Jingai Musume 38

The Invasion

It was night time. Illuna was asleep and the maids had already returned to their room. Lefi and I were bored. We didn’t really have anything better to do, so we had started playing board games.

That was when it happened.

“What the!?”

I reacted with a jolt as my menu system suddenly activated and pulled up a map of the dungeon.

“Whatever is the matter, Yuki?”
“It looks like there are some uninvited guests headed our way.”
“Yeah,” I frowned.

There were two scenarios in which my map would open on its own accord. The first was when something hostile got too close to the dungeon core. The second was when the dungeon’s territories were invaded by anything that generated more than a certain number of Dungeon Points. The amount of Dungeon Points something was worth was directly proportional to how powerful that something was, so in essence, both cases served to indicate that the dungeon was in danger.

One of the warning system’s most interesting features was that it was flexible. It could trigger based off both individual enemies and groups of enemies. That is, it could still activate even if we were invaded by a large party comprised of weaker entities so long as the sum of all their individual Dungeon Point values exceeded a certain threshold.

And this time, that was precisely the case. My territory had been invaded by a swarm of weaklings.

The only reason I was capable of discerning that the individual invaders were weak was because my map had recently undergone an upgrade. It was now capable of showing me detailed information about each invader, with one of these details being the trespassers’ races. This time, they were all human. There looked to be about four to five hundred of them in total.

“Have you any knowledge of their identities?” asked Lefi.
“Well, they’re all wearing similar equipment, so they probably belong to an army.”
“Remember how we attacked some human town in order to get Illuna back? I’m pretty sure the country that town’s affiliated with dispatched their troops because they weren’t happy with what we did.”
“So the fools failed to learn their lesson?”
“Pretty much, yeah.”
“Shall I destroy them?”

A cold, dark smile made its way across Lefi’s face. The humans knew that she ruled the Wicked Forest’s deepest parts. Their invasion demonstrated that they no longer respected her authority. And that, she would not stand for.

Lefi was capable of resolving the situation with ease. In fact, letting her loose would have been the most efficient way of dealing with our “guests.” But still, I shook my head and rejected the offer.

“Nah,” I smiled. “I’d rather not have to rely on you if possible. This is my dungeon, defending it and everyone that lives in it is my responsibility. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity for me to try something I’ve been meaning to test.”

I had already known that this was going to happen.

The city’s governor was willing to comply with our demands. It was clear that he understood our power and didn’t want to challenge us. There was, however, no guarantee that his country would feel the same. As far as they were concerned, we were in the wrong. We had crossed their borders, threatened their citizens, and even occupied one of their towns.

I was certain that some hot-headed higher up would ignore all the governor’s warnings and send troops at us for the sake of retaliation. There was no way that mentioning the Supreme Dragon would be enough to pacify all the idiotic patriots at the country’s helm.

They were sure to challenge her; they were doomed to repeat their predecessors’ mistakes.

But in essence, that was precisely what it meant to be human.

My knowledge of my old world’s history was enough to inform me that, for humans, forgetting the past was normal. Humanity had always continued to make the same mistakes over and over. The lessons our ancestors left us would always fade with time and be left forgotten in the annals of history.

It was precisely that bit of knowledge that led me to expect this invasion. And since I expected it, I was ready for it.

I’d been expanding the amount of territory covered by the dungeon at almost every given opportunity. I had already integrated a fair part of the forest into my domain. My plan was to have the invaders assist me in testing out two of the dungeon features that I wished to further explore.

The first of these features was setting traps through the dungeon’s interface. I had already used the function to prepare everything ahead of time, so I knew how it worked. However, I had no clue how effective the traps were. I needed to see them in action. The second feature was altering the lay of the land that I had acquired through the expansion of my domain.

I took a deep breath and stopped thinking about the dungeon as I took turns glancing at Lefi, who was staring straight at me, and Illuna, who was still asleep.

My second life was… an enjoyable one. I spent most of my time effectively doing whatever I wanted. I could waste days just messing around without having to face the consequences.

I never ended up finding myself wanting to be human again. I never once yearned to be a part of human society. Nor had I ever wished that I was still back in Japan.

And it was all thanks to them.

Lefi and Illuna were why my days had always been so filled with joy. I was certain that I would have longed for my homeland had they not been there for me.

That was why I had no mercy to show for those that threatened them, for those that threatened to take away the happy days I spent with them by my side.

If the soldiers were our enemies, I would destroy them. No questions asked.

“But, I guess I’ll at least issue them a warning first.”

I was prepared to do whatever it took to protect my dungeon and its inhabitants. But I too had once been human. I couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of lingering compassion for the intruders that I had once shared a race with. So I decided that I would at least offer them an opportunity to leave.

“Hey Lefi…?”

I got up and materialized my wings as I began to speak.

“What is it, Yuki?”

She spoke in her usual, casual tone—

“I’m going to step out for a bit. Could you do me a favour watch over the dungeon for me while I’m away?”
“Very well,” she nodded. “I… will await your return.”

—Or at least she tried.

“Be quick about it. The next turn is yours, and I fear my impatience may drive me to make your move for you should you not return at once.”

Her voice wavered and conveyed to me the subtle emotions behind the words she’d chosen not to say.

Thank you, Lefi.

