Jingai Musume 346

Nell’s Predicament — Part 1
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

“Heya Yuki, it’s been a while,” said a certain, very annoying twink. “How’ve you been doing?”
“Mind explaining why I’m talking to you?”

I had rushed all the way back into the dungeon and over to my workbench only to find myself greeted by a voice belonging to someone who was very much not Nell. Much to my dismay, I recognized the person in question. It was Phynar, the king of the demon realm.

“Well you see, I really wanted to sit down and have a little chat with you, and the hero was nice enough to let me borrow one of her items to do just that.”

His explanation was followed by a much more familiar and less irritating voice confirming the claim.

“Hey Yuki. I’m sorry about how sudden this is, but we really need your help,” said Nell. “Would you mind talking to the Demon King for just a little? He’s much better than me when it comes to spelling out the details.”
“If you insist…” I grumbled.
“Wow, you two are so cute together! I always did find your relationship to be a bit of an odd one. It isn’t everyday that you hear about a hero marrying a demon lord, after all,” said Phynar. “I’m glad to see you’re every bit as dedicated as she says you are.”
“I’m hanging up if you don’t shut it.”
“Oh, you silly thing, it was just a joke,” chuckled Phynar. “Now, I think I better get to telling you about our current circumstances. You see, I’m with the King Reiyd of Allysia, and Queen Napholahz of the Elves right now. We’re all together, having ourselves a nice little chat in the elven lands, but then the big bad fiends attacked us. I’m sure you know them, after all those scuffles you’ve had with them, over the past year or so.”

A certain obnoxious, red-headed demon came to mind almost immediately.

“As much as it pains me to say this, they’ve gotten the better of us,” he said, regretfully. “We’ve succeeded in holding them off so far, but now, they’ve managed to put us in check.”

Huh. I guess this is what Nell meant when she mentioned the expedition she had to go on.

“And how, exactly, did they do that?”
“Well, you see, they happened to unleash an incredibly powerful monster just outside the city we’re in,” Phynar said.
“Get to the point.”
“It’s an undead dragon.”
“A what?”

The comment drew the attention of the fair lady standing next to me. The way she furrowed her brow demonstrated that she was everything but pleased to hear the news.

“I’m guessing that’s exactly what it sounds like, right?”
“Yup! They dug up a dragon’s corpse and brought it back to life as a member of the undead. It’s not as strong as it was when it was alive, but if we were to try poking at it, it’d burn the whole forest down, along with everyone in it. And we can’t have that.”

Of course the fiends are still desecrating corpses. What else is new?

While a politician may have found the idea of an undead army to be nothing short of ideal, I thought of it as blasphemy, a sin even worse than shitting all over the graves of those used in its creation. Even as someone with no real stakes in any sort of religion, the act of pure evil repulsed me. I used to like zombie movies back when I lived in Japan, and I’m pretty sure I still do, but that’s only because I know they’re works of fiction. Real zombies are just… wrong.

“I believe you’ve killed an adult dragon before, so would you mind lending us a hand? We’d really like to avoid as many casualties as possible, and naturally, we’ll be paying you a king’s ransom, given that three monarchs’ lives are at stake.”
“…Okay, I think I see what the issue is. You mind letting me talk to Nell for a bit?”
“Of course not,” said Phynar, in a sing songy voice. “Nell, he’s calling for you.”

I had a hard time imagining that he was really in dire straits given how cheerful and stress free he sounded.

“What is it, Yuki?”
“Phynar said something about you guys being attacked. Are you hurt anywhere?”
“Nope, I’m just fine! As a demon lord’s wife, there’s no way I could possibly get hurt when the only thing they’ve done is come at us half-heartedly.”

Given how full of energy she sounded, I was rather inclined to believe that she wasn’t just trying not to make me worry.

“Alright. You can let Phynar know that I’ll be heading over immediately.”
“Okay. And uhm… I’m really sorry about getting you involved.”
“Don’t worry about it. Doing an extra chore or two to get my precious little wifey out of a tough spot is no concern of mine at all.”

That’s what it means to be family.

“I more or less know where you guys are because of the orb’s tracking function, but I’ve never actually gone there before. How long do you think it’ll take me if I fly?”
“Uhm… The village is just a bit south of the demon realm, so I think it’ll probably be two or three days.”
“Alright, see you in two then. Take care of yourself. Don’t do anything risky, okay?”
“Okay! Thanks Yuki, I love you!”

