Jingai Musume 338

Side Story: Something’s Wrong!
Editor(s): Speedphoenix

Something’s wrong! Yuki and Lefi have been acting really really weird lately. They were always really close, but it feels kinda like they’ve been even closer lately. I’m not really sure why. It’s not like they’re doing anything different. They’re still just playing games and having fun, but something about them makes me think that they’re on better terms than ever before.

They’re doing it right now too.

“Goddammit Lefi, stop leaning into me. It’s way too hot for that today.”
“Do you truly believe it is I that should relent to your demands? It was I who occupied this space to begin with. I must agree that it is sweltering and uncomfortable, but the fault lies only with you.”

Both of them grumbled at each other. It looked like they were in a bad mood, but I knew it wasn’t true. They’re actually really happy about being stuck together!

I ended up staring for a really long time because of how weird it was, so they noticed, split up, and went off to do their own things. I need to be more careful next time.

Hmm… Oh, I know what’s going on! They’re being even more lovey-dovey than usual! That’s gotta be it.

“They’re all snuggly wuggly!” said Shii.
“…Cupid came. And used arrow rain,” said Enne.

I knew it. Even Shii and Enne agree!

“Why do you think they suddenly started getting all snuggly?” I asked.
“Oh, I know, I know! Cupid’s arrows were enchanted!” said Shii. “It wasn’t just an arrow rain. It was an arrow storm!”
“Mhm… Shii’s right,” agreed Enne. “Arrow Storm is Cupid’s trump card. If he uses it, you’ll fall in love. Then you get stunned. And can’t move.”
“Wow! That’s super duper strong!” said Shii.
“Then Cupid makes you watch. While he transforms. He gets three times bigger. And stronger. Too strong.”
“Wow… If he can transform, then I guess he’s gotta be a real big bad boss guy!” said Shii

The two were saying whatever came to mind, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. 

“I dunno… I asked Leila about him, but all I got was a smile. She told me it was a secret,” I said.
“That’s because Leila’s the strongest!” said Shii. “I bet she can beat Cupid up!”
“Mhm. Master said so too. He called her the ‘best ninja in the village hidden in the leaves.’ But I’m not sure what he meant.”
“I dunno either. Master’s mysterious,” said Shii. “But I guess it means Leila’s really strong…”

Yuki had always been a little bit of a mystery. Sometimes, he says things that no one else understands. I don’t know what the village hidden in the leaves is supposed to be either, but I think Shii’s right. He was probably trying to tell her that Leila’s amazing. Everybody always listens to her, after all.

“Mhm. Leila’s really strong. She never loses. Even at the World Martial Arts Tournament,” said Enne.
“Yup yup! She’ll shout really loud and then fire a huuuuuuuuge beam and beat everyone else up!” agreed Shii.

Wow, that was random! But it’s really normal for conversations with Shii and Enne to jump all over the place. They’re both really scatterbrained. I bet it’s because of Yuki! He’s a huge scatterbrain too. And I don’t actually think Leila can shoot any beams. Even if she’s really awesome. She’d probably win with magic instead.

You see, I’m onto a little secret. Leila’s what Yuki calls a secret boss. Beating Yuki will only get you the normal ending. You’ll have to beat Leila too, if you want the true ending!

“Wait, wait! How’d we end up talking about martial arts tournaments? We’re supposed to be talking about how Yuki and Lefi are acting!” I shouted, as I realized that I was getting distracted.

For some odd reason, both of them gave me weird looks.

“We are? I don’t think it matters, since it seems like everything’s even better than usual!” said Shii.
“Mhm. It’d be bad if they were fighting. But they’re not. It’s okay. Even if they act a bit weird,” said Enne.
“…I guess you’re right.”

I thought about it for a moment, and I agreed with them. If they’re happier, then I’ll be even happier too! There’s no point in thinking about it if everything’s okay.

“That’s enough thinking! Let’s go outside! I wanna go play!” said Shii.
“Mmmmnnn… ok. But what are we playing?” asked Enne. 
“Hmm… That’s a good question…” Shii paused for a moment to think. “Oh, I know, let’s pretend to be balls!”|
“Pretend? Do you mean… pretend to play soccer? Or football?”
“No, not that. I don’t wanna pretend to be a player. I wanna pretend to be the ball itself! We can roll up and be really round. It’ll be fun!”
“Okay. Then I’ll be a basketball,” said Enne.
“I’ll be a volleyball! What about you, Illuna?”
“Uhhhhhmmmm… I’ll be a rugby ball!”
“Wow, you’re so daring! I bet you’ll score a lot more points than us!”
“Mhm. Really creative.”
“Hehe, I knew it was a really good idea!”

Since the mystery was solved, we stopped thinking about it and went out to play.


Spending time with everyone is always really really really fun and exciting. Every day was the same. I got up, studied, played till I dropped, ate really tasty food, enjoyed a nice hot bath, and then tucked myself away and got back in bed. And I couldn’t have been happier. I get to spend a lot of time with everyone, and I love them all a lot. Hehe… I know that living like this is what it means to be blessed and happy.

“Hey, Yuki?” I looked up at him, as we walked towards the sunset, hand in hand.
“What’s up?”
“Thanks so much for everything!”

He didn’t seem to know what to say, so he just patted me on the head. His hand was so warm I couldn’t help but smile.

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15 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 338

  1. “Cupid came. And used arrow rain” ~
    And it’s very effective!!

    So, Leila is like a Hokage, or a hidden trump card from Konoha, unless Yuki was talking about some other story. Quite an adorable chapter here.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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  2. THAT was “less effort than usual”?? Didn’t feel anything was out of place. Man, you sure are awesome at translating 😮 Either that or Phoenix used some black magic when editing XD

    Thanks for the chap~

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    1. The difference is that there was very little rephrasing done. Normally, I do one pass in order to translate the raw, and another pass to sound it more like something that came out of an English writer. This chapter only received one pass because I find it incredibly difficult to tolerate Illuna.

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      1. It doesn’t sound off anywhere and if you diidn’t tell us I wouldn’t notice anyway (most of us probably wouldn’t notice too), and it wasn’t Yuki’s “gamer” speak nor Lefi’s anachronisms so all good.

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  3. “Arrow Storm is Cupid’s trump card. If he uses it, you’ll fall in love. Then you get stunned. And can’t move.”

    holy moly, cupid is terrifying.
    those kids sure unto something.

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!
    nekorona is still around the corner *sigh

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