Jingai Musume 354

Side Story: A Seaside Summer Vacation — Part 1
Editor(s): Joker, Speedphoenix

It started out as a day like any other. We were all gathered in the true throne room, munching away at a delicious breakfast, when I set down my chopsticks and made a declaration.

“Alright men, perk up. Today’s the day,” I said. “Today’s the day we hit the beach.”
“I understand not your intentions.” A sleepy-eyed Lefi stifled a yawn as she responded. “Do you wish to expand the plains?”
“Nah, even better,” I said. “You remember how I was messing around with the dungeon I got? The one with all the haunted ships? Well, I happened to find a really nice private beach, so I figured we might as well pay it a visit.”
“Spending some time on the beach sounds like it could be lots of fun, especially if Yuki’s the one planning it.” Nell was all smiles, likely because she was recalling the time we’d messed around before we headed out to defeat a demon lord.
“Ugh… I ain’t never gone to a beach before. Swimmin’ ain’t somethin’ I know how to do,” said a despondent Lyuu.
“It’s okay, I’ll teach you everything you need to know,” said Nell. “It’s simple, I promise.”
“It’s really really reeeeaaally easy!” said Shii. “All you need to do is float!”
“My body ain’t floatin’ anywhere near as well as yours,” said Lyuu.

Whatever Shii was made out of was apparently less dense than water, as she pretty much constantly stayed afloat. She was able to dive in her human-like form if she really tried, but in her slime form, it was straight up impossible. I think she thinks it’s fun to be in her slime form when she’s in the water too. She pretty much always reverts to it and floats around. Makes me kinda nervous though, ‘cause it looks like she’s going to dissolve.

“If we’re going to the beach, are we going to be swimming?”
“Swimming is fun,” said Enne.
“Hell yeah, we are. We’ll get to swim as much as we want, but that’s not all. There’ll be lots of other stuff to do too,” I said. “Oh, and don’t worry about your swimsuits. I’ve already got those ready.”

I reached into my inventory with my spare hand and procured a bunch of different swimsuits, one for each person.

“That is quite… alarming,” said Lefi. “It revolts me to know that you have prepared them, and in our sizes.”
“If any of you would rather wear something different, then I can do a quick hot swap for you,” I said, ignoring Lefi’s comment on my creepiness. “The catalog’s got an endless variety of swimsuits in it, so you can wear pretty much whatever kind you want.”
“I understand now that you wish to play at sea, but you would do well to put those away. Revealing them now is discourteous. We are still in the midst of a meal.”
“If he’s that excited, then I guess we’ll have to start getting ready to go right after breakfast,” said Nell.
“Roger that! I’ll get right to gettin’ everythin’ ready as soon as we’re done cleanin’ up!” said Lyuu.
“Then I suppose I’ll have to pack us some lunch boxes,” said Leila. “Will we be spending the evening there as well, My Lord?”
“Don’t worry about dinner. We’re going to be having, big surprise, a barbeque. Can’t have a real beach day without grilling up some meat,” I said.
“Yay! We’ll get to eat lots of meat! I can’t wait!” cheered Illuna.
“Barbecue. Yay,” said Enne. “They’re the best.”
“Hehe! Enne really really loves meat!” said Shii. “And I do too!”
“An excellent choice indeed,” said Lefi. “I see little reason for the taste of barbecued meat to be superior to that of any other meat that is grilled, but I have no doubts that it is by far superior.”
“Yeah, I’m not really sure either, but I think it’s probably got something to do with charcoal making the meat stay juicy,” I said.

The excited exchange continued throughout the meal. Literally everyone was hyped up for the event, even in spite of how randomly it’d been suggested. Heh. I bet all the Japanese fathers reading this are envious as fuck right now. That’s right, suck it! I get to take my family to the beach without any prior planning! No research into the best beaches, parking spots, or routes necessary. Take that!


We wound up on the beach within the hour.

“How… glorious.”

I was practically trembling with emotion, touched by the beautiful sights laid out before me. The adults were in gloriously sexy bikinis, while the kids were wearing gloriously cute, frilly swimsuits. Even the triplets were possessing newly bought dolls, each wearing their own bathing costumes. Can’t leave them out of the experience, after all.

