Jingai Musume 403

The Reveal
Editor(s): Speedphoenix

The announcement was made shortly after we finished dinner. The kids were all off bathing, while the adults were gathered within the room. It wasn’t as if we weren’t planning to tell the kids, it just didn’t seem like the right time.

Though she had discovered it earlier, she had refrained from informing the others. She wanted me to be the first person to know. Hearing that had made me so happy that I hugged her for another few minutes or so before finally letting go.

“Y-you’re pregnant!?” shouted a very shocked Lyuu.
“Congratulations. That would certainly explain why you seemed so happy,” said Leila.
“W-wow, y-you’re going to have a child?” Nell was wide-eyed. “I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later… I-I would like one too, but I still have too much work to do…”
“S-so when’s the birth gonna be happenin’?” asked Lyuu.
“I am not yet certain,” said Lefi. “If I am to abide by draconic standards, then I shall require two full years, but my body as it is now is akin to that of the races. I know not which to be correct. Only time shall tell.”
“I guess so… Now that I’m thinkin’ about it, you were always just a dragon usin’ some sorta magic or somethin’ to make yourself look like a person.”
“Indeed. It is by no means a normal circumstance, and there is much for me to learn. I know very little of the birthing process, and even less of what remains applicable to my circumstances.”
“Your ecology is… mysterious and fascinating,” said Leila. “And it isn’t just you. The same can be said of many of the dungeon’s residents.”
“Yeah, I know right? I have no idea how half the kids’ bodies work,” I said with a chuckle.

All I could really say was that I was looking forward to seeing them grow up, however that process was going to end up happening.

“We’re gonna need to pay real good attention to Lefi’s health,” said Lyuu. “And ummm… M-master? I-I’m ready to start havin’ kids whenever too.”
“S-sure,” I said.

I was more than happy to hear it.

“I really want to have kids too but… I’m really sorry, it’s going to have to wait…” said a shockingly frustrated Nell.
“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind,” I said. “Plus, that was kinda what we decided on from the start.”

I gave her a few headpats as consolation as Lefi nodded.

“Indeed. You do often well to heed the desires of others, but you need not be so concerned. Set your own pace. There is little purpose in adhering to our rate of progress. Forget not that you remain an important part of the family and that your wishes too are to be respected.”
“That’s right Nell! Things are already gettin’ real hard on you with all your work! There ain’t no need for you to start worryin’ ’bout this too!” said Lyuu.
“Thank you… both of you.”

She started tearing up as she grabbed both of them and squeezed them tight. Smiling, Lefi and Lyuu wrapped their arms around her and gently patted her on the back.

“I suppose that, as the maid, I should be thinking about ensuring that everything goes smoothly,” said Leila. “I do happen to know a fair bit about the study of medicine. I’ll redouble my efforts while we’re here and do some more research on pregnancy and childbirth.”
“I am assured that you alone shall provide the knowledge of a full team of medical practitioners. And we too would do best to learn from your efficacy,” said Lefi, with a chuckle.
“All we needa do is start workin’ together! There ain’t no problem we can’t solve like that!” said Lyuu.
“That’s a good point… and if we’re going to be trying to put our heads together more, we should also start holding more wives’ conferences,” said Nell.
“Indeed.” Lefi nodded. “And Yuki, your presence shall not be permitted. There is little choice but for you to remain idle, plagued by loneliness, whilst we converse.”
“Sure, whatever,” I said.

I shrugged in as overdramatic a way as I could, eliciting laughs from all the others.

Once the initial conversation finally died down, I took a breath and asked them the question I had in mind.

“So… what are we doing tomorrow anyway? Anyone got any plans?”
“Ah, yes.” Leila responded immediately. “Professor Eldegaria wished to speak with you, My Lord. She’ll be on campus, and I was hoping to be able to accompany you… if you wouldn’t mind.”
“Works for me.”
“Then we shall show Nell around Baachsburg. You would do well to join us upon the completion of your business.”
“Alrighty. Then it’s on you to take care of the kids while I’m out.”


The next day, Leila and I headed straight for the building that served as the town’s centerpiece, one labeled “The University of Magical Research and Affairs.” You know… it really is pretty damn sheep-horned demon-like of them to center everything around an educational facility. Normally you’d expect something to do with politics instead.

The university was pretty much where all their know-how was concentrated, so unlike most other buildings, which were mainly for show, the general public wasn’t welcome without express permission.

“So uh… do I need a pass or something?”
“You should be fine. Professor Eldegaria was the one who asked to see you. Since she’s a professor, she’s one of the highest ranking individuals in the university, and one of the most recognised in the whole village.”
“Huh… I didn’t know she was that important. So how high up on the ladder are you?”
“I’m… also a professor.”
“Sounds about right. Pretty much exactly what I expected.”
“That’s certainly a compliment I appreciate,” she said with a giggle.

Upon our arrival, we found that there was a very small someone waiting for us right by the entrance.

“Oh, it’s you! Long time no see, demon lord.”
“Hey Emyu. Thanks for playing with everyone. I heard they were really happy to have you.”
“I know, I’m the best!” she said, with a proud huff. “And… I had lots of fun playing with them too. They gave me a lot of inspiration about the things I want to learn. So ummm… can I play with them some more later?”

She was a bit uneasy, so I responded to her with a confident nod.

“Of course you can. They’ve been talking about how they wanted to see you.”
“Isn’t that great, Emyu?” said Leila, with a smile.
“Yes! It is! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they have lots of fun!” said Emyu. “But first I’m going to have to show you to that rotten old professor, since she’s been looking for you. Follow me!”

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17 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 403

  1. You know… I’m surprised this hasn’t been adapted into an anime yet. Could it be because it is a slice of life isekei, and not one with a main villain to focus on?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I think it’s maybe cuz it’s not popular enough ? But at the same time, less popular and less qualitative shit have been adapted… I guess it’s only a matter of time


  2. Thank you for your work!
    I am currently suffering from spicy gummies so I don’t really know what to say.
    Anyway, I loved the chapter!


  3. If Leila is starting research on pregnancy and childbirth, i bet it would be an uproar for the other sheephorns 😀


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