Jingai Musume 44

More Changes In State

“Alright, time to check if anything’s changed.”

I did the usual and plopped myself down atop the throne as I opened the dungeon’s display.

There weren’t any significant changes as far as the dungeon’s functions were concerned. However, I was given the option to summon new monsters, construct additional facilities, and spawn new items. In other words, my incomplete lists had been expanded on. Evidently, the dungeon really had leveled up. And chances were, it would continue to level up if it accrued enough DP.

I immediately invested a wealth of DP into increasing the amount of area covered by the dungeon. The passive income I gained from the monsters wandering the Wicked Forest was nothing to scoff at, and it didn’t seem like there were any demerits to expanding my domain.

“It seems that your magical energies have undergone a sort of transformation. When precisely did that happen?”

Lefi curiously tilted her head as she stared at me. The dragon girl had been drifting in and out of dreamland throughout breakfast, so she’d only just noticed the change.

“Last night, apparently. I guess I must’ve evolved in my sleep or something.”
“It appears so,” she nodded and seemed scrutinize me for a moment before continuing. “Interesting. I knew not that there was a Demon Lord race.”
“Really? I would’ve expected you of all people to have heard of it.”
“I rarely examine the status pages of others. I have never felt the need for it.”

I could see where she was coming from. Lefi was so overwhelmingly powerful that she didn’t need to think much of those that dared to face her.

“Oh yeah, Lefi. Have you ever evolved before?”
“I have not. Evolution exists in order to allow a lower life form to become more powerful by escaping the restraints placed on it by its mortal coil. My body is that of an ancient dragon, the most powerful race. As far as I know, there is nothing for me to evolve into.”

Ohhh, I get it. So basically she started off as a Dr*gonite instead of needing to climb her way up from a Dr*tini.

“However, that is not to say it is impossible for me to evolve. It may just be that I have not met the requirements.”
“Uhhh… Well I wouldn’t get your hopes up with your level being what it is.”
“I have been exactly as powerful as I am now for decades. It’s difficult for me to continue growing stronger. It may take another thousand years for me to make any significant progression.”

A thousand years? Good god, talk about out of scale. Er, actually, not really, I guess. My lifespan’s supposed to be at least that long, so I might actually live to see it happen. If I do , I’ll make sure I throw her a huge party.

“Still, I find it surprising that your appearance has remained constant despite your evolution.”
“Is it normally supposed to change or something?”
“I believe so. Monsters that have evolved typically grow fangs or horns. Those with more human-like forms, such as yourself, tend to see changes in their hair and eye colours. Of course, that is merely what is typically seen. I once encountered a demon that had tentacles and fangs protruding from his body.”

Lefi’s expression warped in heartfelt disgust.

“His tentacle-based attacks were slimy and disgusting. I wish to never encounter another similar individual.”

I shuddered as I imagined the demon Lefi described. Thankfully, my own evolution hadn’t led me down that demon’s path. Personally, I couldn’t stand anything with too many legs. Even just looking at them was enough to freak me the hell out.

Hmm… I’m not really that good with gore and stuff either. I guess I just don’t have the sort of tolerance I should. If there was a sanity stat, then mine would probably be on the lower side.

After pausing to evaluate the limits of my mind, I checked my body over yet again, just to make sure I hadn’t grown any slimy tentacles. Only then did I realize that there was a part of me I’d totally forgotten to check: my wings.

To be honest, I was hesitant to inspect them. I highly doubted they’d changed, and I was concerned that materializing them would also cause me to sprout additional, unwanted body parts. That said, I was going to have to check eventually. Avoiding the problem in perpetuity just wasn’t an option.

And so, I reluctantly got off my throne and materialized my wings.

“Wait, did I grow another set…?”

My wings were the only part about me that had changed. I now had two pairs, with the second protruding from the area just under my shoulder blade.

The new pair looked a bit different from the old pair. Their colour was a reddish-brown. My first impression was that I couldn’t tell whether they were bat wings or dragon wings, but either way, they didn’t look too shabby at all. In fact, they were pretty awesome. They resembled the kind of thing you’d expect to see on the devil or the grim reaper.

Oh thank god I didn’t grow tentacles.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I admired myself.

These wings make me look kinda sinister, but I guess that’s not really a bad thing. I’m a Demon Lord, so being sinister is a status symbol. It means I’m special. [1]

“You know, this isn’t actually too bad. What do you think, Lefi?”

I proudly turned myself towards her, only to find her totally frozen in place.

