Jingai Musume 419

The Silent Voices Haunting Those Left Behind — Part 2
Editor(s): Joker, Speedphoenix

Nell, who had been standing by in Alshir, turned white as a sheet as soon as the news reached her ears.

“We were able to escape, thanks to Rir, but Yuki remained in enemy territory.”

She could feel the tips of her fingers turn numb as the demon, the envoy sent by King Phynar, relayed the news. She felt winded, like she had taken a punch to the gut. The report stated that her husband, with whom she had parted just three days prior, had been captured by the enemy.

He and several others had been sent to a region where the human supremacists were thought to be highly active. She was supposed to have been a part of the group, but she was busy with another matter, so they’d scheduled for her to join up with them at a later date instead.

The event had occurred on the second night.

The demonic ensemble had fallen victim to poison while they were staying at the inn; their dinners had been laced with a toxin that rendered them immobile. And no sooner had they collapsed than a group dressed in black entered the room.

Yuki was the only one that remained capable of motion. He intercepted the ambushers and ordered Rir, who had been standing by outside, to carry the other demons to safety.

“He didn’t tell Rir to eliminate them?”
“He didn’t want there to be any rumours of a monster controlled by a demon killing humans, as he knew it was likely to threaten the status quo,” said the envoy.

The logic was sound.

She could certainly see that exact scenario playing out, because as one of the weakest races, they relied often on intel to keep themselves safe.

Unable to fight at his best, Yuki was collared by the enemy after helping all the others escape.

A whimper came from the wolf in question as she turned her eyes on him. He was looking depressed and kept his head bowed, so Nell reached over and gave him a hug.

For Yuki, it was just another everyday occurrence.

He often touted himself as a selfish bastard that cared little for anyone else, but when the circumstances took a turn for the worse, he would always jump right in to help, even if the person in trouble was one with whom he had only a minimal relation.

She loved that part of him, but it was also a great cause for concern.

Calm down, she thought to herself, as she breathed a sigh. Panicking was the worst thing she could do, and she knew it. The poison used was not a fatal one, but rather one that inflicted paralysis, which was to say that the human supremacists were not looking to murder him. They had hoped to use him, and the other demons, for some sort of scheme. And to that end, he was more likely alive than not.

If the demons’ report was on point, then it was safe to assume he was being held somewhere. He would have already let her know, had he managed to escape.

She had to help, but the human supremacists were clearly prepared, and they even had a means to incapacitate a demon lord.

If their information network was anything even shy of utterly incompetent, then they would know of their relation and that she was likely to come to his aid, which was to say that they were expecting her and had countermeasures in place.

If she wanted to succeed, then she would have to defy their expectations. She would have to call for reinforcements. And it just so happened that she had a reliable family to call for help.

“I understand,” said Nell. “I’m terribly sorry that you wound up in danger as a result of one of our mistakes, and I’m glad you’re all safe.”

The event had occurred at an inn recommended by the holy knights.

It was a terrible failure likely to devolve into an international affair. They would likely have to apologize to King Phynar in the near future.

“Don’t be,” said the envoy. “We should be the ones to apologize, in fact. We were well aware that we were entering enemy lands. It was our own fault for letting our guards down, and it was our poor decision that put your husband at risk. Please don’t hesitate to call upon us when orchestrating his rescue.”

“Thank you. We’re sure to take you up on that offer, but please do get some rest for now.”

After they provided a few more details, Nell reached into the enchanted bag she always carried on her person and retrieved a magical orb from within.

She funneled her magic into the object and waited. After a few seconds, a voice came from the other side.

“It is I, Lefi. With whom am I speaking?”
“Lefi! It’s me, Nell. I really need your help.”


A distortion in spacetime caused a crack to run through the mug situated on the table, its source none other than the dragon on the other side of the line.

Seeing her outburst, a worried Lyuu ran over and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“L-Lefi? I-is somethin’ wrong?”
“Did you get hurt?” asked Illuna.
“Oh no! But dont wurry! If yor hurt then I can do that pain pain go away thing!” said Shii.
“It’s effective,” said Enne. “Very effective.”

Like the warwolf, the girls, who had been playing nearby, approached as soon as they noticed her displeasure.

“I am fine. There is little to worry about, for I was merely surprised. I apologize if I alerted you.”

Lefi calmed down as she realised that the others were panicking, and after suppressing her rage, smiled as if to show that there was nothing for them to worry about.

The group as a whole was bold to say the least. They had been bathed in raw anger sourced from the world’s most powerful dragon. And yet, they had all come running, just to ask her what was wrong.