With that, the crystal faded, and all sound from the other side cut off.

“Alright girls, you heard her. I’m going to go get my stuff ready and head out.”
“I shall accompany you,” said Lefi. “It is best that I am present if there is a dragon, even should it be a mere raised corpse.”
“Thanks,” I said, quietly, before turning to Leila and Lyuu. “Keep an eye on the house for me, alright?”
“There ain’t nothin’ to worry ’bout, Master! As a family, we’ve gotta help each other out when we’re in trouble, and I’m ready to get my part goin’! Ain’t that right, Leila?” said Lyuu, with her fists pumped.
“Of course,” said the more reliable maid. “We should be fine on our own, but we’ll get in touch if anything happens.”

After nodding in thanks, I used farspeak to instruct my pets to head back to the grasslands and got my preparations underway.


“And I believe that, my friends, means we have our tickets out of this mess,” said Phynar, with an ever friendly smile.
“I had no idea he was a demon lord…” muttered Carlotta.
“Really? I thought the two of you had met. And more than once, at that,” said Phynar, his eyes open wide in surprise.
“We have, but I was never made aware of his identity, and we refrained from probing,” said the paladin. “We saw no point in it. He’s a valuable ally, and earning his ire would be no different from spearing ourselves in the foot.”
“That certainly does explain that,” said the king with a chuckle.
“Uhm… Carlotta, I uhmmm…”

A rather nervous Nell did her best to try to find the right words to say to her superior, but it was to no avail.

“Don’t worry about it,” Carlotta sighed. “I understand why you didn’t say anything, and I knew he had every intention of hiding his identity, given his frequent use of masks. I have no particular comments to make given the extent to which he’s helped us. And I’m fairly confident in my deduction that His Majesty was already well aware.”
“I was,” admitted Reiyd. “I’m sorry for not telling you earlier. It would have been rather… inconvenient if his identity was leaked, given that he was and still is the man who saved our country.”
“That, I certainly agree with. I’m not fond of the idea of another major political conflict so soon after we resolved the last,” said Carlotta. “I’ll do us all a favour and pretend I never heard anything that was said today.”
“Thank you, Carlotta,” said Reiyd.
“Thanks Carlotta!” echoed Nell.
“…I have to admit, that was one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in quite a while.” The paladin smiled awkwardly. “Though, it would certainly explain how absurdly powerful he is.”

Once Carlotta was done talking, Queen Napholahz approached Nell with a brief curtsy.

“We thank you, hero,” she said. “With Our arm missing, the elven military would have lost much of its potential. We must show you Our gratitude by repaying this debt in full.”

Her comment came as a result of one of Nell’s actions. The brunette had used one of the many high grade potions Yuki had given to her to restore the monarch’s lost limb.

“There’s no need for you to repay me, Your Majesty,” said Nell. “All I’d like is for our people to get along better in the future.”
“We understand.” Napholahz nodded, then turned to Reiyd. “It appears that you possess a rather potent ally, King of Allysia, and now, a significant advantage at the table of negotiations.”
“To be honest with you, Napholahz, I am struggling to come up with a suitable reward for her myself. The potion she administered was her own property.”
“A struggle We empathize with. It is certainly no simple task given the item’s value. Shall We provide you with an article of Our own?”
“If I am to be honest, I would rather refrain,” said Reyid with a troubled smile. “To request that of you would be to give up a notable advantage.”
“It appears that Our ploy has been uncovered. Whatever shall We do now?”

Napholahz laughed heartily, then turned to the third monarch at the table.

“Phynar, We wish to know more of the blade that Our assailant employed. What of its properties are you aware?”
“We don’t know everything just yet, but we’re fairly certain that it’s Tortund Ruin, a cursed weapon that may as well be a calamity in and of itself. It’s been a long time since it last showed up in the records. The crown’s changed hands four times since then.”
“Four? Then these records of yours, they tell tales of a time one thousand, seven hundred years past?” asked the elven queen.

Her words led Nell to realize that the tale was one even older than Lefi.

“Yup, you’ve got the time frame just about right,” confirmed Phynar. “The greatsword sucks up all the blood and resentment of everyone it cuts and uses it to grow even stronger. That part isn’t all that strange. Most cursed weapons are more or less the same.” He frowned. “The problem with Tortund Ruin is that it puts all the others to shame.”

