Jingai Musume 337

Side Story: The Expedition Begins
Editor(s): Joker, Speedphoenix

“The mission we are to embark on is one on an unprecedented scale!” Carlotta’s voice carried easily through the hall and reached all two hundred of the paladins that gathered within it. “It must end without any sort of mishap whatsoever, lest we want to be forever branded as failures. Double check all of your equipment, and make sure you leave nothing behind. We don’t have enough nannies on staff to bring you your bottles if you forget them.”

A chuckle briefly rippled throughout the crowd, but soon died down. Every knight was disciplined enough to keep his or her eyes on either the lectern or the speaker standing behind it.

“Be proud, men. Today is the day we forever engrave our names in history. Now move out!”

Many of the knights cheered as the commander stepped down from the platform, but again, soon regained their calm. The entire unit then began to leave the hall in a manner so organic that it could’ve been mistaken for a single creature if viewed from afar. Carlotta nodded in satisfaction, glad that the results of their training and experience showed.

Just about everything seemed to be in order. Their supplies were ready, and morale was at an all time high. Of all the factors to consider, only one caused the veteran any concern.

Nell. The frown that sat on the girl’s face had been present since she first saw her that morning. It was like the hero was lost in thought, brooding and unable to conquer whatever it was that was frustrating her.

Remarkable was the best way to describe the growth she had demonstrated over the past year. The timid teenager had blossomed into an incredibly reliable soldier capable of handling creatures that left her peers with nightmares. And she did all of it cheerfully. Nell was always willing to work through her queue, knocking out one difficult task after another without pause.

Her physical abilities had always been high. Pairing that alongside her newfound mental fortitude had allowed her truly to become the hero that Allysia had required. But the matter of fact was that she remained a young girl, one that had yet to fully mature into adulthood, and that was something that only time and experience would resolve.

Carlotta felt it necessary to psych the other girl up. Her involvement was too crucial to their success, and the state of her mind was sure to have an extensive influence on her net output; if anything went wrong, Nell’s full attention would likely be required to rectify it. As her boss, and as an adult to a younger counterpart, she felt it was her responsibility to help Nell sort through her troubles, even knowing that she was the type that generally had it together.

“Is something bothering you?” Carlotta approached Remiero’s successor, whose brow remained furrowed even now.
“O-oh, hi Carlotta.” Nell reacted with a start.
She’s never been the greatest at hiding her feelings, thought the older paladin. “I’m here if you need someone to talk to. I know you’ve been stuck on something all day.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say it’s bothering me, exactly…” Hesitantly, Nell nodded herself and began to elaborate. “But there is something I’d like to consult you about. Would you mind giving me some advice?”
“Of course not.” Carlotta consciously softened her expression in order to make it easier for Nell to open up to her.

And after a brief moment to gather her thoughts, she did just that.

“C-can you tell me the best way to seduce a man!?”
“Of course…?”

Carlotta’s initial reaction was to speak with confidence, but most of it turned to confusion as her mind processed Nell’s question; the conversation had taken a sudden turn in a direction far outside her expectations.

“I-I thought about being direct and telling him I want kids, but that’s not actually true. Having kids now would get in the way of my work. I considered just asking him directly anyway, but that would just make him realize that I uhm… want to do it, and I don’t want him to think that I’m dirty. I-I think it’d be best if he came onto me instead, but I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to get him to ask.” The words came out of her mouth with all the speed of a hurricane.

I have no idea. Why are you asking me…? Carlotta opened her mouth to voice her first impression, but stopped before the words left it. She realized that she would have to be very careful with her response if she wanted to accomplish the goal that had led her to initiate the conversation. The best way to do so, as far as the commander was capable of discerning, was to outright solve the concern such that the worry would no longer arise. She wanted to give the scenario some serious thought, so she asked an obvious question to buy herself some additional time.

“Are you considering seducing Masquerade?”

A wave of lethargy washed over Carlotta’s mind, followed by a minor migraine.

“Given that the two of you are already married, I’d say it’d be best for you to be honest and inform him of your desires.”