“Did something happen? I sensed an incredible burst of magic,” said Leila, as she hurriedly made her way out of the kitchen.
“It is nothing, only that the idiot has appeared to have made a blunder. I shall be cleaning up after his mess,” she said. “Enne, might you join me? It appears that he remains useless lest he has you to wield.”
“Mmk. I’ll help.”
“Is Yuki gonna be okay?” asked Illuna.
“There is little need to worry. It was but a minor failure, and I shall rescue him from his plight shortly, with Nell and Rir to offer their assistance. Leila, Lyuu, I shall leave this place in your hands. Contact me, should anything arise.”

They could tell that something had gone horribly wrong, but neither adult pried any further.

Lefi had said that she would rectify the problem, and they saw no reason to doubt her words.

“You got it!” said Lyuu.
“Don’t worry, Lefi. Everything will be under control,” said Leila.

Their agenda confirmed, Lefi and Enne prepared for an immediate departure.

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32 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 419

  1. Imagine being so racist that you invite a walking calamity to your country. Humanity is destined to destroy itself, one way or the other.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    PS: The supremacist are stupid aren’t they ? Hurting the husband of THE most powerful in the world just isn’t smart…

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    1. The question is, do they know that even. They also likely doubt she is that strong. Still very dumb, but there really isnt a lot of intel to be had on Lefi.

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      1. they might not even know who yuki is. they might’ve just grabbed him because he was the only one remaining. i mean, if they did know who he was, they wouldn’t use iron bars of all things to try and restrain him

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    2. Lefi being married to the recently crowned Emperor is on the level of a national secret that only those who were there when they found out are privy to. As the information could overturn the world in a way that would really annoy Yuki. Which means the supremacists don’t know how much they have royally fucked up.

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  3. I was NOT expecting Nell to just go ahead and call Lefi right away…
    Shows character growth, previously she would have tried to do “something” before calling the supreme dragon to “prove herself” or something.
    But damn… those supremacists really just want to die that badly huh? who KIDNAPS the husband of Lefi… they should have killed him and disappeared for like a century till things cool down…

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    1. If they had killed him, Lefi would have vitrified the whole region. If not humanity as a whole if Nell doesn’t manage to talk her out of it lmao

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  4. So, I guess it took at least such a weird development to give Lefi a good reason to start playing. So far she was just staying back, teaching or guiding at best. Of course, so far most baddies were too weak for Lefi, maybe except the undead dragon, although even that one was a bit failed (some of it’s body was unrecoverable before it was reanimated).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!


  5. Hm. Maybe too much worry on my side. But the dungeon defense is fairly low right now.
    I know the 4 Pets are quite strong. But not on Rirs level.

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    1. yea…. well if you give leila any controls over the dungeon i imagine there is nothing to worry about…. also, i would imagine Yuki has several different contingency plans in place…. one for if hes gone… another for when both he and lefi are gone…. etc.


  6. How the hell do you drug an OP demon lord anyway? That doesn’t make any sense.
    He was somehow sluggish after smooching with all the negative mana they needed to revive the Helldrake but now hes out cold after some human paralysis powder?
    I call BS.

    On the other hand … knowing the illustrations that spoiler the content to some extend … nah, still doesn’t make sense xD

    Also. OP Yuki with millions of Elexirs in his pocket doesn’t have any means of defending against some status-poopers even tho he already was aware of this being not to his liking back when he had that fight with the master of first dungeon he obtained ???????
    Come on author, come on!


    1. It’s not that hard to believe happening. Negative mana corrodes everything which his body is naturally built to reject. Not to mention one can say that his vulnerability to the drug now is in part a side effect of his body still recovering from the negative mana corrosion.

      Also the Humans have been fighting the Demons for generations, naturally due to being weaker in both sword and sorcery they would have checked out to see if there are any medicinal or biological compounds that Demons are naturally weak to. Which makes the idea of them developing a drug that works really well to incapacitate Demons make sense.

      The Humans already proved they know how to infiltrate the Demons, combine that with a drug that could incapacitate a large number of them and you have a battle that is much easier to win or captives to take for interrogation.

      Knowing that they most likely doubled or even tripled the dose that Yuki would get but even that only made him sluggish, sluggish enough that he would prioritize the other demons over popping an Elixer cause he probably figured in that moment his body will get it out of his system fast enough. Though obviously he did not expect them to be packing what is clearly a magical slave collar nor did they expect it would wear off so soon or his will be so strong to resist it enabling him to escape.


