Jingai Musume 336

Of Draconic Forms
Editor(s): Speedphoenix

“Hmm…? What is this?” Lefi spent the time after the conference looking through her stats for no reason in particular. In doing so, she spotted something that led her to raise a brow.
“What’s the matter, Lefi? Somethin’ wrong?” asked Lyuu.

Only recently had the wolf girl calmed down. She’d spent the past few hours excited exclaiming that her master had finally found an interest in the female body and stating her envy of the other girl’s luck. Some of her questions and speculations had even addressed the deed itself; she’d pried from the dragon every last bit of knowledge she was willing to share.

Neither of the other two who shared in their marital ties were present. Nell and Yuki had hopped on Rir’s back, and were in the midst of a journey to Allysia’s capital city, likely flirting all the way much to Rir’s displeasure. Being only an escort, the latter was likely to return around noon the next day.

Despite all the work she needed to return to, Nell had done her utmost to stay until the very last possible moment, all for the sake of participating in the discussion. Lefi had to admit that the human had persistence if anything.

“I shall be visiting the plains,” said Lefi. “No… I take that back. I shall be visiting the forest instead. I will not be gone for long.”
“Huh? It’s awfully rare for you to be goin’ out all by yourself,” said Lyuu, “but okay. I’ll let the others know if they start askin’.”


It was a nice day out. Lefi basked in the sensation of the sun on her skin, with her hair fluttering in the wind as she stood just outside the cave serving as the entrance to her home. The rustling of trees and the occasional cry of a monster aside, it was serene, quiet.

“It is failing me.” Slowly, her eyes opened, her words directed towards no one in particular as she mulled over her predicament.

Her magic was failing her. She was unable to return to her draconic form, not in her entirety. She could manifest her wings, and even transform parts of her body, if she willed it, but the spell that had transformed her into a member of the races could not fully be undone. Eluded she remained, by both her original shape and size.

Something was dispelling her commands; it felt like they were being rejected and echoed back to her.

“It may be that I am no longer a dragon at all…”

The newest title that she had obtained, Humanoid Dragon, was what had driven her to inspect her form.

Humanoid Dragon
One who is born as a dragon, but lives as a member of the races. The humanoid dragon understands her true essence and her way of life, in spite of it going far beyond the boundaries normally respected by members of her race.

Speculation and analysis led Lefi to believe that this title was much like another she had acquired, Supreme Champion of Dragonkind, in that it was unique, that she was the only one in the world to bear it.

Could it be that I no longer think my true form to be the one in which I belong? She thought, Perhaps that is precisely the cause… Is this title not but a manifestation of what lies within my heart? That I believe myself no longer a dragon, but a woman of the races?

“The time I have spent in this frame has spanned for less than two of the thousand years I have lived…” She couldn’t help but begin to laugh. “I knew not that I was the sort to be so passionate… to possess a conviction and emotion capable of overpowering a thousand years of experience…”

It was a happy chuckle. Almost every sense of unease was driven away by the thought that her race was now closer to that of her husband’s, even though she knew that he didn’t particularly care, that he wasn’t one to judge on the basis of a difference in their species. I may well soon forget my own draconic appearance. I suspect it only to remain in my memory for a handful of years.

She was delighted, but at the same time, not.

“Still, I cannot write this off as entirely beneficial. As much as I adore it, I must say that this form is flawed.”

One concern remained.

Her inability to draw out her true power.

Without her draconic form, she was unable to draw out the full extent of her draconic might. Her human-like body was still beyond capable of dealing with all that the Wicked Forest had to offer. She could easily defeat even the strongest monsters that lurked within, even if they came at her dozens at a time, but the world’s most powerful beings did not reside within the forest’s depths.

One, or rather one with potential, did. The overworked pet and employee that everyone adored, the wolf that was forced to abide by the whims of many, Fluffrir, was the perfect example. Fenrirs like him possessed near limitless potential.

Three hundred years. The individual that had challenged her had lived for only three hundred years, and yet, it had both the strength and stamina to trade blows with her. Its persistence knew no bounds, and the duel to the death that the two had fought lasted three full days and nights.

There was no knowing how such a bout would go against a being of such fortitude, not at her current power level. Likewise, other members of her own species were now capable of bringing her trouble. She was confident that other ancient dragons would still fall to her in single combat, but handling two simultaneously would be a struggle.

Yet another notable mention was the Spirit Lord. He had her far outstripped in terms of experience, his powerful abilities honed to the point of perfection. There was no matching his technique, and given her current form, she was certain she would only win one of ten duels.

Lefi understood that the scenarios coming to mind were unlikely, especially if she was to continue spending her days within the dungeon. But given the length of the lives ahead of them, she suspected that at least one would eventually find its way to their doorstep.

“If my form refuses to return, then I have little choice but to learn to draw out more of my power.”

And so, for the first time in her life, the Supreme Dragon sought strength.

For her husband.

For her family.

And for the children that she would one day come to bear.

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  1. While I expected for Lefi to be nerfed at some point, I thought it would have happened ages ago. It’s been so long I began to think it wouldn’t happen.

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  2. Why do I have the feeling she’s going to go through all this trouble to get power only to get back a dragon form that can use even more power then the previous thanks to her having more control and technique.

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    1. I dunno…I seem to recall Yuki saying she already had incredible control. When he fought that ‘dragon lord’ earlier, he criticized him, said not only was he so much weaker than Lefi, he was also so much sloppier.


  3. I don’t understand what could this fact do for the story, since most of the time Lefi isn’t fighting, but it might be something for future events. Or a more simple outcome, Lefi learns to better control her power, and stops crushing plates and dishes.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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  4. Thanks for the chapter, ST-san
    By the way, is there any reason to swap the sentences order, since i think it will be cooler if she said it like the way in the raws:
    “For her husband
    For her family
    And—for her child one day…
    After living for thousand years, she-The Supreme Dragon-sought strength for the first time.”


  5. guess next chapter will be training montage XD
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    thank you for the translations~
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  6. So sweet. So damn sweet… It’s like I’m eating pure concentrated sugar glazed chocolate shortcake with sugar tastebuds amplified by 1000…


  7. That last paragraph made me scream like a teenage girl out of embarrassment….


    Thank you for the translation.


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