“Even about things like this?”
“Especially about things like that,” said Carlotta. “If you aren’t able to be honest with him, then your relationship will be brittle and fragile. It won’t last forever like that. In the first place, I don’t believe it to be healthy for a married couple not to engage in any physical intimacy.” She pat the other girl on the back. “While men often take the lead, there’s no reason why a woman couldn’t, and in some cases, shouldn’t. Waiting for him to make a move on you doesn’t have to be your only option.”
“Of course.” Carlotta wasn’t confident in her statements, but doubling down was the best choice to remedy Nell’s indecisiveness, so for duty’s sake, she continued. “Any man with a pair between their legs would love for a pretty little thing like you to come onto them. Admittedly, we would prefer that you don’t have a child immediately, but if that’s what you really want, then I’ll make sure to give you my full support.”
“D-don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on having one just yet either!” said Nell, now once again full of energy. “It’ll be really embarrassing to talk to him about it, but I guess I’ll have to give it a go. Thanks for talking me through this!”
“I’m glad to have helped.”

After observing the hero for another moment and concluding that her job was done, Carlotta murmured a statement under her breath. “That should be enough to keep her in a good mood…”

Carlotta almost wanted to comment on the shift in Nell’s personality—she’d become bolder and a lot more shameless. In a way, she’d started to resemble the mask-wearer that she had married—but she didn’t.

The awkward, drained smile on the commander’s face conveyed everything that needed to be said about her thoughts regarding the change.

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30 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 337

    1. Actually i would think the Reaper would be an excellent health advisor. There shouldnt be much he hasnt seen and should be able to give advice on all the things one should not do for him to make a more official appointment.

      OTOH, i do fully agree asking a career bachelorette soldier relationship advice is not the healthiest choice. Happily she didnt seem offended or jealous, so we should be good.

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    1. Her other boss (Wye) would’ve been stunned into silence tho, and it’s not like she’s got many other females she’s close to her age outside of the dungeon… or in it, there’s Lyuu and… that’s it, the rest are notably younger than her, or named Lefi.


  1. “I-I thought about being direct and telling him I want kids, but that’s not actually true. Having kids now would get in the way of my work. I considered just asking him directly anyway, but that would just make him realize that I uhm… want to do it, and I don’t want him to think that I’m dirty. I-I think it’d be best if he came onto me instead, but I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to get him to ask.”

    yeah… if you found this paragraph weird, it’s because it is, it’s normal to have sexual attraction to your partner… we’re back to the conservative ideology and moral standards of JP, aaaaah this is so frustrating…

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      1. Remember Catholics only have issues with pre-marital sex. They want married couples to screw like rabbits and pump out dozens of children.

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    1. I think you’re the only one that found that sentence weird. Nell is a 15-16 inexperience girl in relationships who got married to her first love. Her thought process is more about having been timid recently and is now coming out of her shell with the guy she love. Also she is asking about how to get her husband to sleep with her and Carlotta’s advice is telling Nell to go for it which is not an advice usally given in romance mangas so I don’t really see the conservative thing you’re seeing here.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. I understand where you’re coming from, but the ideology of “sex = immoral/disgusting/bad” is there, it’s done with that intention, and it’s being there from the chapter where he talks about “having kids” with Lefi.

        The work specifically only talks about sex as in terms of procreating because if not, it’s “bad”

        There are several ways to write about this, but the work was “fine” without sex, it was “fine” without this cringe fest of “I wanna have sex but I feel like it’s immoral”

        You don’t see the “conservative thing” I see there? really? you don’t see her speaking of wanting to have a sexual relationship as if it was a big taboo?, you don’t see her conflicted because she doesn’t want kids but wants to have sex?

        Look, maybe it’s because of the “focus”, but all this characterizations and portrayals as they are written, I see them from the authors perspective.

        I get his intention, I understand the whole notion, but this whole ordeal is badly focused, I’m not saying that the characters are “wrong” or that their portrayals are badly done, all those things are fine, the characterizations have always being “ok”, even a bit better than just “ok” with this author, if anything he’s good at writing relatable characters.

        But the author just… kind of… missed the goal post with this topic…

        The author is getting in a soap box to talk about an issue… and he’s doing it poorly.

        That’s what I don’t like… above the whole “sex” thing, the author is focusing on an issue that shouldn’t be.

        It’s like… and I’m not saying it’s as “bad” as it was, but it resembles the “Is this loss??” meme.

        At least it feels that way for me.

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      2. You’re looking at it the wrong way imo. Consider that this takes place in the middle ages, in a setting in which religion and the morality stemming therefrom are highly relevant. One also needs to consider how Lefi literally looks like a pre-teen.

        MC is has basically admitted to being a pedophile before, but is somewhat disturbed by the idea of being recognized as such. One can interpret his lack of sexual advancements to be a result of the desire not to see himself as what he is.

