Jingai Musume 66

A Second Visit to the Governor’s Manor
Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker

“Ayyyy, old governor dude, long time no see.”
“So you have returned…” replied the middle aged man. “I suppose that this truly was inevitable after all.”

Lefi and I found ourselves located in a familiar-looking reception room. It was the very same one we had visited at the end of the whole Illuna case. The only major difference was that, this time, we had the hero in tow.

Of course, there were a few minor differences as well. For example, the governor, who was sitting across from us, seemed quite a bit older than he did last time we visited. His hair was lacking its former volume, and he had gained a good number of wrinkles. He sure seems stressed. Must be all the social pressure. No worries fam, I getchu, I know what you’re going through, so I’ll make sure I don’t call you out on it. Wait, what even was the dude’s name again? Raylow, I think…? Let’s see… Yup. Raylow it is. Thank god for Analyze.

“I knew that you would come seeking vengeance.”
“Uh… What?”
“I did as much as I could to dissuade them from raiding the Wicked Forest, but, as I’m sure you know, I failed. The fault is mine and mine alone. I understand that you must be angry. You are free to take my life if it will appease your rage. I am more than willing to offer myself as a sacrifice if it’s enough to repent for my mishaps. But please, please, spare the townsfolk.”

The old man closed his eyes, clasped his hands together, and began speaking in a solemn but steady tone.

“H-Holy shit, calm down bro.” I stuttered. “You’re getting way ahead of yourself there. I don’t have the slightest intention of seeking any sort of retribution whatsoever. I’m just here because I wanted to talk.”

The old man clearly seemed to think that I took joy in mass murder. Where the hell did he get that idea? Holy crap. That’s a totally unjustified claim if I’ve ever seen one.

“So you haven’t come to take your revenge?”

Hearing my response caused the middle aged man to heave a heavy sigh, one laced with obvious relief.

“I’m glad to hear it,” he said. “And I apologize for losing my composure and jumping to conclusions.”
“For the record, I don’t actually like killing people. Look, me and you, we aren’t too different. I, no, we just want to spend our days in peace. But someone apparently doesn’t like that, and wants to stick their nose in our business. so I’m here to figure out who. I know that it’s someone that’s got ties with the government. And close ones, at that.”
“…And what, precisely, led you to that conclusion?” The middle-aged governor narrowed his eyes and took a few moments to carefully pick words that neither confirmed nor denied my claim.

“It’s obvious,” I said. “I was attacked twice. The first time, it was by an army. And the second, it was by a hero. In other words, the wirepuller behind all this is powerful enough to not only move the nation’s forces, but also put pressure on the church and force them to deploy their most powerful fighter. The church is influential as all hell, so that can only mean that whatever pressured it was an even greater power. And the only one I can think of is the government.”
“The hero?” asked Raylow, in a surprised tone. Huh. Well then.
“What, you didn’t know? Well I mean, she’s literally right here, so… yeah. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself, Nell?”
“…Did you really have to use me like that? I really would’ve preferred that you didn’t.” The hero flashed me a reproachful glare before turning to face the city’s head honcho. “Hello. I’m sorry for not saying anything before, but I’m a member of the Order of the Faldien Holy Knights as well as the one dubbed this generation’s hero.”
“What!?” The governor’s eyes widened in shock. “I’m sorry, please do excuse me.”

The middle aged man narrowed his gaze and momentarily centered it on the hero, a focused look on his face all the while. The old man was obviously using Analyze to look over the girl’s stat card. It was an action he had refrained from doing for courtesy’s sake. Activating the skill and sneaking a peek at someone else’s personal information was effectively no different from denying the very concept of privacy.

“So it really is true…” he said upon reaching a conclusion. “But pray tell, hero, why are you accompanying a demon lord, of all things?”
“Well, you see…” The hero’s shoulders dropped as she began to tell her story. “The gist of it is that I was sent to subjugate him, but I was defeated. Instead of killing me, he kinda just talked to me instead. What he told me wasn’t really consistent with the information I was dispatched with, so I decided to come here, to Alfyro, in order to find out the truth for myself. But then he kinda said he wanted to tag along, so here we are…”
“My condolences,” said the middle aged governor. His tone was heavy and thick with sympathy. “It must’ve been quite the stressful journey.”
“Yeah…” whispered the hero, her eyes distant. “It really was…”

What the hell, guys? You’re almost making it sound like I’m the cause of all your undue stress.

