Jingai Musume 54

A Portrayal of The Average Hero

“One here, one there, oh, one off in that corner would be good too…”

I tapped at the menu over and over as I placed a series of traps throughout the castle. I was remodeling and transforming it into an impregnable fortress that none would ever conquer. A good number of the traps I set were ones provided by the dungeon, but that wasn’t all. I also made use of a few of tricks and devices I came up with on my own.

My focus, which had lasted quite a while, was suddenly interrupted by the map. It popped out of nowhere and shoved itself in my face. All my attention was immediately drawn to the blinking red blip currently located at the very edge of my territory.

The dungeon had once again been subject to an invasion. I promptly tapped the blip in order to get the map to show a few more details, only to find that the humans had changed their approach.

General Information
Name: Nell
Race: Human
Class: Hero
Level: 42
HP: 2120/2120
MP: 6981/6981
Strength: 519
Stamina: 652
Agility: 817
Magic: 704
Dexterity: 987
Luck: 1245

Unique Skills
Barrier Magic

Holy Magic V
Sword Mastery IV
Enemy Detection II
Crisis Detection IV

Master of the Holy Blade
Chronic Yes-Man


The humans had acted again. But this time, they sent only a single individual: a hero.

“Huh… so heroes really do exist.”

The hero’s stats clearly deviated far from the norm. She was much more powerful than all the other humans that had ever entered the dungeon. Her skills looked fairly solid as well. Her holy magic was a cut above the rest; it was already level five. As a demon lord, and thereby presumably some sort of unholy creation, I was almost certain that a text box would appear below me and claim that the attack was “super effective” the moment I was struck by any sort of holy spell. [1]

Wait, is that a whole thousand luck? Holy shit. God damn. That hero needs to go hit up a casino or something.

“Still though, a hero…? Talk about lame.” I laughed dryly as I began to grumble and complain.

The hero was slowly but surely moving deeper into my territory, so I made use of the many evil eyes I had strewn throughout my territory and began to observe her. Her advance was cautious, and the girl herself almost seemed kind of timid. Her hair was cut short and styled like a bob, so at first glance, I’d almost thought that she was male, but her figure was clearly that of a girl’s.

It was clear that the humans had sent her as an alternative to yet another army. They’d chosen to go with quality over quantity because the opposite approach had failed.

Holy shit, are the humans retarded? Did they really not think to send anyone else with her at all? What the hell are their higher ups thinking?

I almost wanted to sigh as I realized that the girl really was all alone. She didn’t have a party, nor any other sort of support.

Like seriously, what the hell? Is this supposed to be one of those historical dramas where a battle is decided by a duel between a pair of generals? Or maybe some sort of masochistic nuzlocke? Like, why? Just why? Whoever sent her here has to be short a few brain cells.

Though I was sure that there was some underlying reason that the hero was here all by herself, I still couldn’t help but find it stupid, in part because I was never really one to like heroes to begin with. I’d always found the very concept of a hero to be ridiculous.

Heroes were, in essence, people out to save the world. They obey orders and fight on many a battlefield all under the guise of carrying out some sort of epic quest. They save all the people they come across almost as if it were a mechanical response hardcoded into their systems.

To be frank, I found heroism absolutely fucking ridiculous. I didn’t see the point in spending my life serving the general populace.

I very much preferred being a demon lord. Because unlike heroes, demon lords were free. I didn’t have to bend to the whims of another. I could openly detest those that I hated, seek revenge whenever I desired it, expand my territory as I wished, and effectively live however I pleased. I was the only thing holding myself back, and I was the only thing that could stop myself from living a life free of regrets. I knew that living however I pleased was sure to inconvenience other people, but that was fine. I would much rather cause trouble than lament my own decisions.

There was no denying that I was a self-centered prick, but it was also precisely because I was so selfish that I didn’t mind casting my humanity aside. Though my race had changed, I was still me. I didn’t particularly care how I looked so long as the essence that made up my being remained unchanged.

Actually… I take that back. I’d probably panic if I ended up becoming something that didn’t even look remotely human. At the very least, I’d like to have a somewhat humanoid silhouette.

It was likely precisely that part of my mentality that led the dungeon to believe that I was suited to becoming a demon lord.

Anyway, if it’s a fight the hero wants, then it’ll be a fight she gets. The castle’s a bit shy of complete, but it still does have a good number of traps, and nasty ones too. Might as well have her give them a bit of a test run. Anyway, I better go tell everyone to hide before she gets here.

I spread my wings, leapt out the castle, and began gliding towards the courtyard, where all the dungeon’s other residents had gathered for some sort of tea party.

“Hey! Listen up!”

I yelled to grab their attention as I used my wings to slowly descend. The second pair I’d gotten had boosted my control. I was now much more stable and could both position myself in midair and land as softly as I wanted, wherever I wanted. I no longer had to freefall and plunge myself into the earth to come to a stop.

That said, I often did so regardless when I went hunting with Rir. My high altitude strikes were not only effective, but also thrilling and fun to use, so I decided to keep employing them even though they had become less of a necessity.

“What is it, Yuki?”
“How about not trying to touch my wings the moment you see them…”

I couldn’t help but smile wryly as Lefi dashed up to me and began feeling me up. There wasn’t really much of a point in stopping her, as she probably wouldn’t listen to me, so I began to talk while letting her do as she pleased.

“A hero’s entered the dungeon. You guys might want to head back over to the true throne room and hang around there for a bit while I handle things.”
“Oh gawd! Didja just say a hero, Master!?” The first to react was Lyuu. Her face immediately contorted in displeasure.
“I’m guessing you know what heroes are then?”
“‘Course I do!” said Lyuu. “They’re cold blooded murderers, and strong as heck too! Most of ‘em get trained when they’re just kids, so they all kinda think it’s right to kill us non-humans on sight.”
“I see…” I said as I narrowed my gaze.