“Uh… Lefi…? Earth to Lefi, do you read me?”
“Y-Your wings are awe inspiring…”
“W-why ever have you been keeping those glorious wings hidden from view!?” She suddenly broke into a shout.
“Woah! C-calm down Lefi! And stop touching my wings, you’re tickling me!”

I took a few steps back.

“W-Why!? I’m just touching them! There is nothing wrong with that, is there? Please? Can you not just let me touch them!? I implore you!”

Lefi started panting heavily as she reached towards my wings again, her cheeks dyed a deep crimson.

“Stop that! At least stop wiggling your fingers! That’s just plain weird!”

I grabbed her by the face and attempted to push her away.

“Why are you stopping me!? What harm is there in allowing me to fondle them!?”
“It’s not about letting you touch them! The problem is that you’re acting like a creepy old man!”

Of course, there was simply no way that I could match the Supreme Dragon in a contest of brute strength. It didn’t take long for her to overpower me; she slowly began to inch closer.

“God damn you and your stupid wing fetish! Okay, fine! I’ll let you touch them, but only if you calm down first!”

I gave up. There was no stopping her.

“Very well. I will do as requested.” She stopped struggling the moment I gave the condition. It was clear that she was desperate to begin immediately.

God damn it Lefi…

“And you have to let me touch your wings too. It’d be unfair if you were the only one doing the touching,” I added.

She probably won’t start getting all weird again if I make her let me touch her.

“V-Very well. I shall, so allow me to start touching yours immediately.”

She seemed a bit embarrassed, but promptly gave her consent and materialized her own wings. Like her hair, they were dyed a dazzling shade of silver. I wanted to give myself a pat on the back for being a man and actually asking. I’d always wanted to touch Lefi’s wings, but never really had the opportunity. At least not until now.

“They’re beautiful.”

I felt like I would feel the exact same way regardless of how often I saw them; their radiant shine never failed to impress.

“R-Really?” Lefi’s blush deepened. “Y-Your wings are also quite the sight. They are the most impressive I have ever laid eyes on.”

We awkwardly reached for each other’s wings.


Lefi’s were soft as down and smooth as silk. I felt my hands drawn to them the moment I touched them; I wanted to grab ahold of them and never let go. I could feel myself getting absorbed in the act, entranced by her wings.

I wanted to bury my face in them and close my eyes. They were so pleasant to the touch that I was certain sleeping on them was sure to send me straight to heaven.

“Nnn…” Lefi sighed bewitchingly. “I-I don’t mind you touching me, but… could you be a slight bit more gentle…?”
“E-Err… my bad.”

It seemed that her wings were at least as sensitive as my own. She moaned enchantingly every single time my fingers so much as grazed them.

It didn’t take long for us to get so immersed in the act that we lost sight of everything but each other. She simply continued to touch my wings, and I hers. It was as if we were in our own little world.

My breathing started growing more and more ragged as we continued. And so did hers.

I finally took my focus off her wings and looked at her face, only to find her staring right back at my own.

Her eyes were glazed and her cheeks dyed as red as could be.


We continued to gaze into each other’s eyes without saying a word. I couldn’t pull my eyes from the alluring expression that decorated her face.

I took one of my hands off her wings and slowly brought it towards her cheek.


A noise neither of us had expected to hear immediately jerked us out of our daze.

“Could the two of you please refrain from engaging in lewd activities in broad daylight? I would very much prefer if you waited until the rest of us were asleep.”

Leila glared at us reproachfully.

“Y-You’ve got it all wrong!”
“Y-You are mistaken! We are doing nothing of the sort!”

Lefi and I instantly separated from one another and shouted in protest, filling the throne room with our indignant cries of denial.

[1] Being flat chested is a status symbol. Reference to Lucky Star.

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43 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 44

    1. Ewwww you’re telling me they’ve only bathed together once and they’re already holding hands ????? talk about a lewd series.

      Damn in all seriousness what a way to cockblock the readers at the end i was expecting a kiss after all that wing fondling ….

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  1. Okay, Lefi is a dragon, so it’s probably normal for her to enjoy wings. But why does the MC enjoy wings so much?


  2. “W-Why!? I’m just touching them! There is nothing wrong with that, is there? Please? Can you not just let me touch them!? I implore you!
    Why are you stopping me!? What harm is there in allowing me to fondle them!?”

    You know, if you said that outside, you’d be arrested.
    Im not much into new trends. Is the whole wingy-touchy thing some kind of new type of foreplay?

    Btw, Lefi has a point about the whole Demon Lord race. We were told that the Demon Lord class was just how they called dungeon masters, that it had nothing to do with the demon race and that Demon Lords could be from any race.
    So him turning into a race that till now had only been a class is… well, MC-ish.

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