’s dumb… it’s illogical, unnatural, and wrong.

        I agree that having kids should be done responsibly… but the subject wasn’t “having kids” it was “having sex”

        They are married… have being married for over a year now, and they haven’t had sex.

        I understand that “some” couples could chose to abstain from sex because they are Asexual or whatever, but he isn’t… and the way it’s being portrayed he only considered sex because “kids” not because of attraction or affection or sublimation of his feelings (which again, is completely normal human behavior)

        Being against “sex” isn’t wrong, the way it was portrayed here “IS” wrong… and it’s being wrong way before this work appeared in Japan (again, it’s not exclusive to japan, but it’s what we are talking about right now)


  8. Finally! Also, as usual, this story really delivers its emotional moments well. My favourite chapter is still the one where Yuki confessed to Lefi, but this is pretty high up there as well. Although the buildup to this moment felt maybe a little too long, let’s remember that not a lot of time within the story has passed, it should only be a couple of years or so since the start of the story. Many other stories are a lot worse in this regard, they may have relationships last for decades (or even centuries, in the case of some xianxia) before sex happens.


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