Jingai Musume 50

Yuki’s Ambition: Finale

The castle I constructed ended up proving itself far too out of scale for our everyday use. Of course, its size was entirely intentional. Half the structure’s dignity came from its sheer mass. Unfortunately, dignity and practicality didn’t always go hand in hand. I failed to realize my failure at first. I was too busy basking in everyone’s praise to notice that I’d made a mistake.

The corridors were too long; the amount of distance between any two locations was ridiculous. Living in the newly constructed castle was nothing short of an obnoxious inconvenience. A good bit of time had passed since its creation, but not a single one of its many rooms had been claimed for personal use. In fact, all the adults had basically stopped visiting it altogether. Illuna visited it with Shii and Fluffrir to play and explore every day, but that was it. They were the only ones that’d gleamed even the slightest bit of benefit from my efforts.

All the dungeon’s residents still lived in the throne room, and not the newly constructed one. Having two throne rooms made it pretty difficult to distinguish which was which, so I decided to call the castle’s throne room “the throne room,” and the dungeon’s original throne room “the true throne room.”

Fortunately, not all my effort had gone to waste. Anyone that ventured into the cave containing my dungeon would see a massive castle looming in the darkness, and I was certain it would at least intimidate them enough to deliver a blow or two to their confidence. To that end, I’d also given the castle a bit of decoration. I lined its halls with western-styled suits of armour and even used my earth magic to craft a beautiful garden. The castle’s courtyard and interior served the exact same purpose as its exterior. It was all there for the sake of grandeur; it only existed to crush the resolve of any that dared to intrude.

Thinking back on it, I should’ve known that the castle wouldn’t see much use. The Demon Lords in JRPGs didn’t wander about their domains or use their own facilities. They simply remained seated on their thrones and majestically awaited their challengers. It would only make sense for the demon lord and their close companions to reside within the throne room.

Creating the castle was an idiotic decision. But I was fine with that. I understood and accepted it as fact. The only reason it’d come to be in the first place was because I’d wanted to create something fantastical. Fantasy was something that existed to make people’s hearts flutter with excitement. Like D*sney Land and many other places that delivered on fantasies, my castle was built to entertain. No one lived in Disn*y Land. Thus, it was only natural for my castle to be free of residents as well. That was all there was to it.

Okay, yeah no. Dis*ey Land, my ass. I’m just trying to convince myself that all that time and effort hadn’t gone to waste.

I heaved an exasperated sigh as I slumped down onto my throne.

“There is no need for you to be so depressed, Yuki. I can attest that your castle is the most magnificent I have ever laid eyes on,” said Lefi.
“You don’t have to lie to me, you know? I can tell that you’re just dying to ask why I decided to make it so needlessly large.”

Hearing my reaction caused Lefi to stifle a giggle.

“What?” I groaned.
“This is the first time I have ever seen you in such a withered state. Admittedly, it is quite amusing to observe.”

I saw her lips momentarily curve up into a smile as she turned around and plopped herself onto my lap. She then relaxed and naturally allowed her slackened back to fall against my chest.

Both the touch of her skin and her pleasant, familiar scent filled me with a sense of warmth.

“W-What’s up?”
“Do you mind it?”
“E-Er… I don’t.”

She sounded really calm. A part of me felt that getting flustered would be akin to losing some sort of unexplained challenge, so I tried my best to put up a front and pretend that nothing was wrong.

Neither of us said another word.

We were silent, but it wasn’t awkward.

In fact, it was comforting.

“How warm,” Lefi suddenly broke the silence.
“Well yeah, I’m alive, so…”

My awkward reply caused Lefi to chuckle.

“Indeed you are.”

I didn’t quite get where she was trying to take the conversation, so I lowered my gaze and looked down at her face. She seemed to notice, as she promptly half turned towards me and returned my stare.

“You know, Yuki?”
“The time I spend with you is enjoyable. You are a very interesting man, and you bring me no shortage of amusement.”
“What’s this all of a sudden? Are you trying to cheer me up or something?”
“Precisely so. You’ve spent the better part of the last few days sulking. I believe that, as your elder, it is my duty to revitalize your spirits.”

She shrugged, as if to say that she’d spoken the line in jest.

“Well then. I didn’t think you’d actually admit to it.”

A wry smile appeared on my face.

“Though you tend to remain level-headed, it is impossible for me to deny that there is an idiotic side to you as well. That is why I will continue to watch over your actions in a manner befitting my status as a responsible adult.”
“Says the person that starts throwing a tantrum every time they lose at anything.”
“T-That has nothing to do with maturity!” Lefi shouted. “Taking a game seriously is a wholesome part of the fun!”

Her lips twisted into a pout as she started indignantly glaring at me. My response was to snicker as I dropped a hand onto her head.