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    it’s a shame that after getting myself hyped and starting this series I’m already out of stuff to read XD


  2. A nice reveal, some more plot thickening, and some lore of the world, this be a good chapter.
    Thanks for the awesome translation! May God bless you!

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      1. Erm, I don’t know about that. Did you read ahead in the raws? Or is it a theory?
        Frankly I just enjoy reading stories with well fleshed out lore and world building.

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  3. XD never thought charlotta would know who actually masked hero is this way.

    the church will be at odds with yuki given their beli- wait, we never gets explained about the religion in the novel arent we?!

    thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!

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    1. I don’t think the ‘demon lord’ title the same as it is in Christianity and the like (lord of demons from hell, enemies of heaven) – but just a different species of high tier monsters.
      Is it translated from ‘Maou’ in this novel? Like, ‘magic king’?

      I also guess the church doesn’t matter much in this story, as the lifespan of Yuki and the others means religions will rise and fall and mutate, etc…

      But yeah, I still wonder what the doctrine is. At least, is it Christian-like? (feels like that, maybe because of the paladin order… I don’t think other types of religions had holy knights, excluding warrior monks and such)

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    2. “Demon Lord” in this series is not a religious concept. It’s simply another name for a dungeon master. People do hate demon lords, but it’s not because of religion. Most demon lords are just drunk on power and hostile to everything around them. Remember that even Emyu (Layla’s sister) was shocked to see a demon lord just walking in town and called them evil. She’s a demon and definitely not part of Nell’s church.

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    3. The Church that Nell and Carlotta is part of serves a Goddess of Courage and Love… if I remember correctly. They pretty much were against Demon Lords because the vast majority of Demon Lords were basically trying to wage genocide and conquest on everything not them with the ones not murdering everything in their path instead capturing and forcing themselves on whoever took their fancy. Both of which being things their Goddess and thus them take issue with.

      It is because of those Demon Lords actions that Demon Lords have such a stigma and why they are kill on sight unless weird exceptions like Yuki show up.

      From the perspective of the Demons, and more specifically the Sheep Horn Clan, Demon Lords are simply the Lords of Labyrinths. It just so happens most of them are demon types.

      You also cannot rule out the possibility that Humans who were at war with Demons for such a long time that they simply started associating what should of been called Labyrinth Lords (like how Yggdrasil calls Yuki Lord of Labyrinths rather then Demon Lord) with Demons. Easier to make the enemy seem irredeemable that way. This likely spread over countless generations until it stuck even with the Demons.


      1. Archdemon was his race, a type of ancient demon. He had no family name. The Drakenstead log stone simply appended his race name, which had become Demon Lord following his evolution, onto his name in the list just like how the earlier non dragon Dragon Lord got his race appended after his family name resulting in a 3 part name.


    4. There beliefs are not anti demon (like in Christianity) they are anti monster but some consider demons as a type of monster due to some similarities in both the origins and powers/appearances.


  4. Must i explain how incredibly stupid it is that they’re leaving the house alone without lefi to protect it..?

    The last times they did it, they were either close enough to the dungeon that they would be able to come back in a few minutes, or leaving for a very short while with nothing happening around them. Now, not only do they not know for how long they’ll go, but there’s also the fact that an undead dragon seems like an obvious bait for yuki. Yuki revealed himself to the dragon tribe, so it wouldn’t be strange if some of the dragons on the enemy’s side learned of his identity. They’ll use yuki’s life (dungeon core) against lefi, so she won’t be able to do shit against them no matter how strong she is. Either way, with his dragon lord aura, he should be enough to deal with a single undead dragon. The elder dragon had said that yuki would be able to force dragons to stop doing shit (although he wanted yuki to do it without forcing them), so why does nell need to come? Right after loosing her powers too? (I know she can still somewhat use her powers, but still…)


    1. Rir and the others are still there to protect his core and both he and Lefi have teleport necklaces to return in an instant. He gets notified by the dungeon whenever something strong enters his territory.

      As for the aura, it doesn’t work on deviants. I doubt an undead would be affected either even if the base body is a dragon


    2. Well they have that item that gets them home immediately? Like a town scroll… Like that red haired G*d eat*r esque used to escape…
      Pretty sure the summoned beasts arent incompetent enough to report directly to yuki should there be anomalies through “Far Speak?”
      Hes a dungeon lord… Anomalies actually shows on his map. Pretty sure hes got a wide property now.


    3. They can teleport and his terrain literally covers most of the forest so he can tell how strong thy are plus he has his pets.


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