“But I must say,” muttered Raylow. “Mobilizing the hero for such a trifling ordeal is unacceptable. Do they not understand that that it is imperative we keep you safe and only have you deploy in times of national crisis? Those bumbling idiots! Just what is wrong with them!?”

He started out rather quiet but worked his way up to an angry shout as he spoke. He even ended up smacking the table for extra effect. Well, someone here is clearly lacking in the emotional stability department. Must be due to all his pent up stress.

“Calm down, old man,” I said. “We aren’t going to get anywhere if you keep getting your panties in a knot.”
“…Sorry.” He finally calmed down after heaving yet another heavy sigh. God damn it. Wait, why am I the one keeping him cool anyway?
“So who exactly was responsible for all this army and hero shit again?”
“That… I can’t say,” replied the governor.
“You can’t say? And what, exactly, is that supposed to mean?” I gave him an icy cold glare as I unleashed a torrent of magical energy and overwhelmed him with its pressure.

Lefi hadn’t really bothered reacting to the sudden surge in mana, but the hero had leapt off the couch, gained a good bit of ground, and taken up a stance. The governor made note of her actions by glancing her way momentarily, but he soon turned his eyes back towards me and gave me a straight answer, despite the cold sweat flowing down his brow.

“My loyalties lie with this country, demon lord. It is my motherland. I cannot give you any information that is likely to bring it harm, regardless of how much it angers you.”
“Even if it means I’ll destroy this city in its entirety?”
“Even so, my answer remains unchanged.” The middle aged man’s response was decisive. He had started off this conversation by stating that he valued his citizens’ lives more than his own. And now, he was stating that he would readily sacrifice them for his country’s sake. The extent of his resolution was clear, even with his own death as imminent as could be.

There was a brief moment of silence as we stared each other down.

“Fine, you win.” I exhaled lightly, shrugged, and stopped coercing the poor old man with my magic. “Thanks for having us. Let’s go, Lefi. There isn’t much of a point in staying here any longer.”
“Are you certain?” the dragon girl asked.
“Yeah. Why don’t we go grab you a few skewers too? I’m pretty sure you were wanting them earlier.”
“A splendid suggestion, that is. I was indeed craving their taste.”
“Are you really… not going to attack us?” asked the governor. He was completely dumbfounded by my sudden, drastic shift in attitude.
“Yeah, pretty much. I mean, what’s the point? It’s pretty obvious that you’re not planning to tell us anything, regardless of what I say or do. It’s my loss, old dude. There really isn’t anything left for me to do here but sightsee. So I might as well just finish that up and head home.”

A part of it was that I was impressed. He failed to bend or break under pressure and stayed true to his beliefs. His attitude was something that I, as a man, couldn’t help but respect. There was no way I could possibly bring myself to harm anyone that manly.

“What’re your plans now, Nell?” I said, turning to the hero.
“Uhm… Me? Uhm…” She relaxed her pose and brought the hand by her blade to her chin.
“I think I’m going to stick around here for a bit. I have a few things I’d like to talk to the governor about.”
“Fair enough. I do still want you to keep showing us around though, so you mind meeting somewhere around here tomorrowish?”
“Oh, uhm… sure. Okay.”


Editor’s note: Hey, guys! Joker here. Man, I dunno if that old guy is tough or just bipolar. First he says he wants to protect the townsfolk, then says to Yuki, “I don’t care how angry you are, I won’t talk.” Got some balls, old man, I’ll say that. Uh, don’t quote that out of context, please. Thank you. But anyway, why the heck did he say that? To protect the country? But the country is the one mismanaging assets, like the hero. Shouldn’t your priority be solving that problem? I dunno, maybe it’s because of the kind of world we live in. Who knows. Well, guess it’s back to sightseeing for Yuki and Lefi, as well as eating all the street vendors’ stock up. Should have bets on the side, too. Like arm wrestling contests and food contests. Easy money that way. But I guess that would break the cardinal rule of Isekai novels. “Don’t draw attention to yourself or show people how OP you are.” Hopefully, Yuki bucks that trend. He seems to be doing good so far. All right, enough rambling. See y’all in the next chapter!