        In context, he hasn’t boned Lefi because she’s a child, Lyuu because they’re technically not married yet (only actually engaged) and it makes sense for them not to bone in the context of the morality of the world presented, and Nell because they can’t risk her getting preggers in a world without birth control.

        MC’s attitude is less of a reflection of the author’s thoughts and more of a series of excuses.

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    2. I don’t see why you’re so offended over such thoughts that come from a shy young girl living in a medieval type society.

      And you make it seem like the author is condoning her thoughts. When in fact he denied it through Carlotta.

      I think you’re not doing a good job disconnecting real life from the story, and that you should stop treating any ideology or culture that differ from yours as bad.


      1. I’m not offended, I just found all that ludicrous, obnoxious AND a repeat of the same “conservative” mentality Japanese authors often use in their stories, treating sex as if it wasn’t pleasant or something to be ashamed about… this is prevalent in a LOT of stories, not just this one… and I find it irksome how they imbue that ideology in their work because of social norms, culture??? have you seen HENTAI???

        THE AUTHOR WROTE THOSE THOUGHT, and then talked about “sex” only as means to have kids, regardless of what Carlotta said

        I can treat whichever IDEOLOGY any way I want, I can very well disconnect real life from a story, you’re the one talking about the character as if she’s real, I specifically talked about how the author fumbled the subject.

        “culture”… that’s not culture, that’s a social issue… there are a lot of countries that have this issue, the author hopped on his soap box to talk about sex in a way that’s dumb, he could have just avoided the subject altogether.

        he’s permeating the ideology that women must be “pure” to a ridiculous standard… something all this authors do.


      2. So basically you’re again gonna ignore what Carlotta / the author said even though it literally denies whatever you said about “he’s permeating the ideology that women must be “pure” to a ridiculous standard”

        It seems like what triggered you was what Yuki said in a previous chapter about having kids.

        Yuki or the author never said that sex is only a mean to have kids.
        It’s just that Yuki and Lefi were newly married, and it could be seen as disrespectful to Lefi to only want to have sex with no intention of having kids, which is something Lefi definitely wanted.
        I think that’s why Yuki delayed it for so long. He also said that he didn’t feel horny because of being so busy with different things everyday.

        You are definitely overreacting.

        And regarding the other novels you read that had elements that made you uncomfortable,

        At the end of the day, it’s just a difference of conservative and liberal ideologies. Again, you shouldn’t treat something as unconditionally wrong just because it’s different from your ideology.


      3. I have no problem with Ne, but I have huge problem how Author carried the relationship with the Dragon and Demon.

        She was his first love, and like really lovely love, but they didn’t had sex. They did, only due to Yuki thinking he’s ready for being a father, like sex is only for being a father.

        That’s the wrong mentality the author has. The love between them, they should have had sex by 4-5 chapters, hell at that time I thought they already did the deed but I was like “What???” when they later said that they didn’t slept together. It doesn’t make any sense.

        Again, I find it weird that they are like real couples to the bone, and they didn’t even talk about sex.
        I see there are two parallels, Arifureta, where Yue had sex like from day 1, and here, where they don’t do anything for years. A correct balance can be Monogatari Series or say Love Is War or Horimiya where they actually had sex in the correct way, correct time frame.

        I mean I gotta say that author has very good writing skills with character interaction, but he really sucks in intimate things and I guess he is a conservative himself, well which is okay. It’s his story so he has a pass, but as a reader, it felt weird and out of place.

        I actually thought that Sex between Nell and Yuki would be tough and prolonged. Again, weird that Yuki didn’t f*ck Lufi when they were out going for date and stuff, author would make it good if other girls didn’t exactly know about it and Yuki and Nell took their own time and did it without anyone knowing and then Fox getting angry that they both did it and then doing it at the night of their marriage.

        Anyways, that’s all..


  2. Well, Nell didn’t have an interesting childhood, and probably lived through few character building events (her mother’s passing and being elected or discovered as a hero, probably the only really interesting moments in her life) before meeting Yuki, so of course she got heavily influenced by him. Living with that diverse and very colorful group plus all the stuff Yuki does, that’s like a decade worth of culture each day, or hour.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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  3. XD Nell, god dang it.
    TPO, Nell, focus, focus on your job first.

    i can see Yuki giggling if he heard this.

    thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!

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  4. Is there a website where I could read the raws of this novel? I can’t stand waiting for the next chapter even if I have to sacrifice the quality of what I’m reading


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