The kids were cute enough to make certain people’s drills pierce the heavens, but I was nearly too enamoured with the dangerously sexy adults to care. I could feel my brain rotting away, with the term glorious being the only one to dance around inside of it. Like seriously. Hnnng. I’ve finally found Shangri-la!

“These outfits differ little from lingerie,” said Lefi, who was strangely embarrassed for someone that had no qualms with me seeing her butt naked. “Your opinion, Yuki?”
“Absolutely fucking glorious.” It took me a moment to reply. My mind was almost too busy suffering the hormone-induced equivalent of a stroke to handle a conversation. “You’re putting picture perfect to shame. And that goes for all of you. Like, holy shit.”
“I-it embarasses me greatly to be praised so openly,” said Lefi.
“Yours looks good on you too, Yuki,” said Nell.
“This ain’t anythin’ new, but Master’s body’s nicely toned,” said Lyuu. “He’s got lotsa muscle on him, but he still stayin’ slender. It ain’t nothin’ but perfect.”
“I knew you’d understand, Lyuu!” said Nell. “And the best parts are his abs.”
“There ain’t any denyin’ that,” replied the wolf girl.

The two approached and began feeling me up. One touched my abs, while the other started running her fingers down the sides of my stomach.

“Girls, pleaseaseahahaa! Chill owawahayaut! Knock it off, seriously!” I said, while trying not to laugh hysterically.
“Oh, Yuki, don’t be like that.”
“Yeah, Master. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little touchin’.”
“Ohyaahhyaha fine! But if you want to touch, then you better be ready to be touched too!”
“What’s that supposed to meeeahn!? Yuki! Stop that! It tickles!” squealed Nell.
“I-I ain’t goin’ down that easily, Master!” said Lyuu, who started tickling me back much more intently than she was before.

Their bodies are so soft. Glorious/10. Today was a great day.

“Your body is truly one to be envied, Leila,” said a certain flat dragon.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” replied the buxom sheep. “I would much rather have a nicely balanced figure like yours.” She looked at Lefi, then herself, and blushed. “Wearing these outfits is a little embarrassing.”

Their conversation naturally led me to turn my eyes in their direction. And I had to say, I agreed with Lefi’s assessment. Leila’s swimsuit was… nothing if not glorious. The best part was that she was no longer anywhere near as calm and collected as usual. Her beautiful, fair skin was flushed a rosy pink from the embarrassment of wearing something so revealing. Is it just me, or am I saying “glorious” a lot?

“Knock that off, Yuki! Stop leering at Leila’s chest!” said Nell.
“I knew it. There ain’t no beatin’ a chest like Leila’s. She’s totally breakin’ the rules,” said Lyuu.
“I uh… have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Oh shit, they know. It wasn’t like I was trying to stare. In fact, I was doing my best to fight out the near gravitational pull contained within the bundles of hope held in place only by the sheep demon’s swimsuit. You said it, Lyuu. With tits like that, there ain’t no rules left to be followed. There’s no way any man with a pair between his legs wouldn’t stare.

While the adults were already having plenty of fun, the same couldn’t be said for the kids.

“Let’s go swimming already! I can’t wait any longer!” said Illuna, as she tugged on my hand.
“Wow! This place is pretty!” said Shii.
“I want to swim. Lots,” said Enne.
“Oh, right, yeah, my bad girls,” I said. “We can head into the water soon, but first let’s do some stretches so we make sure don’t pull anything while we’re out at sea, alright?”

All three cheered as they got themselves ready to head into the water.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Yeah, I’m not really sure either, but I think it’s probably got something to do with charcoal making the meat stay juicy,” I said. <- According to Food Theorist's scientific methods, it seems to have to do with both the smoke from the charcoal/wood and the smoke caused by the burning of the juices dripping from the meat.

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    1. Let’s be optimistic, and think that Leila has a magical passive ability that makes her ample assets attract even those that prefer the young, something like a fantasy cure for the p*do.

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  2. Another side story that showed up rather abruptly, but it’s got a beach event, with swimsuits and plenty fan service (even if just in text), so it’s welcomed.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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    1. I was kind of hoping for a magical body swap between Lefi and her, or Shii morphing into each of then, but with the other’s assets on.


  3. Finally. Some flat chests properly equipped with bikinis. None of that frilly shit that hides all the good stuff. Leila has nothing on Yuki’s wives.


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