Jingai Musume 51

Side Story: A Message for my Parents

Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

I know you can’t be with me anymore.

You fought to protect me when the humans attacked. You grabbed your weapons and tried to stop them from hurting us. You fought off lots and lots of them, but there were too many. You started losing.

But neither of you budged. You didn’t back off at all, not even when you got hurt really bad.

And then you died.

But don’t worry, Mom, I still remember. I still remember what you said to me right before you passed on.

You told me to live.

I was really panicked back then, but I still got what you were trying to tell me. You died for me. That was why you and Dad fought, and why you never backed down no matter what.

It was all for me.

I knew I needed to respect your wishes. So I ran. I ran as hard as I could, even though I was sure I was done for. I felt like all hope was gone. My mom and dad were gone, my home was gone, and I was going to be a goner too. My legs hurt. I thought it felt like I was going to collapse.

But I kept running.

I had to.

Because you both died to try and save me.

And it worked! I really did get saved.

The members of my new family rescued me right when I thought I was doomed. Oh right! You guys never met my new family, so I guess I should tell you a bit about them!

First, is Yuki. He’s kinda like my big bro! He’s really nice and funny. He always gives me blood when I ask for it. He pays a lot of attention to me and tries his best to make me feel happy. Even just seeing him makes me want to thank him. I really love him!

I remember how you guys always told me about how important blood was for vampires. We need it to live, so it’s kinda like something sacred, right?

Mom, I think you said that I wasn’t supposed to take it from anyone unless I really loved them and wanted to be a family like you and Dad. I was only supposed to drink blood from animals until I found someone like that.

That was why I asked Yuki for his blood. He was really nice, and he even saved me, so I got really attached to him really quickly!

Just being with him makes me feel warm and relaxed.

He isn’t the only one I really love either. I love Lefi a lot too! She’s kinda like my new big sister. She talks weird and sometimes acts a lot like a kid, so I’m not really sure if she passes as a big sister, but you can always count on her when push comes to shove.

Oh, and two new people joined our family just a little while ago! Their names are Leila and Lyuu. Lefi called them concubines. I didn’t really know what that was, so I asked them, and they got angry. They kinda scared me. But then they turned out to be really nice people! I get along with both of them really well.

My new family’s always really fun to be around. We even have pets! One’s named Rir, and the other’s named Shii. They always play with me and cheer me up if I’m feeling down.

I smile a lot everyday! It hurt a lot when you guys died, but spending time with everyone made it not hurt so much anymore. I’m really happy!

You guys don’t need to worry about me anymore.

I’m okay now.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. I love you.

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29 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 51

  1. This chapter is a bit bland, you know i like diferent POVs but plz make one that add something to the story this one is kinda weak, maybe if she asked to go to the place they died and build a grave for her parents it would be ok, it would be nice if she found a stronger determination but it is a slice of live novel it doesn’t need it.
    Author need to place this on the story not just drop it out of nowhere


    1. Unfortunately, your concerns will go unheeded here. This place is simply the translator’s website, so the Author (Who speaks Japanese, I presume) will never see your comment.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Yeah i know but well i just want to tell wuat i fell when i was reading this, i think the translator and a few readers might think that this chapter is inferior than the others, someone said it was a epilogue of the part and i agree but even the epilogue could be better situated in space and time on the novel, i still like the novel don`t get me wrong


    2. For me it would just help if there was brother inatead of bro it just sounds bad for me in this novel


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