Translator’s Note: A lot of you guys are commenting on Yuki’s manner of speech. This is intentional. In the raw, he speaks to Raylow in a manner that can only be described as rude. He keeps calling him おっさん (ossan), which is basically an offensive way to call someone a middle aged man. He does this despite knowing his name, which is extremely rude especially that he basically walks himself into the poor man’s home uninvited. He’s being an asshole by ignoring traditional Japanese mannerisms. This, of course, doesn’t mean he’s doing anything outside the ordinary. That’s just who he is. Yuki really doesn’t care about the other person’s perception of him. Moreover, this manner of speech is most typically seen in unruly teenagers, especially those in gangs… So yes, “ayyy” and “fam,” are entirely intentional. He’s supposed to sound like that. And no, it’s not odd for him to say that stuff. He’s an internet degenerate. There are a couple comments with way more detail if you feel like finding them.

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60 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 66

  1. “Shouldn’t your priority be solving that problem?”

    By sending a demon lord to massacre his way to the prince? Yeah, see if that won’t cause further chaos…

    Liked by 13 people

      1. If Khorne wanted more chaos, he should send flowers to his enemies once in a while, not just chop their heads off. Imagine the confusion. And the stressed out Inquisition. lol.

        Liked by 6 people

  2. why has the mc been talking like a thug gangster for the past few chapters? is this actually in the translation or is this just being thrown in for the lulz? kind of getting annoying to read tbh.

    Thanks for the chapter though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Edit: Also put an explanation very similar to this one at the end of the chapter.

      This isn’t even that thuglike. It’s a small step in that general direction, yes. It’s to express that he’s being so rude it’s intentional. In the raw, he’s going ossan ossan nonstop. I wonder what Japanese demographic does that? Oh yeah, yankiis. I wonder how yankiis talk in English… Sure is a mystery, Scoob.

      And yes, he does sound pathetically stupid in the raw. All the time. To the point where it’s cringeworthy, albeit intentionally cringeworthy.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Idk the MC went from likable stupid into 10 year old with the fams, ayys and repetitive swears/random slang words from diff areas.

        So badly made slang damn.

        @bladestorm91 said all i wanted.


      2. It’s still too much… I couldn’t stand that way of talking especially that kind of speaking are frowned upon by Japanese. Uncle is much better than old dude. But thanks for the translation till now… I think I will stick to the raws or other translation.


  3. Thanks for the chap~

    The way you translate this to make it fun to read without spoiling the feel and the story is just never fail to impress me lol
    Keep up the good work, TL~


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    Little did the old man knew, he pretty much gave the MC a hint on who’s the mastermind by saying he can’t tell him for the sake of the country.

    So if the MC is smart then he’ll be able to piece together the clues of someone with enough power and influence to gather an army and sent out the hero, who even the governor couldn’t stop even if his life depended on it and someone who if the MC attack might cause problems to the country.


    1. “So, it’s due to your loyalty to the nation that you can’t tell me… Which means that I just have to eliminate the government from the top down until I got everyone with enough influence to move army and church, right? Is it still in the interest of your loyalty to remain silent, just to increase the number of victims?”


  5. Listen, I understand that when translating from JP to EN some sentences must be restructured/changed for them to flow better in English, I also understand that he’s supposed to be acting like an asshole (after checking the raw, in my opinion he sounds more impassive about the whole thing but whatever), however changing some words into western rural slang is the worst way to show that off.

    Changing yo into ayyyy, adding fam where there wasn’t a single place in the raw where inserting it was appropriate, it’s all REALLY jarring and inaccurate no matter how you slice it.

    Especially that third paragraph and this one: ““H-Holy shit, calm down bro…”“, they have an entirely different ‘feel’ from the raw, where he expressed himself in a more matter-of-fact way, and ‘feel’ is something that should remain the same no matter what language the story read in.

