Jingai Musume 383

Side Story: A Surprise Party Gone Wrong
Editor(s): Speedphoenix


Yuki was lying around in bed, half dazed, as he offered a lazy response.

“They are yours to take.”

Lefi threw him a small bag, one full of cookies.

“Huh? Uhhh… thanks, I guess.”

The demon lord picked it up and gave it a confused stare.

“You would do well to sample them.”

It was the Holy Day of Love, and the homemade cookies were her gift. He was the only one that she offered a present, and she very intentionally conducted herself as normally as possible, as if it weren’t a special occasion. Just like everyone else. It was a plan that they had all put together, a grand scheme to feign ignorance in order to get a reaction out of him, to make him feel as if he was being neglected and given next to nothing.

Naturally, they had no intention of actually hurting his feelings. It was all a front, so they could put together a surprise party behind the scenes.


He called out to her as she began making her way to the inn, the spot where they were going to host the event.

“You’ve gotten a lot better at cooking,” he said, between bites. There was a happy expression on his face, a smile from the bottom of his heart. “These are delicious.”
“I-it is but a product of my daily progress. I am no longer unable to crack an egg without shattering its shell entirely.”

A blush crept up on her face. She had not been expecting him to react with such joy.

“Huh… It really has been a long time since then, hasn’t it? Damn… Anyway, thanks! I’m really happy.”

Lefi couldn’t help but reach for his hair and rub his head.

“Uhhh… what’s gotten into you?” he asked.
“Nothing… Mind it not,” she said, as she breathed a sigh. “Be patient Yuki. I shall prepare you a morsel of a far greater quality.”
“Oh uhhh… thanks. I was honestly hella satisfied with these cookies already, but I’m not gonna say no to something even better.”
“It is not my work alone. The others and I shall collaborate.”

She had ruined the surprise party and thrown the accompanying gag all out the window. But she didn’t blame herself. As far as Lefi was concerned, it was all Yuki’s fault.

“Oh right… I forgot that’s what today was,” he said. “I pretty much think this all the time, but I’m glad you’re here. All of you.”

Again, she silently reached for his head.

“S-seriously, what’s gotten into you today?”
“Nothing, Yuki. Nothing at all.”

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