“I swear, you better not.”

I smiled wryly and did my best to stop my emotions from surfacing as I left the throne room and readied myself to confront the intruders.


Translator’s note: This is the first time I’ve ever experienced not being good enough at English to translate something properly. For that, I guess I need to apologize to the readers, the author, and the novel itself. I can’t do this scene justice. I tried to convey all the subtle emotions it’s filled with, but I don’t think I got them across very successfully.

Long story short, Lefi is both aware that Yuki is taking a risk. He is placing himself in danger of either dying or suffering psychological damage after the conflict. Both are trying to speak to each other in such a way that provides the other party with peace of mind. Lefi understands that this is something Yuki has resolved himself to do, and knows that he needs to do it himself. This is why she never once directly tells him she is concerned for his safety. She doesn’t want him to be worried about her being worried about him. The lines at the end reek of subtle romantic feelings, but I can’t get them quite right, even after staring at them for like 12 hours.

Tl;dr. Sorry I’m bad at English.

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23 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 38

  1. I think you managed to convey their emotions properly. The scene was not corny nor excessively melodramatic. It suits the general theme of this story and further builds the characters.

    Liked by 15 people

  2. The translation seems fine. I can easily see through it that they care about each other and that Lefi wants to respect Yuki’s “growing up” but is worried. The Asian Novel version made her feel way more stubborn about those feelings and tsundere-ish.

    Yuki’s resolution isn’t too hard to portray in the first place; him doing it himself instead of relying on the all powerful dragon says everything about how he doesn’t necessarily want to be a powerless leech, and giving them a warning conveys he at least somewhat cares about his remaining “humanity” so even a poor translation would convey at least that much (not that this is a poor translation).

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Seperate Lefi’s lines. Don’t just condense it all into a single sentence. Break it apart into multiple sentences. That way with each smaller sentence you can show a different emotion, showing you to demonstrate how her emotions change subtly as she speaks.


      1. Anyway, my point is, people don’t use long and complex sentences like that normally. Especially when they are emotional, they tend to break up their speech into smaller and smaller sentences. (Unless they are a flustered anime character that talks non stop.)

        Here, Lefy sounds like an uppity British noble from the long distant past. Is what I wanted to convey.


      2. Ah, yeah. That’s because she’s supposed to sound like an old man. The reason the last thing she says is long is because that’s part of the facade of normalcy.

        The whole point is that she doesn’t want her emotions to show. That’s why I’m having a hard time. “OTL

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re TL is great and you should feel great lol. I think the subtleties were portrayed more than adequately to understand their true feelings. I’m glad you “hi-jacked” this series as you really do it justice. Its night and day compared to the last tl so thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “This is my dungeon, defending it and everyone that lives in it is my responsibility.”
    Just saying, but before it being your dungeon its her territory, and she is the one who had a pact with the humans, not you, so stop getting all high and mighty just because you are some generic MC, lol.


  6. I’ve seen translations slaughter the English language in a carefree fashion where I struggle to understand even broad strokes of parts of the story. These translations are good. Thankyou for the effort.


  7. Hey Supreme Tentacle-sensei, I don’t know if your still reading these but I had a thought. 🤔 Not that I expext you to change it now mind you but; what if Lefi clasped her hands and bit her lower lip, like when she pauses. I was just thinking that a little body language might add that extra layer of romantic tension. We associate that particular maneuver with romantic tension and tension for a loved one. If I’m not mistaken the layer of romantic tension in the original has to do with the trope of a lover putting on a strong face and sending her man off. We just don’t have the same association here in the ‘Occident.’

    PS- I just wanted to sound smart. You so rarely get the chance to use that word. 😋


    1. I have a little tracker thingy that tells me when people post comments, so I do see it.

      I understand the bit that you’re describing, but in my opinion, it is very… not Lefi. It’s an action that, in my opinion, would break character for her and therefore not something I would opt to alter.

      The moments in which Lefi expresses concern tend to be more so expressed through her lack of her usual attitude and the weight of each individual word.


  8. First time reading a LN, because I thought I’ll get bored of with not having a drawing like manga.. I started reading this yesterday, damn I just can’t stop lol.. I only plan on reading some Romance/harem to keep my mind off 5toubun and started to love this novel.. Thank you for the translatio! 😀


  9. This is what I’m talking about my dear author sir. Please more sweet slice of life. I don’t wanna read about mc bullsht speech, some 5 chapters characters that’s going to die anyways, or any kind of fcked up dramas. Just a casual and lovely life within the dungeon with some maids and lolis without any sht. Thank you. Appreciate all the effort made.


  10. I don’t think it’s that you’re bad at English, I think it’s just that English is a bad language? My first language is English, I speak it all the time, I went through all my education in it, but having learned three other languages at decently proficient level English just lacks a lot of words to express stuff.

    When I started learning other languages that was my biggest hurdle, understanding that conveying the English words wasn’t nearly enough, there are too many things in other languages that English just doesn’t have, from gender specific variations to different words for counting things like in Japanese..

    English is a very complex language with it’s rules that have more exceptions than not, all while being shockingly simple…


  11. Well after learning 3 languages, I know that some words simply don’t exist in other languages, and some feelings that are easy to express in one language can be totally awkward in another.


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