    I do enjoy your translations and the series, and I hope this criticism doesn’t discourage you. I just wanted to give my perspective on this matter.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. No offense or discouragement taken. If anything, I’m glad that you are trying to criticize my work. It is literally impossible for any novel translation to be perfect, and receiving criticism is the best way to improve and try to get it as close as possible. That said, I do not agree with your points.

    Imo, it’s precisely the impassiveness that is what makes him an asshole. He’s intentionally not caring enough to bother with any formalities or respect. He is so eccentric that his actions don’t even feel Japanese in nature. And it is precisely this that is most important to highlight.

    “Yo” is super casual. “Ayy” is super casual. It’s to set the mood, and leaving “yo” as is obviously would not have worked either. Sure, it could have been ‘Sup, or something like that, but that isn’t as rude. It’s way friendlier than it should be. And yes, while Yuki is indeed speaking in a friendly tone in the raw, I believe it is important to recall that he is basically showing up to this guy’s house uninvited and then just greeting him without a care in the world, despite something along the lines of an apology being the Japanese sensibility. If you show up @ someone’s house uninvited, the first thing you say is “I’m very sorry for bothering you without any prior notice, but…,” or something like that, and then the other person excuses you for your rudeness and invites you inside. The fact that such an apology is missing requires the opposite in English because it isn’t part of the sensibility. When you knock on your friends house, and you greet him just by saying hi, that’s normal. It doesn’t immediately stand out as the main character not behaving as would a normal, polite member of society. Something needs to be inserted, and it needs to be something extremely vulgar and out of place that the reader notices right away.

    The fam thing is the “sympathy” that he shows with よくわかるよ。Literally, that would be “I get where you’re coming from,” but if you look at the entire paragraph, it’s just him making really rude observations in a way that makes you want to point it out while reading it. Its phrased to invite the reader make a tsukkomi about how harsh and ignorant the MC is being. The whole set up is supposed to be that it’s a ridiculous thing to say. “Fam,” gets the false sympathy across imo. The connotation with it is that the person saying “fam,” doesn’t mean it at all. And again, the fact that he literally confirms the guy’s name and then proceeds to call him おっさん provides for an impression that is extremely crude and jarring. It’s just something that no one with normal Japanese sensibilities would do.

    For the holy shit part, “お、おう。いや、落ち着け、おっさん,” basically has that feel though? He’s taken aback by the way the guy is acting, but resets to neutral shortly after and continues with a casual tone. The difference is where the shift in emotion comes in. In the raw, it comes right after the お、おう。I pushed it off a little bit by cutting the section in two at a slightly later point in the line, with the second half is still very neutral. The first half is just more recognizable this way in English, as keeping it as a single short word or two of acknowledgement doesn’t get the message across. Stuff like “Y-Yeah sure,” is just too dry, and “O-Okay there…” is too close to being weirded out. More importantly, short phrases in English don’t give the the same impact as お、おう because they’re too easy to ignore.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Personally I think it’s unnecessary to translate his speech this way. I understand the need to add some impact to his dialogue, but there should be better ways to express casual/rude/sloppy than “ayyy” and “fam”. I mean, there’s a reason why multiple people are commenting about this.


    2. H-holy shit, that’s some detailed explanation there… Tbh, form my side, it doesn’t matter whether you add or omit sth as long as the translation retains the original’s vibe. Been reading novels for quite a while, but your TLs are one of the best, so keep up the good work ^^


    3. But just because it is a Japanese norm, does that necessarily mean he is the kind of person to actively use blatant thug like or yankii speech patterns? I mean you even said that he is literally only just being passive and casual, whereas a supposed normal Japanese person would be formal. I mean don’t a lot of protagonists in Japanese series just blatantly call older people ossan? It just seems a little off to have Yuki’s entire character changed to basically a stereotypical jock. I mean they guy in the alley would have justified reason to have his speech altered because he was quite literally being offensive, but the protagonist in comparison? And when literal English words are used, should’t they stay the same? Like changing ‘yo’ isn’t really necessary is it? I don’t really know Japanese or anything, but just from reading the traslation, seeing other people’s opinions and just general comparisons to other series and whatnot (as well as personal preference) it just seems a little jarring to see a protagonist act like a jackass constantly, when that doesn’t seem to technically be what is happening. I personally would be more in favour of the more ‘dry’ translations (and it seems a few other people in the comments also feel like this, idk). It’s not that big of a deal at the end of the day, and as the translator you have every right to do as you see fit, it’s just that Americanising is a little jarring, I guess. Leechers have no right to complain over a free product after all~ Thanks for the chapter~