“Hey Lefi.”
“Thank you.”

She smiled as she turned more towards me and pressed a cheek against my chest.

“No fair! I wanna get on Yuki’s lap too!”

Having returned from her expedition, Illuna interrupted us with a shout.

“I fail to see the unfairness of which you speak, Illuna. There is enough space for two.”
“Yay! Then I want a hug too!”

Illuna pitter pattered down the hallway before kicking off the ground and transitioning into a leap with all her momentum still intact.

“What the!?”

I blinked a few times in surprise as she suddenly crashed right into me. I went from supporting one person’s weight to two in an instant.

“I-I dunno about having both of you on me at once. This is starting to get kinda weighty.”
“You are a man, Yuki. Act like one.”
“I know right! You’re not supposed to call girls heavy!”
“You guys say that, but this chair is hard, and getting my legs pressed into it is kinda painful,” I groaned.
“Don’t worry, Yuki! I’ll hug it better!” Illuna wrapped her arms around my waist. “Pain, pain, go away!”
“Wow, that was really effective Illuna! I’m all better now,” I said as I forced a smile.
“Pedophile,” Lefi’s eyes narrowed in disapproval.
“I’m not quite sure that’s the kind of thing you’re supposed to say to someone’s face…”

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42 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 50

    1. Well, I don’t comment unless it has a purpose. Also, I plan to reread the entire thing once Supreme Tentacle-Sama finishes retranslating all the previous chapters. That’s probably when I’ll comment more often.

      Anyway~ thx for the chapter!

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    2. I think the title of the novel that make some reader stay away. Like me.

      I’ve been seeing this novel on NU ranking list for month but have no interest when i saw the title, seems like shitty generic harem isekai. Unless the rating and the positive review make me try it today n i cant stop reading it. So good

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Understandable. I used to avoid some series after just glancing through the titles back then. I’ve only recently started to pay more attention to the summary and NU tags (although I also tend to avoid tags due to possible spoiler, e.i. tragedy and whatnots). NU reviews are still mostly hit or miss for me though.

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      2. I understand, i skipped the series despite reading the manga months ago, it just wasn’t as good as the novel ST sama translated.
        How it finally reach moments where lefi and Yuki start getting more comfortabke with each other tho.
        Yeah im a romance junkie, and this please me to no end 😁


  1. > No one lived in Disn*y Land
    Technically correct. All these poor anthropomorphic animals they skin and use as costumes live on the underground farm beneath Disn*y Land.

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  2. I don’t understand why a Reincarnator from earth doesn’t have the romance of summoning thousands of freakishly strong demons (pokemon) now that he have a freakishly huge ass castle.


  3. Thanks for the chapter! He could always use the new castle as bait and fill it with traps. Intruders will probably assume the real throne room is located somewhere in it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. In the first place, what he created is best called a monument, which are rarely used for anything besides festivities and other special occasions such as the arc de triomphe. Unless he builds a nation and the castle does become the heart of the government, it’s just there to look nice.

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  4. Please author just let it happen already.

    lol anyways i’m really, really liking Lefi she’s pretty mature when it counts and aggressive as well which i like.

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  5. I’m also really enjoying the MC he actually kind of has a personality not just the usual he’s kind and that’s his whole personality stuff (which i mean yeah he is as well but ….) he’s at least got a pretty dickish personality and also he can be kind of childish as well which i like.

    His whole thing with liking to do things cuz of romance is also pretty cool, i dislike how 90% of stories now always make it so that people that liked this type of stuff feel embarrassed about it, i mean like why ? just act out your fantasies you’re in a fucking fantasy world …. that’s why i’m liking this guy he’s doing a lot of silly, stupid stuff but he’s doing it in a fresh and enjoyable way just for himself.

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  6. I’m confused, I thought there was a inner door inside the cave that leads to the black castle sitting in the field in a special place. But he speaks of people being intimidated as they approach, which would mean the black castle would have to be outside the dungeon, not doubly inside.


    1. It is inside the cave, but that won’t take away the intimidation factor.
      The way it works is that you’re pretty much transported to a different plane after entering the cave. A plane that is many times larger than the actual cave itself (if I recall it was 5km to every direction from the throne door, and 1km upwards).
      So yeah, he’s basically referring to people who have entered the cave and is approaching to the throne door.
      Small fries would certainly be taken care of in the forest itself, but there should be “slightly stronger” groups surviving till the cave region. And when they do, baam, sudden massive intimidation.


  7. He can take hitting the ground at terminal velocity but he can’t take two girls on his lap?

    LOL Squirm under the tyranical wait that all lucky SOBs with real life girlfriends must endure… Muahahahahahaha!


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