Jingai Musume 407

An Internal Discourse
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

“Man, Baachsburg was fun. It’s pretty much packed with interesting things,” said Yuki.
“We have just as many strange devices at home,” replied Leila.

Though Leila took part in the conversation, her mind was elsewhere, thinking about a related matter, brought up by the man himself.

“How do I feel about him?” she wondered.

He was the master she served, a person she found incredibly entertaining, an unreadable unknown, and the subject of her research, all at once.

Those were the concepts that immediately came to mind. Explored in more detail, she thought that he was a strange being that was capable of providing a home for her unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Around him, she knew she would never run out of new things to investigate and learn.

By his side, she would be able to unravel far more information than any other sheep-horned demon, even with the race’s long history considered. But upon taking a step back and casting on herself an objective gaze, she realised that there was more to it than the thirst for knowledge. As she was now, she simply enjoyed being a part of his world. She enjoyed joking around, doing the chores, and taking care of the children. They were all pleasant experiences.

It brought her just as much joy as the eternal pursuit. And she had to admit, he was more to her than just the subject of her research. She knew that, objectively, but she had no idea how she felt about him as a man.

She simply lacked the experience and knowledge she needed to make a judgement. Because Baachsburg’s population was almost entirely female, and because she had always cared more for research than she did private affairs.

Romance remained an unknown.

Unknowns typically filled her with wonder. But this particular one was different. It perplexed her. And to no end, at that.

A certain dragon’s words came to mind as she continued to ponder.

She had stated that meeting him had led her to experience many an emotion for the first time. And she had no idea how she was meant to evaluate them.

It was a thought that had come before their marriage. And the very same feeling that she was now experiencing.

She was surprised to find herself feeling the way she did.

She also found, after further contemplation, that she had very little appeal, when compared to the dungeon’s other residents.

She was nowhere near as expressive and often chose to take to the sidelines and observe, over participating in their interactions.

In a way, she had always distanced herself from everyone else. And because she knew herself as much as she did, she immediately understood that she had, at one point in the past, built up a wall between herself and the others.

That was what she thought at first. But after a moment of delay, she realised that blending in with the background was always how she dealt with scenarios that didn’t grab her interest. She did not care about the things that she wasn’t interested in, but she couldn’t deny that she didn’t think as highly of them as those that she did. But the time she spent in the dungeon was slowly starting to change her. She had already done away with the wall. And she had already started to take the first few steps to follow its removal.

The professor’s discussion with Yuki had likely been a sort of encouragement, something meant to give her another little push in the right direction.

She must have caught on during one of the conversations they had in private.

The professor had realised that spending time outside had taught her hopeless disciple about her humanity. And that the impetus had been none other than the demon lord named Yuki.

The meddling was her way of telling her that she needed to be more mindful, if she was to continue living with them.

“What a bother you are indeed, Professor…”

She didn’t realise that she had voiced the thought until she looked at the curious gaze on the man beside her.

“Uhhh… what?”
“It’s… nothing. I’m simply experiencing a minor bit of difficulty when it comes to verbalizing and defining my emotions.”

She didn’t think he was going to understand, given that she was anything but to the point, but he replied with both a chuckle and a reasonable explanation.

“That’s a first, coming from you. But you know, that’s just how it is. Emotions are hard to put into words because words are rational. Feelings aren’t.”

The term irrational floated through her mind. She considered it and chewed on it for a solid moment before she made up her mind.

“Yuki, may I?”

“May you whaoaah! L-Leila?”

She pressed her head against his chest.

His initial reaction was a bit of a confused shout, but he soon calmed down, placed a hand on her head, and ran his fingers through her hair. His palms were rugged. Distinctly masculine. Warm. And calming.

His scent almost seemed to envelop her.

And that was when it finally clicked.

She finally understood.

The moment she was experiencing was the one that she and all the others instinctively sought.

And for a while, it lasted. They remained silent, in that exact position, until she opened her mouth.

“Understanding my emotional state is a problem that will take some time to solve.” The words were anxious. “I don’t think it will be possible for me to come to terms with the answer unless I find it myself. Would you be willing to wait until I do?”

He waited a moment to speak, a moment he used to contemplate. “Leila.”
“You’re already part of the family. I’m not the only one that thinks that way. Everyone does. So take your time. Take as much of it as you need. I’ll always be waiting.”

She looked up at him from up close.

His smile was gentle, full of affection.

Affection that filled her with a sense of warmth.

A smile on her lips, Leila repeated what she did before. And pressed her face into his chest.

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34 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 407

  1. ‘She had stated that meeting him had led her to experience many an emotion for the first time. And she had no idea how she was meant to evaluate them.’ Isnt it led her to experience many EMOTIONS for the first time ? anyways thank you very much for the new chapter ! This is what I always look out for on sundays. Have a nice day !


      1. Indeed it is. And I hate it. Every time I see it I cringe a little.

        It doesn’t look fancy. It’s just an archaism that looks out of place when surrounded by modern language.

        But for reason fantasy novels seem to love it, including official translations, so I’m not blaming anyone specifically since it’s “in” now, just yelling at the clouds.