      1. That’s the thing though. The difference between being formal and not being formal is huge. It’s a *very* big deal from a Japanese standpoint. Leaving it makes it quite inaccurate in English in terms of connotation and denotation. A literal translation is often an incorrect translation, regardless of how accurate it may look.

        @ ossan thing. Yes, a lot of protagonists call people that. This is a whole rabbithole we can go down with different connotations being attached to different situations. I guess one way to describe the difference is calling someone an old fart in a friendly tone, or some random person you don’t really know say “Shut the fuck up, baldie.” In general, while there are a few exceptions, they still are being rude. And do note that, in this case, it was more than just rude. It was explicitly jarring. His actions stand out as something especially abnormal, and need to pop right away.

        Another thing about Japanese is that, when there is an English word, you should NEVER leave that as is in translation. English loanwords in Japanese do not mean what they mean in English. For example, when Japanese people say “Style,” they actually mean figure. “You have good style,” means “You’ve got a smoking hot bod.” If you call someone a “bitch,” in Japanese, it actually means that the individual in question sleeps around, as opposed to the person being an asshole, a pussy, totally whipped, or a literal female dog. “Mansion,” actually means “apartment.” The examples are endless.

        The point is that the MC is a jackass. By being as carefree as he is, he’s being a huge dick. To give a better explanation of what this equates to, imagine someone seeing a restaurant with a sign that says “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” This person reads the sign, acknowledges the message, then proceeds to not care about the fact that he is shirtless and shoeless, walks into the restaurant, and nonchalantly asks for service. That is how Yuki acts.

        Imo, dry translations are awful, lazy translations, likely done by people with poor mastery over either translation or at least one of the languages they are translating from. Or they’re just lazy. That’s possible too.

        Liked by 5 people

  7. Thanks so much for the chapter. Really an entertaining read

    The translation was fantastic. Finally getting a clearer image of Yuki’s character with the dialogue.

    Thought Nell liked him but went immediately into defensive position. Maybe its her instincts rather than her heart at that point.

    Wanted to see the guard here and his mention of Yuki warning him to run away from the invasion force to protect his life. Would have helped the mayor see Yuki in a different light as opposed to the rage he emitted last time he was in the city.

    Nell says he “talked to her”; rather he serenaded her with his grounded character and caring ways


  8. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Hope next chapter is Nell’s or the governor’s POV. I want to know their reaction and what they’re going to talk about.


  9. I think that by the governor refusing to say who it was was almost as telling as saying it. Yuki can make an inference that it was someone with direct control over the city lord which probably would limit it to a very small number of people.


    1. Kinda but not really. The difference between the two is that Yuusuke is actually a delinquent. Yuki, on the other hand, is an internet degenerate. In general, Yuki’s speech leans more towards being unrestrained than truly rough. I believe that’s probably the best way to describe it off the top of my head.

      The example I like to use to describe Yuki is to label him as someone that goes on 4chan, primarily /vg/. Specifically an “average” user and not one of the individuals who have gone too far off the deep end, of course.

      He asks a lot of stupid questions that could’ve been answered with some forethought, and then proceeds to note afterwards that he was being dumb for not considering it. He kind of says whatever he wants, but at times tries to keep up appearances for no real reason despite not caring too much about his own image. (Ie. he is fully aware that he likes little girls, but tries his best to tell people who accuse him of it that they’re wrong.) He also memes stuff every once in a while. It would not actually be out of character for some of the stuff he says to be localized as “n***a please,” or “shut up and take my money,” if the situation called for it. (In fact, I probably should’ve used the latter for the gacha chapter.)