Lyuu’s interpretation made plenty of sense. It was only natural for those that opposed humanity to think of their heroes as the stuff of nightmares.

I remember hearing something like that in my previous life too. A hero in one country could be classified a criminalized mass murderer in another, and for the exact same deeds at that.

“Yeah, so one of those uh ‘cold blooded murderers’ is headed right for us. I should be able to get rid of them without too much issue, but you still might want to get out of here just in case.”
“Okay!” replied Illuna.
“A hero? How curious. I am feeling rather tempted to ask for permission to observe it,” added Leila.
“T-That ain’t much of a good idea, Leila. Y’know, curiosity killed the cat ‘n stuff.”

Illuna and the maids entered a hidden door located in one of the courtyard’s corners and retreated to the true throne room. Of course, I wasn’t stupid enough to place a door that would put the dungeon’s residents, myself included, in danger. The door in the courtyard was one of the many anywh*re doors I’d set up around the castle’s grounds. [2]

I used to be the one that could select and modify the door’s destination, but leveling the dungeon had caused that to change. Anyone could have the ability to redirect the door so long as I permitted them to do so.

In other words, the doors served as portals that could take the dungeon’s residents almost wherever they wanted. They were extremely convenient.

“And you are sure that you need not my aid?” said Lefi. Unlike the other three, she had stayed behind.
“Nah, don’t worry about it. This is pretty much the perfect chance for me to test the castle’s defenses. You might as well sit back, find yourself a snack, and watch as I wrap everything up.”
“Very well… But do not forget that I am more than willing to offer you my assistance if need be.”
“Yeah, I know. Don’t worry, I’ll ask you for help if I really need it. I think I’ll be fine though, all I’m planning to do is activate a few traps while sitting around in the throne room. I doubt I’ll be in any real danger,” I said with a smile.

And so, Lefi and I returned to the throne room as I prepared to engage the hero.

[1] Pokemon

[2] Doraemon

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44 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 54

  1. I hope she arrives at the castle and he hears her say how cool it is. Then she looks at him and just faints or dogeza asking to spare her life. She goes along with the flow? Pressure her a bit and she’ll join your side Mc!!!

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    1. “… heartwarming time with NONHUMAN girls” is in the title, you know… And, unless the status thing was being changed by a skill or something, she’s human. I wish, but… Well, the author could throw a curveball, I guess, but I doubt it, sadly

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      1. How come on, he will kill the Hero ? I find her pitiable. I really hope that MC don’t kill her / plunge her in despair. I don’t really like seeing girls die.

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      2. I just want to remark that it indeed says to spend time with nonhuman girls, but it. never says only nonhuman girls and neither does it say something about human girls.

        What I want to say is that you can‘t see the outcome just based on the title.

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  2. I feel the tone kinda changed. Yuki has kinda a more dick-ish tone in this chapter. It’s like the author was in a bad mood when writing this. Before, it was more of indifferent or with slight hostiliy, not really the “fuck this” type of attitude. The “Hey! Listen up!” also seem more commanding and aggressive as if he’s talking to mere subordinates than companions or friends. “Hey, everyone! Please, listen/I have something to say/I need your attention/I have news!” would sound better. Lefi’s actions did lighten the mood a bit though. Doesn’t feel like the personality of the gentle, but protective MC. Maybe it’s just me…


    1. Or, they close enough to ignore formality, like Leila call her master weird and interesting subject, or Lyuu who stay here because of fir and not him, MC didn’t give a damn and just laugh it off…
      “hey! Listen up!” probably because he shouting calling them while slowly descend…
      The MC himself he didn’t formality between families…

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    2. Alternatively, it’s Yuki who is is in a bad mood, because he dislikes heroes and/or is pissed off at people who let a young girl attack a demon lord’s castle all alone.
      … why does it sound like beginning of a hentai?

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      1. I thought he cast his humanity,he being a little pissy bitch sound kinda human to me. The pissy kind.


      2. BetaMC, humanity is not a glove you remove and cast away. Yuki is still quite human in many ways. About the only part that is unusual is that he finds it easy to kill humans. And he might have been like that even in his human life.

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  3. Ultimate Dragon/Demon Lord combo needs to send a clear message to stop messing with them. Recruit the Hero! Seriously, have the dragon explain the promise the humans made to her long ago and send her back.

    As far as the hero goes, she sounds like a crybaby… Instead of a violet approach try a fear based one. I’m pretty sure the Demon Lord’s stats are higher but her luck makes her scary.


  4. These are just assumptions.

    He’s not going to kill her, it’s somewhat obvious that her ‘Goes with the flow’ trait will be in play and she will just casually switch sides after being wounded and healed then given tasty modern earth food as well as freedom from the Kingdom, I expect the fact that he seems to be becoming more aggressive after becoming a Demon Lord play heavily in the next few chapters. While I say that, the Author could always subvert cliches.

    Also because she’s a woman she is probably a harem candidate, although it looks to me that Lefi is going to become the only girl for Yuki. Wing fetish and all…

    Thanks for the chapter.


  5. so, he will try to kill her… what a waste, better option could be jail her and use her like daily DP.
    or just add her to the harem :v


  6. Thanks for the chapter! Given the hero’s luck stat and danger awareness skill she might waltz through the dungeon oblivious of any traps, yet somehow avoid triggering them.


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  8. ‘She who goes along with the flow.’ What a terrible title! It’s like announcing to the world how to take advantage of you. Also, considering her luck, traps might not be the best approach…


  9. Nobody notice that the hero is “the answer to life the universe and everything”?
    Well, her level is anyways…

    Might not be a reference (probably not), but I chose to believe it is.


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