      1. Okay for arguments sake lets say these status debuffs/poisons work like alcohol, fair enough.
        And lets say they n^x up the amound because they think / know he is a demon and I will ignore the fact that, when he was at the drinking party with Allysias Kingpin back after that Son-issue, he was basically sober after everyone else was coma-drunk …
        Why hasn’t he take any precautions? X Elexirs for recovering some dragonbreath damage but absolutely none against whatever else? Weak.
        Also we got to know that the humans anti-monster magic debuffs didn’t work against him and that was basically at the beginning of the novel with Illuna incident where Rir got somewhat flustered but Yuki, standing right aside, didn’t move an inch.
        So even assuming they even knew he was a Demon-lord and not just any other somewhat-strong-normal-demon I find it really lackluster for him being drugged / collared due to story convenience.

        Also, unrelated side note:
        Utterly stupid time-jump is utterly stupid. 400 Chapters without that worked really great and were fun to read and now suddenly this horse dung out of nowhere.

        I am really disappointed and angry and this won’t calm down until he hugs Lefi again <_<


      2. Up to this point he has not really had to deal with status effects because everything that did have status effects in its arsenal simply hit hard enough that if he got hit in the first place it would kill him status effect or not. Every time he has had to deal with sneaky people they have taken more direct methods to try to kill him or he never dealt with them because of his OP allies at the time.

        And the first time he was actually concerned about a status effect his body was too dense for the mana based status effect to even work on him. The second time the status effect was more corrode your flesh from the outside, something a normal elixir can fix.

        And before we have only ever seen anti-monster specialized equipment, not any specifically anti-demon equipment and methods aside from Heroes and Hero Companions. For all we know this paralytic poison is designed to spread through the body like alcohol before the delayed effect kicks in hard.

        It all boils down to he was woefully under prepared due to lack of knowledge about the techniques the world has developed during the war between humans and demons and he probably let himself get over confidant about how effective his body is at dealing with status effects. Which he will be kicking himself in the ass over it and be as upset at himself as you are at him. He played enough RPGs, should of kept his Cure All’s on hand or made himself some status resistance accessories especially after his meeting with the corrosion of negative mana.

        On the unrelated side note, the writer has done numerous time jumps in the past. This is a case of in media res, starting in the middle of the action leaving the audience wondering how the situation became like this. On top of that unlike other arcs little foreshadowing was done to even suggest this could happen. it produces the subverting expectations effect which can be hit or miss.

        If the writer had given us one more chapter during the setup for this Human Supremacy arc of said Human Supremacists vaguely talking in code about having a method to obtain the target(s) despite their strength it would have done a lot to make this less upsetting. Plant the seed of “these guys actually got a plan” in the reader’s head.


  7. Thank God, death flags averted by a previously unknown time skip… Nell needs to stop talking about retiring before she gives me a heart attack


    1. yea… this crap is entirely too fluffy for any of his wives to suffer a perma death….. most i could see is some kinda temporary death to move the plot forward…. but i doubt that as well. He doesnt require a full on death to lose his mind… just a wrong word causes him to lose his shit.


  8. i dont like where this is going.
    but its kinda understandable if author is trying so hard to make lefi has her part in this. the only thing to make lefi move, is yuki (somehow, with deus-fuking-ex-machina) out of order. it will be kinda acceptable if the adversary is backed with something-someone from outside the world dungeon.

    thank you for the translations~


  9. Two interesting possibilities at this point:

    ① If those adversaries could drug a demon lord, they might have a drug potent enough for the Supreme Dragon. Maybe they’ve recently encountered the most potent drug of their world, worthy of some calamity-class designation, and that’s exactly the tool they needed to raise the human race to supremacy. (Not too far-fetched of a guess for the world where the previous Rogardian Emperor could plan and perform a ressurection of the Hadean Helldrake. Every group aiming for true supremacy should have at least one tool that could work against Lefi, at least in theory.)

    ② If some of the future Lefi’s pregnancies would result in stillborn babies or some forms of early child mortality, then I wonder if Rei and Rui and Lowe have always been the souls of Yuki’s dead children unknowingly pulled from the future and given second chances. That would explain the unusual lack of hostility in them.


  10. Those moments when you thought you fought and won against the final boss…just for the true final boss to show up and start a round 2.


  11. Even if it’s rather abrupt and seems hella ominous, I’m looking forward to the newer chaps. I hope it doesn’t turn into a stillborn situation, that’d be heartbreaking.


  12. You are powerful when… your subconsciously leaked anger is enough to cause distortions in space time. Lefi is awesome.

    Thank you for the chapter!


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