      Like the people on (insert internet board here,) Yuki can more maturely if he feels up for it. These moments are rare, but they do exist. One example of this is when he first speaks to Rir. He has a passing thought about how the wolf as a convenient way to make his own life easier. But he also immediately recognizes that Rir is more than just a tool, and responds appropriately, albeit only to his own thoughts. The delivery of the lines that follow feel too intentional and well through out for it to be something he randomly thought off the top of his head. From scenes like these, I have come to the conclusion that, for the most part, Yuki knows exactly what he is saying and doing, and that he understands the consequences of his actions.

      He’s quite the interesting character. He actually feels like a human being as opposed to a one dimensional avenue for self insertion.


  10. For me governor’s just weird.
    In Russia we have a saying “I love my country but I hate my government” by Brodski was it?


  11. So thank you for translating up until here, but the sudden fam\bro crap made me want to drop this novel from my reading list. People who say things like bro, fam, lol, and dude in novels just make me cringe. There are other ways to show disrespect or such from how he said ossan. Like just calling him gramps. There was no need to choose cringy wanabe gangster slang to represent disrespect. Makes me feel like I’m watching a Pewdiepie video….

    Good luck with your later endeavors.
    It was enjoyable while it lasted.


  12. The governor’s insistence on not giving a name to the instigator makes no sense. He KNOWS that the supreme dragon is there beside Mr. Demon Lord, and the supreme dragon has wiped out entire kingdoms before for offenses. By not giving a specific target, these 2 could end up wiping the entire kingdom, not just his city, since they can’t be sure who ordered the attack.

    The Governor also knows that the Prince did this DESPITE being unsupported by the main kingdom. By protecting the Prince, if any retaliatory attacks happen, he can be charged with TREASON since he aggravated the situation against the country.

    Raylow, you stupid bro? Stress fry your brain or something?


    1. If Lefi or Yuki chose to destroy the country then so be it. I don’t know if you are trolling or not, but it’s quite funny seeing how you seem not to realize that you just said it’s better to literally betray your home country for some possibly-evil terrorist strangers. I don’t know what kind of novels you’ve been reading to actually make you think that way. To think one self smarter by being cold minded and edgy is the wrong way to go. Just saying.


  13. First of all, ST, love your translation. I feel like it gives a better, deeper insight into the original work than we, the non-Japanese plabian masses 😏, normally have a chance to see. Thank you.😊👍

    OK. I know it’s kind of an accepted rhetorical device but I hate how it’s universally understood that government officials and country are equivalant. They simply aren’t. The country isn’t causing issues, a group of nobles and merchants headed by the Prince (in this endeavor) are. The governor, in turn, isn’t protecting the country. He’s protecting a self-important, concieted Royal. He may have patriotic intentions at heart but what good is patriotism that puts your country at risk? (For both the Prince and the governor.) I get the whole “the Prince’s fate is tied to the countries” thing, but in all serious logistics there comes a point where he’s a bigger danger than an asset. In my eyes sacrificing the town for that ambitious, disobedient man is a foolish, misguided exchange. Maybe it’s worth it for the possible lives lost trying to protect him but his life against a towns? That’s the kind of thinking that destroys monarchies.

    Argh!! I’ve said my piece.


    Peace restored. 😜👍


  14. Hey I like how you portrayed Yuki using delinquent speech. As someone widely invested in both English and Japanese, I believe you captured the nuance and overall mood of this chapter quite well.

    I would also like to point out that a number of webnovel translators use MTL then edit it, not understanding the unique nuances that Japanese language has. For example, in English we use a combination of nonverbal and verbal to express ourselves in literature and face-to-face. However, in Japanese you can simply express yourselves in writing alone. Japanese writing system is very meticulous and organized.

    In this case, Yuki is intentionally being as rude as possible so the other party knows how lowly he thinks of them. Yankee or delinquent speech is very acceptable here.


  15. I just stumbled this work from a random manga and now I am totally hooked! Need to add it on my bookmarks


  16. The city lord got a point, he is strong willed but it’s an ultimatum whether he answers or not, bc fisrt hi is a human and second a towns lord (basically putting himself before others) so it would be usless to kill the towns people, no?


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