  2. “You’re already part of the family. I’m not the only one that thinks that way. Everyone does. So take your time. Take as much of it as you need. I’ll always be waiting.”
    The resident lolis (and one princess) are certain to hear exactly the same thing, sooner or later (in about a decade for most of them), right?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can’t say I’m all too fond of this development, just as with the other ones aside from Lefi there really wasn’t much of a reason or proper buildup to this. When it came to the other wives I was eventually content with just accepting it is a harem, but at least not an obnoxious one. A big part in that acceptance was the promise that Leila simply wasn’t interested in such things with our mc. From a purely objective view I knew this was highly unlikely, but I had some hope this series wouldn’t fall into the same trashy harem trap as most series like this end up. *sigh* Oh well, rant over. I guess it was inevitable, and at least she is an actual character in contrast to Lyuu. Seriously, is the clumsy airhead all that is needed…? Forced marriage accepted so quickly…?

    Tl;dr I’m a bit annoyed at the developments, but whatever. Literally everything else in the story is just fine.


    1. TBH, the two I think developed most naturally were Lefi and Leila. I’ll agree on Lyuu, Nell is… eh… she’s not a 1 or 2 dimensional character, but she changed her tune too fast IMO. The lolis I’ll hold judgement on.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. hmmmmm… I kinda like that the most rational of the bunch actually is taking time to digest and understand her feelings, she didn’t just jump up to the opportunity, and as she rationalized it before, she put a wall around her but ever since she was “tasked” with looking after him when he went to I don’t remember which kingdom (with the cat girl adventurer or something), she grew closer to him in a way that involved a more intimate interaction (joking, teasing etc)

      With Lyuu, well, it was part of her wolf culture “strong men”, with Lefi it was something that just kinda happened (and the more… mutual of the group)… Nell is the one I find to be the odd one out since she had her own goals and relationships outside the dungeon and they were shown to be more “comrades” than having any kind of chemistry… but in her case I felt like Yuki was the one that kept seeking her out and she accepted him (although it was written as if it was the other way around the actions seem contradictory).

      And I genuinely don’t think it was “forced” it was just a different culture… but well, that’s the nuance haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ultimately she was a village girl who dreamed like many village girls do of being the one saved by the heroes the bards sing of, falling in love with the hero, and obtaining the happily ever after. Yuki wound up becoming her hero because every time she got into a situation that was well over her head he would appear and solve in in a flashy manner befitting the heroes she idolized. Whats more is that he was genuine in his concern for her, he was not like the legion of suitors who pursued her because her class was hero even if her mentality as a hero was underdeveloped. He was someone she could put her faith in, to see her for who she was, and treat her not as The Hero(tm) but as Nell. Which for someone in her position stuck in the web of lies and plots is very attractive.

        It was only her position that kept her hesitant to seek him out and court him herself, but also what drove her to be reckless when she found out he was already married which was why Lefi decided to push Yuki to pursue her. So that Nell would not suffer and get her chance to be happy as Lefi had come to obtain happiness.

        This is also why that one Princess is basically target locked on Yuki, she got to live the whole Princess getting saved from imprisonment by a valiant Hero fairy tale. All that is left is to obtain the happily ever after which her dad is fully in support of.

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Leila and Yuki have the most developped romance in many story i ever read. They spend two year or so living with each other, being extremely close all the wile.
      Leila was already considered as one of Yuki’s wife by the other girl since they created their council.

      And Yuki and Leila had been flirting since the long ago. They were already flirting from time to time in the chapter 200+.

      Leila has the most developped romance in this story. They grew close to each other for a long time, and they didnt cross the frienly relationship because beside the sex they already acted like a couple long ago.

      Lefi and Yuki grew close to each other realy fast, and it was because to Lefi it was the 1st time she ever had a normal relationship with anyone as a persone and not a godlike being. But it was still natural and was done step by step.

      Neil fell in love because he treated her as a girl, and she could actualy be herself, wile she had to act as an exemple for everyone, wile all of them were denying her of any habit or personality trait a girl her age should have. Then he saved her from an horrible death, wich cemented her filling.

      As for Lyuu… she exist?

      All of this to say, Leila and Yuki relationship is realy well developped, and most people seem to not like it only because of the harem.


  4. Further experimentation with close contact with subject Yuki required. Possibly involving more exposure of skin. The research continues


    1. All the status are secondary in this story. It was explained that the status were actualy just a magic that showed the strength of being with number.
      The thing is, now Yuki is insanely powerfull and almost everything he encounter cant do anything agaisnt him, and those who can fight him are for the most so powerfull that he cant even read their status.
      so seing his status regualry would serve no purpose as it would be of no use to compare it to weakling or godlike being.


  5. less than 2 months since I started reading the novel and finally got to here, and what a good chapter to reach the current translation…feelsgoodman
    though I wont be able to binge on 30 chapters in one go anymore.


  6. Nice. I always liked Leila and wanted her to join the harem. Honestly, the development up to this point feels much more natural than with Lyuu.


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