Jingai Musume 52

Character Summary

The Dungeon’s Denizens

Demon Lord of Judgement
Race: Demon Lord (Formerly: Archdemon)
Notable Traits: Dungeon Master, protagonist
Likes: Things that can move a man’s heart, and ****.
Description: Yuki is a shameless man that takes little note of how he is seen by other people. He has recently evolved and obtained a second set of wings. These wings have bolstered his ability to fly; they have provided him with both additional speed and maneuverability. That said, his airborne maneuverability still falls short of Lefi’s. His judgement is, for the most part, solid. However, his inexperience has often led to carelessness. Lefi’s teasing has caused him to be more conscious of the consequences of his actions. He’s still not 100% convinced that he really is a demon.

Class: Supreme Dragon
Race: Ancient Dragon
Notable Traits: Platinum hair.
Likes: Sweets, Yuki’s wings, and ****.
Description: Lefi is very knowledgeable, but it doesn’t show too often due to her childish, selfish nature. She’s recently started thinking that it would be fine for her to remain in her human form in perpetuity. She’s a lazy slob, but Yuki’s incessant bitching has managed to annoy her enough for her to start getting her shit together. Just a bit.

Vampire (Demon)
Notable Traits: Blonde, little Girl, innocent.
Likes: Yuki’s blood. All the dungeon’s denizens, but especially Yuki.
Description: Illuna is known for being cheerful. Her ever present joyful mood infects the dungeon’s other residents and brings smiles to their faces. She’s actually quite smart, and can win at board games if she tries, but she doesn’t want anyone to know, so she always holds back. She’s hidden several of her skills and titles. Yuki hasn’t realized. Lefi has, but doesn’t particularly care.

Horned Sheep Demon
Notable Traits: A competent maid.
Likes: Knowledge
Description: Leila is a relaxed, kind person. She’s been working in the dungeon as a maid ever since Yuki saved her from slavery. She’s fairly knowledgeable. Her understanding of the present state of the world eclipses even Lefi’s. Lyuu’s the only person that knows, but she’s actually a hardcore scholar. She observes the dungeon on a daily basis, and keeps logs on even the finest of details.

Lyuuinne Gyroll
Race: Warwolf (Beastkin)
Notable Traits: An incompetent and worthless maid.
Likes: Fluffrir
Description: Her personality makes her seem like the type of girl that would really enjoy a sporting event. In fact, she somewhat resembles Hom*ra from P*wer Pros. [1] Like Leila, she was recently saved from a life of slavery. She views Fenrirs as sacred. She decided that she simply had to stay around the dungeon the moment she cast her eyes on Fluffrir. She used to be a diligent, hard-working young lady, but Yuki’s antics have reflected poorly on her. And as such, it is no longer possible to describe her as anything but pitiable. She’s actually a runaway.

Notable Traits: Cute pet.
Likes: Naps
Description: Shii is the first monster that Yuki ever summoned. She likes taking things at her own pace. She’s actually leveled up quite a bit, and is on the verge of evolving. Illuna’s recently taught her how to play Othello, and she’s surprisingly decent at it.

Race: Fenrir
Notable Traits: Male, fluffy, and pessimistic.
Likes: Hunting and Yuki, his master.
Description: Fluffrir used to be treated as the guy on the lowest rungs of the dungeon’s social ladder, but that’s changed with the advent of the two maids. He’s now only third lowest. He spends a lot of time playing with Illuna and Shii. He doesn’t particularly like Lyuu because she follows him everywhere. In fact, he finds her annoying, and even ended up staying away from the dungeon just to avoid her. He actually has dozens upon dozens of subordinates, and has established a sort of pack with him as its alpha.


Trash Mobs (Characters from the Kingdom of Allysia)

Riutt Glorio Allysia
The Allysian Prince
Description: Riutt is diligent and committed to his work, but he suffers from excess patriotism. His love for his country burns so brightly that it warps his perception of danger. Like many other young men his age, he’s reckless. He thinks that everything will go his way if he takes things into his own hands. His foolishness and fiery passion can’t really be helped, given his age.

Raylow Lurubia
Alyfro’s Govenor
Notable Traits: Middle aged
Description: A man that believes in caution and prudence. He has excellent foresight, and prides himself in his ability to avoid disasters. He was recently asked to assist in supporting the expedition force, but he firmly refused and declared that he was against deploying soldiers to the Wicked Forest. He’s terrified of Yuki’s anger and desperately hopes that the Demon Lord won’t return for a round of retribution. The excessive stress caused by his concerns has led to equally excessive hair loss.

Gamdia Roston
Former commander of kingdom’s knight order
Description: Gamdia was in charge of the only regiment of the expedition army that survived. The country’s higher ups grew angry with his cowardice and removed him from his position. Understanding his choice, Raylow took pity on Gamdia and provided him new employment. He is now a member of the Alfyro Knight Corps.

[1] Pink haired character from a Japanese video game series. Looks like this.

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30 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 52

  1. Thanks for the character summary!!
    I read “Google translate” more chapters and only understand 60%, but i can’t wait to chapter 133, that was my favorite (commenting my thoughts jaja)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was pretty sure Yuki knows by now that Iluna has hidden titles/skills. Didn’t he think about it around the time he noticed Lefi had hidden ones too? I think it was soon after the Iluna incident.


    1. I think it was probably referring to knowing which titles / skills are hidden specifically?
      Yuki indeed suspected she had some, but didn’t particularly care and would rather wait for Illuna to tell him herself.
      As for Lefi, well, she’s hella supreme, so it shouldn’t be a hassle for her to find out the hidden ones, yet doesn’t particularly mind even after knowing it (heck, she never even bothered talking about MC’s Demon Lord from Another World title).


  3. Leficios
    Nickname: Lefi
    Class: Supreme Dragon
    Race: Ancient Dragon
    Notable Traits: Platinum hair.
    Likes: Sweets, Yuki’s wings, and **** <- oh my now i want to i know what she like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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